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Valiant Ark Beginners Guide and Tips

Valiant Ark Battle Basics

Step into Valiant Ark‘s post-apocalyptic world, where a catastrophic tsunami has submerged civilization. Created by SkyRise Digital, this RPG places you in the shoes of a leader managing a survivor settlement amid the challenges of this submerged realm. Your task: steer through perilous waters, uncover uncharted lands, and guide your team of Heroes toward hope and survival in a world forever changed by disaster. This Valiant Ark Beginners Guide serves as your essential companion in navigating this submerged realm.

Valiant Ark Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

In Valiant Ark, battles kick off when your team faces mutants or other threats during the island adventure. Putting together your fighting crew is simple just pick your favorite Heroes. Each Hero brings essential skills needed for combat, making sure your team is strong in a brawl. You can bring up to 5 Heroes into battle.

Valiant Ark Battle Basics
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When the fighting starts, you’ll guide your character’s movement using a joystick. They’ll automatically do basic attacks, but it’s on you to decide when and how to use their special skills. These unique abilities require specific energy to use. Making strategic decisions with their skills can truly sway the battle’s outcome, allowing you to face tougher adversaries and claim those hard-earned victories.

Heroes and Skills

Gather talented survivors to create a powerful team of Heroes in Valiant Ark. You can find and recruit these heroes during adventures as rewards. Understanding what each Hero can do is important. Every Hero has three skills: a basic one, a passive one that’s always active, and an active skill that you can use.

Valiant Ark HeroValiant Ark Hero
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It’s essential to understand how these skills work together to tackle the challenges you face on your journey. Creating smart combos among your Heroes helps deal with tough situations and solve problems along the way, making your team a force to be reckoned with in the game.

Developing Heroes

You can make your heroes stronger in Valiant Ark by leveling them up. Use Gold and Hero Experience Potions for this. As they level up, they get better and stronger, with improved abilities. This helps them fight better and handle tougher challenges, making them valuable assets in your journey.

Valiant Ark Hero UpgradeValiant Ark Hero Upgrade
Image via SkyRise Digital

To level up more, you’ll have to ascend your heroes. It needs Ascension Starite and gold. This helps your heroes reach higher levels and become even stronger. Ascending heroes is a crucial step that asks for resources and gold, but it’s key to making them better.

Rebuilding the Homeland

In Valiant Ark, the stuff you gather during adventures is what keeps your settlement going. These things you collect are super important for making your community thrive and grow. Exploring new places and collecting stuff is how you make your settlement better.

Valiant Ark Shelter UpgradeValiant Ark Shelter Upgrade
Image via SkyRise Digital

Learning better ways to stop disasters from happening is a big deal. By slowly making your buildings better, you give hope and make a brighter future for everyone living there. Each upgrade you do makes things work better and makes your settlement a safer and cooler place for everyone.

Explore the Submerged World

Explore the submerged world of Valiant Ark, delving into city ruins, coastal resorts, and abandoned factories to uncover hidden treasures. There are floating boxes along the way—smash them to find useful rewards like wood and meat.

Valiant Ark ExploreValiant Ark Explore
Image via SkyRise Digital

Don’t forget, that your residents might need these resources, so helping them out is a great way to ensure everyone thrives in this challenging world. As you navigate uncharted territories, you’ll unveil mysteries and gather vital supplies, essential for both your journey and supporting the settlement.

Valiant Ark Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use your Skills strategically

Make the most of your Hero’s skills by understanding their different abilities. Each Hero comes with three skills: a basic, a passive, and an active one. Managing your energy is crucial—save some to use healing skills provided by your support Hero. Strategic skill usage is key in battles, so plan and use them wisely to boost your team’s performance and tackle challenges efficiently.

2. Keep Upgrading your Heroes

It’s essential to keep your Heroes growing in Valiant Ark. Level them up regularly and don’t forget to ascend them too. Ascending needs Ascension Starite and gold, but it’s worth it because it makes your Heroes a lot stronger. By doing this, you’re not just improving their skills; you’re making them better prepared to face tougher challenges and protect your settlement.

3. Utilise the Resources efficiently

Make sure to handle the resources you find while exploring Valiant Ark wisely. These resources aren’t just random—they’re the key to your settlement’s growth and your Heroes’ improvement. Whether it’s wood, food, or other supplies, using them smartly helps your settlement thrive and your Heroes get stronger. Managing these resources well means your settlement grows, and your Heroes become even more capable in this challenging world.

4. Claim your Rewards regularly

Don’t forget to claim your rewards in the Activity section of Valiant Ark. It’s easy to miss out on valuable bonuses if you don’t check this section regularly. Keep an eye on it for daily or event-related rewards that can help you progress faster in the game and enhance your gameplay experience.

5. Login Daily

Make sure to log in every day in Valiant Ark! By logging in regularly, you’ll snag rewards through the online rewards feature. This can be a goldmine, offering plenty of gold and Hero Experience Potions. It’s a simple way to gather resources and level up your heroes without much effort.

Final Thoughts

Valiant Ark presents a journey that gradually reveals its wonders. Embrace this adventure, absorb its lessons, and relish the exploration of this submerged world. Remember, your settlement’s fate rests in your hands as you lead the way through challenges and discoveries. Enjoy the journey and thrive in this captivating realm!

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