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Dark Souls 3: Best Dual-Wield Weapons

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  • Dark Souls 3
    offers amazing environments and bosses like the Nameless King and Pontiff Sulyvahn.
  • The game boasts a solid soundtrack and unparalleled customization in weapons and builds.
  • Players can invest in any build they desire with a wide variety of weapons and spells to choose from.



Dark Souls 3 is an amazing game that features tons of fantastic environments and amazing bosses, such as the Nameless King and Pontiff Sulyvahn. The game also features a solid soundtrack, and in terms of customizability, it is one of the best of its time. Dark Souls 3 excelled in giving players a variety of choices when it comes to weapons and builds. Players can invest their economy and time into pretty much any build they want and make it work. This is supplemented by the excellent variety of different weapon types and amazing spells.


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Dark Souls 3‘s dual-wield weapons are some of the best designs in the game in terms of both style and depth of gameplay. A lot of these weapons have incredible combos, varied weapon arts, and tons of cool features exclusive to them. Most of the dual-wield weapons in this game are amazing, but some are obviously better than others, and these are the best.

Updated on March 5th, 2024, by Musaab Ahmed: The FromSoftware Souls-Like games have been a critical and commercial monster, with incredible popularity and glowing reviews and ratings all around. The Dark Souls franchise has brought about a new genre of challenging and lore-focused games and has been an inspiration in the gaming world all around. Dark Souls 3 brought forward many of the mechanics and ideas that were intrinsic to the success of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden Ring. The Dark Souls 3 standard of dual-wielding is still unmatched in RPG games today. This list of the best dual-wield weapons in DS3 has been updated to include a few more entries.

9 Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

Flashy and Powerful

DS3 Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords

Players can find this weapon in the Ringed City DLC. As the name suggests, however hard it may be to believe, these are indeed paired ultra greatswords. As such, they require a ton of strength to use but in return they do a ton of damage.

The Paired Greatsword has incredible damage with awesome weapon art that can be used in heavy and normal attacks. Moreover, players can use the L1 attack with any basic combo of the weapon effortlessly. Flying around with two flaming giant greatswords is insane, and this is a solid weapon, but what holds it back is how slow and telegraphed the moves are, making it really easy to counter in PvP.

8 Brigand Twindaggers

Fast and Powerful With A High Skill Ceiling

Brigand Twindaggers DS3

The Brigand Twindaggers are an underrated weapon. Not only are they available really early on in the game, making them easy to practice with, they are some of the fastest weapons in the game, and players can easily stun-lock enemies. Moreover, their weapon art quickstep can allow players to quickly reposition and can lead to ripostes easily.


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These weapons have a solid R1+L1 combo, they can be infused with anything, although bleed builds works best, and they have great synergy with the pontiff rings as well. Their only weaknesses being their low damage and low range, making them difficult to use in big fights such as 2v2s or 3v3s in PvP and during invasions.

7 Friede’s Great Scythe

Powerful Yet It Can Be Countered

Dark Souls 3 Weapons Friede's Great Scythe

Sister Friede is one of the coolest boss fights in the entire From Software catalog. After this incredible marathon of a duel, players can get access to Friede’s weapon, her Great Scythe. This weapon is actually two scythes, the main physical one with long range and a smaller frost-empowered off-hand scythe.

This is a great weapon for PvE, and has tons of cool animations and a fun, yet very niche weapon art. Moreover, it allows players with a dexterity/intelligence hybrid build to have access to a long-range, high-damage scythe. The only clear weakness is how easily parryable it can be, so players have to make sure not to telegraph their moves.

6 Sellsword Twinblades

The Jack of All Trades

Dark Souls 3: Best Dual-Wield Weapons

Sellsword Twinblades are one of the most fun weapons to use in Dark Souls 3. Being available to players from the start of the game, they can be somewhat underrated. Players going for a high dexterity build will be surprised to learn how flexible and powerful these weapons are; they’re fast, consume very little stamina, and do incredible damage with the right refinement. The Sellsword Twinblades have tons of utility through multiple infusions and even have some fun combos.

These blades are some of the best PvE swords out there. What holds them back is their PvP aptitude. While still a good weapon, they were so common at one point that most players knew how to counter them. Moreover, they also have a lower range than some of the best weapons. Regardless, the Twinblades are exciting to use and can be utilized in every situation.

5 Drang Twinspears

Perfect To Ramp Up Damage

ds3 Drang Twinspears

The only thing holding back the twinspears from the top 2 spots is that they can be parried. Aside from that, this weapon has good range, is fast, and players can use it to poke really well. The rolling L1 move is incredible, and overall the weapon has tons of ways to just pressure opponents and forcing them into making mistakes.


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The Drang Twinspears scale well with both strength and dexterity and work well with any elemental infusion. The weapon art, while not the easiest to use, has situations where it can be useful. Overall this weapon is quick and offers players a nice transition between the traditional spear play style and something more fast-paced.

4 Winged Knight Twinaxes

Spin to Win

DS3 Winged Knight Twin Axes

The best part about this weapon is that the weapon art lets players turn into a giant beyblade. The winged knight twinaxes are one of the most volatile weapons in the game, they have a ton of shortcomings and are difficult to use, but they are rapid and they do so much damage its incredible. Taking about the negatives first, the weapon art is extremely difficult to use in a PvP setting, the twinaxes have no hyper armor and really low range, making them hard to use against players who can space well.

The L1 button on this weapon and the combos players can chain using it are incredible; the raw damage output a player can dish out after just one opening is amazing and maybe the best in the game; in PvP, they can out-damage an estus heal, making any sort of healing or stalling against them a bad idea. Coupled with that, these axes scale well with most major stats, can be infused to great effect, and pair well with resin buffs. If a player is committed to investing time to learn how to use them, they are incredible.

3 Onikiri And Ubadachi

One of the Best Weapons to Infuse

DS3 Onikiri and Ubadachi

These twin katanas are one of the best weapons in the game for PvP and PvE alike, in PVE they’re exceptional against Gael, one of the hardest bosses out there. They scale really well with dexterity and can be refined and infused. The bleed infusion in particular works well on them.

The Onikiri and Ubadachi deal really great damage to a dual-wielding weapon, and their running attack is incredible. Plus, these katanas are hard to parry and have a solid weapon art as well. The only drawback is that they’re on the slower side when it comes to this weapon type.

2 Drang Hammers

Deceptively Powerful

DS3 Drang Weapons

This might seem like a controversial inclusion, especially considering some of the weapons that aren’t on this list, but the Drang Hammers are very good. They have really high damage, can be infused and upgraded, working especially well with heavy and refined infusion. Drang Hammers also deal blunt damage making them good against shields, and their phantom range is a bonus too.

What makes the Drang Hammers so good though is the fact that players can combo the L1 attack into the weapon art for incredible damage. This catches a lot of people off guard and can be especially good for invasions.

1 Gotthard Twinswords

An Incredible and Well-Rounded Weapon

DS3 Gotthard Weapons

This weapon has been nerfed multiple times because of how good it is. The Gotthard Twinswords, which players can get by beating the NPC Gotthard, have some superb weapon art combos, and their movesets for both one-hand and two-handed play are great.

Moreover, their thrusting attacks are solid, and they have deceptively long range as well. There’s no weakness with the Gotthard Twinswords, and they’ve been rightfully the kings of the meta for years.

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