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Immerse yourself in a classic fantasy world

METRIA characters

METRIA introduces a fresh perspective to the action role-playing game genre, created by experienced developers from Asobimo. Immerse yourself in an RPG world where hope and sin are intricately intertwined, elevating the gaming experience. In this METRIA review, our focus is on the game’s fundamental gameplay, aiming to provide a fair assessment.

Embark on the exciting journey of METRIA, where every step reveals new adventures and challenges. Explore a vast open world, face skill-testing obstacles, and strategize your approach. Confront powerful enemies, defeat evil forces, and build a strong team of characters.

METRIA features a classic RPG storyline

Starting with the review of METRIA, let us talk about its storyline. Waking up in a strange place, you find yourself in the mysterious world of METRIA. The story unfolds through various encounters and separations, each revealing hidden truths about the world. As you explore this realm, the narrative invites you to dive into a complex web where hope and sin are intertwined, creating an intriguing and mysterious backdrop for your journey.

METRIA characters
Image via Asobimo

Going on a quest full of different meetings and goodbyes, you gradually unravel the hidden story of METRIA. The unknown land serves as a canvas for the RPG world’s tale, encouraging players to explore the layers of the storyline, where the intricacies of hope and sin add depth and excitement to the unfolding adventure.

Metria’s story is detailed, with plenty of conversations and cinematic scenes as you play. The game’s narrative unfolds dynamically, immersing players in a rich tapestry of plot twists and dialogues as they advance. This storytelling depth enhances the overall gaming experience, creating a captivating narrative backdrop that keeps players engaged in the Metria universe.

METRIA Gameplay employs a classic RPG style

Moving on with the review, let us discuss its gameplay. In METRIA, strategic gameplay takes center stage as each character possesses unique abilities. The dynamic battles become a tactical playground, allowing players to switch between characters. Careful consideration in selecting characters is crucial, as their special skills can turn the tide in various challenges.

Metria offers an expansive open world with diverse regions and classes like Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Assassin, each having unique customizable skills. The combat system, featuring a normal attack, two skills, and a powerful ultimate, is a standout, providing a fast-paced and satisfying experience. The addition of a dodge roll adds strategic depth to the gameplay, enhancing your ability to evade attacks.

Image via Asobimo Games

The game’s graphics and sound effects contribute to an immersive atmosphere. However, notable issues include disorienting screen shaking during running, impacting the overall experience. Additionally, the lack of clear direction and guidance at the beginning can be confusing, with generic fetch quests providing minimal story progression. Addressing these concerns in future updates would greatly improve the game’s overall enjoyment and immersion.

This is a very classic RPG gameplay style nowadays, and all I can say is that the gameplay of METRIA does not provide anything special compared to other RPG titles. It’s a game where decision-making and skillful execution are key to overcoming obstacles. Master the art of choosing the right characters, utilizing their skills strategically, and emerge victorious in the diverse challenges that await in the immersive world of METRIA.

Old-school Graphics paired with relaxing Audio

Metria’s world is diverse and visually stunning with old-school vibes, featuring forests, deserts, mountains, caves, and more. The graphics impress with realistic lighting, shadows, and a dynamic day and night cycle complemented by a weather system, enhancing the game’s realism.

However, the beauty of the world doesn’t diminish its dangers. Various enemies and monsters pose threats, requiring strategic thinking and skill for successful encounters. My firsthand lesson came when I faced the first boss, a formidable wolf-like creature that quickly defeated me. Recognizing my need for better preparation and higher levels, I respawned in a nearby city with a bustling hub with shops, NPCs, and useful facilities.

METRIA cover, METRIA pre-registrationMETRIA cover, METRIA pre-registration
Image via Asobimo Games

Metria also treats your ears to a chill and immersive experience that feels like diving into a calming anime world. The background sounds and soothing music creates a peaceful atmosphere, letting players fully experience the game’s serene landscapes.

While the game’s beauty is a standout with its own style. Facing enemies and monsters injects excitement into the mix, striking a perfect balance with the peaceful vibe. Even when things get tough, the blend of stunning visuals and calming sounds in Metria feels good, making it feel like you’re stepping into an anime world where danger and tranquility coexist. It’s like enjoying a relaxing anime, but you’re the one calling the shots.

METRIA Controls and UI is lacking flawlessness

METRIA’s controls and user interface (UI) exhibit a few shortcomings that detract from a seamless gaming experience. Navigating through the controls can feel less intuitive, with occasional delays or unresponsiveness, impacting the fluidity of in-game actions.

Players may find themselves grappling with a learning curve, especially when executing complex maneuvers or trying to switch between characters during intense combat scenarios. The UI design, while functional, lacks the polish seen in some other aspects of the game.

METRIA skill barMETRIA skill bar
Image via Asobimo Games

Some elements may appear cluttered or less user-friendly, potentially leading to moments of confusion for players attempting to access crucial information or features. These aspects collectively contribute to a less-than-flawless interaction between the player and the game, indicating areas that could benefit from refinement and optimization in future updates to elevate the overall gaming experience in METRIC.

METRIA monetization poses similar Gacha problems

In METRIA, if you’re thinking about spending money, it’s essential to consider that the value you get might not be the greatest. While the game itself is free to play, investing in in-game purchases, especially through the gacha system where you spend money for random in-game items, might not give you the most satisfying returns. The gacha rates, or the chances of getting desirable items, are just okay, falling short of being truly impressive.

METRIA Gacha TutorialMETRIA Gacha Tutorial
Image via Asobimo Games

So, for players contemplating spending real cash, it’s crucial to be aware that the rewards you receive may not align with your expectations due to these somewhat mediocre gacha rates. Considering this aspect beforehand can help manage expectations and ensure a more informed decision when it comes to investing in the METRIA gaming experience.

Final Verdict

To wrap up our assessment of this review, METRIA unfolds as an aesthetically appealing RPG with a blend of serene and exhilarating elements. The gameplay, while immersive, encounters certain hiccups in control responsiveness and UI design that could use some fine-tuning. The audio, delivering a tranquil vibe akin to watching a soothing anime, contributes significantly to the game’s unique allure.

Nevertheless, the intricacies of the monetization strategy, particularly the gacha system, raise considerations for potential players. The current rates may not offer the most enticing returns for those looking to invest real currency in the game.

In essence, METRIA shows promise and entertainment value but stands to benefit from refinements in certain areas. Addressing these aspects could elevate the overall gaming experience, turning it into a more polished and rewarding journey for players.

Gameplay Mechanics – 6

Storyline – 6.5

Character and Environment Design – 7

Graphics and Music – 7

Controls and UI – 5

Free-to-Play Elements – 5.5



METRIA unfolds as an aesthetically appealing RPG with a blend of serene and exhilarating elements. In essence, METRIA shows promise and entertainment value but stands to benefit from refinements in certain areas.

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