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War Robots Beginners Guide and Tips

War Robots Controls

War Robots is an action title from MY.GAMES, developed by Pixonic. In the game, you’ll control giant robots and join epic battles across different game modes and maps. Choose from various robots and weapons to customize your playstyle, then jump into intense PvP matches against players from around the world. In this War Robots Beginners Guide, I will provide the essential tips you need to succeed in the world of War Robots.

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War Robots Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics


In War Robots, control your robot using the on-screen joystick or directional buttons to navigate the battlefield smoothly and dodge enemy attacks. Aim your weapons with the on-screen reticle and fire using the attack buttons, ensuring precise shots for maximum damage.

War Robots Controls
Image via MY.GAMES

Some robots come with special abilities like jump jets, cloaking, or energy shields. Activate these with the dedicated button to gain a strategic advantage. Practice these controls to move efficiently, take accurate aim, and time your abilities wisely for an edge in combat.

Selecting Robots

Picking the right robot and weapons can help you take control in battles. Each robot has its strengths and playstyles, like being a heavy hitter or quick and agile for better positioning. When it comes to weapons, try out different types to find what works best for you.

Ballistic missiles are good for long-range attacks, while plasma cannons offer steady energy damage. Shotguns are powerful up close, and there are other options like rockets, machine guns, and flamethrowers to explore.

War Robots RobotsWar Robots Robots
Image via MY.GAMES

Mixing the right weapons with your robot can boost your performance in combat. Balance your loadout to fit your playstyle, whether that’s dealing lots of damage quickly or staying fast and hard to hit. Don’t forget to upgrade your robots and weapons often to stay strong against tougher opponents.

Upgrading Robots

Upgrading your war robots is crucial as the battles become more challenging as you level up. Stronger robots give you a better chance of winning against tougher opponents. To upgrade your robots, you need silver, which is essential for leveling them up. The process can take some time, especially as you progress, but I’ve found that using gold can help speed things up if you have some on hand.

War Robots Upgrading RobotsWar Robots Upgrading Robots
Image via MY.GAMES

Aside from leveling up your robots, you can also enhance their weapons enhancing the damage, range, and fire rate. Upgrading weapons boosts their effectiveness and indirectly strengthens your robots. Focus on both robot and weapon upgrades to power up your setup and improve your performance in battles.

Completing Tasks

Completing tasks is a great way to earn valuable rewards that help you progress in the game. At the start, you will get special and bonus tasks, you can see it at the top right of the screen. The tasks are pretty straightforward and tie in with the game’s objectives, so you can usually complete them without too much trouble.

War Robots TasksWar Robots Tasks
Image via MY.GAMES

From my experience, keeping up with the special and daily tasks is key to earning great rewards like gold, silver, and special chests with bonuses. These rewards can make a difference in your gameplay, helping you unlock upgrades and new robots.

Joining a Clan

Joining a clan can enhance your gameplay and connect you with other players. Playing in a clan earns you both league and clan league points in each match, especially when you play with your clanmates. These points boost your clan’s overall rating and lead to end-of-season rewards such as unique icons and more daily clan quests.

War Robots ClanWar Robots Clan
Image via MY.GAMES

In my experience, Clan quests focus on teamwork and include tasks like dealing damage or earning league points as a team. While you can complete these tasks solo, teaming up with clanmates speeds up your progress since everyone’s stats count towards the quest. Rewards include gold, keys, and robot components. Even if you prefer playing solo, personal activities will be available later.

War Robots Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Prolong your games

Instead of ending games too quickly, try to extend them to earn more rewards like silver and gold. This is especially helpful for newer players who need resources for upgrades. While dominating your enemy is fun, try to keep the game going without letting them counterattack to maximize your rewards.

2. Use high-fire rate Weapons

While there are many weapon options in War Robots, high-fire rate weapons are often the best choice. They fire rapidly, giving you more chances to hit your target and deal damage fast. This is great for beginners who might still be perfecting their aim. Avoid slower weapons unless you enjoy a sniper-like playstyle.

3. Save your Gold

It can be tempting to spend gold on upgrades and new gear. But it’s smart to hold onto your gold at first. Take some time to learn about different weapons and robots and how they work together. This way, you can make better decisions about where to spend your gold later on, helping you progress more efficiently and effectively.

4. Upgrade Punishers and Tulumbus

Focus on upgrading Punishers and Tulumbus weapons first. They are effective and easy to use in lower leagues. The Punisher is great for close-range combat, and Tulumbus is a strong mid-range rocket launcher. These weapons are also more affordable than other options, so they offer a good starting point for improving your gear.

5. Stick with the Destrier at first

The Destrier bot is a solid choice for beginners. It’s versatile and easy to handle, making it perfect for learning the game and its controls. Stick with the Destrier initially to get comfortable with flanking, close combat, and capturing beacons.

Final Thoughts

As you dive into War Robots, take your time to enjoy the journey and learn the game. Experiment with different robots and weapons to find what works best for you. Manage your resources carefully and consider joining a clan for extra support. With practice and the tips in this guide, you’ll quickly improve your skills and become a strong contender on the battlefield.

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