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Chrono Travelers Beginners Guide and Tips

Chrono Travelers berserker

Chrono Travelers is an open-world RPG developed by EYOUGAME (USS) and has recently been open for pre-registration on Android devices and is currently accessible. Delve into a near-futuristic open world where the harmony of ancient celestial spirits and advanced technology forms a captivating realm of marvel and intrigue. This Chrono Travelers Beginners Guide will unveil important gameplay features and things for you to note and maximize. Moreover, explore Chrono Travelers redeem codes to acquire complimentary rewards.

Chrono Travelers Gameplay Basics

Chrono Travelers is all about exploring a near-futuristic world, taking on quests, and facing various foes in battles. Alongside these, dungeon challenges add extra excitement. The game introduces a partner system, letting you unlock a companion for battles.

Starting might be a bit overwhelming, but sticking to the main quests guides you through. Completing these quests plays a big role in the game’s story. Leveling up involves tackling fights and challenges while adapting to the flashy battles in this vast world.

Chrono Travelers Classes

Starting on your journey as you step into the world of Chrono Travelers, you’ll find a diverse selection of combat classes available. These classes, namely the Berserker, Lancer, and Cannoneer, each bring a unique flavor to your gameplay.

1. Berserker

The first class introduced is the Berserker, you will encounter a fearless devil boy armed with a substantial sword, transforming into a truly formidable force on the battlefield. The Berserker’s prowess lies in exceptional expertise in dealing with area-of-effect damage, turning every swing of the hefty sword into a powerful and devastating blow.

Chrono Travelers berserker
Image via EYOUGAME

This class thrives on intensity, fearlessly diving into combat scenarios with a relentless spirit, carving a path of destruction that leaves a lasting impact.

2. Lancer

Next class is the Lancer, an uncommonly gifted youngster wielding a lance. This agile combatant excels in executing strategic maneuvers, gaining finesse to control enemies effectively. With a blend of grace and precision, the Lancer brings a refreshing approach to battles, gracefully navigating through challenges with agility.

Chrono Travelers lancerChrono Travelers lancer
Image via EYOUGAME

The battlefield transforms into a stage for tactical mastery, and the Lancer emerges as a skilled performer.

3. Cannoneer

The last class available is the Cannoneer, described as a cannon-wielding naughty lolita. This class stands out for its prowess in range blasting, unleashing powerful attacks from a distance. In the hands of a Cannoneer, battles become a captivating display of mischief and firepower.

Chrono Travelers CannoneerChrono Travelers Cannoneer
Image via EYOUGAME

With strategic positioning and a touch of flair, this class injects a sense of fun into long-range combat, making it a delightful addition to the vibrant RPG universe.

Chrono Travelers Outfit Customization

Dive into the world of Chrono Travelers’ Outfit Customization, where you can choose from three distinct styles: Classic, Ornate, and Grandeur. Each outfit type brings a unique aesthetic to enhance the character’s appearance.

Chrono travelers outfitChrono travelers outfit
Image via EYOUGAME
  • Classic Outfit: Timeless elegance defines the Classic Outfit. With clean lines and subtle details, this choice offers a sophisticated and versatile look, blending seamlessly into Chrono Travelers’ world.
  • Ornate Outfit: For a more intricate style, the Ornate Outfit features detailed patterns and carefully crafted accessories. This option transforms characters into resplendent figures, showcasing a penchant for elaborate design.
  • Grandeur Outfit: Elevate your character’s presence with the Grandeur Outfit, a symbol of majestic sophistication. Bold designs, regal fabrics, and striking accessories make this choice perfect for those who desire a luxurious and commanding appearance.

In the realm of Chrono Travelers’ Outfit Customization, players can choose their visual identity, whether embracing timeless simplicity, intricate details, or grandiose opulence. Each outfit type allows every Chrono Traveler to stand out as a hero of time and a style icon.

Movement and Controls in Chrono Travelers

Shape your adventure in Chrono Travelers by seamlessly executing distinct actions through intuitive controls. Guide your character’s movements effortlessly using the Joystick, enhancing your exploration experience.

Chrono travelers questChrono travelers quest
Image via EYOUGAME
  • Joystick: Effortlessly direct your character’s movement.
  • Dash: Swiftly maneuver through challenges with the Dash control.
  • Attack: Engage in combat by tapping on the Attack control.
  • Skill: Harness special abilities by tapping on the Skill control.

Navigate this vibrant world with simple tapping controls, where each action plays a crucial role in your progression. Skillfully utilize the Joystick, Dash, Attack, and Skill commands to unlock the full potential of your gameplay, ensuring an immersive and dynamic adventure in Chrono Travelers.

Chrono Travelers Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Prioritize the Main Quest

In Chrono Travelers, your journey gains direction and momentum by prioritizing main quests. Displayed conveniently on the left side of the screen, these quests serve as a roadmap, guiding your character to designated locations for completion.

Chrono travelers questChrono travelers quest
Image via EYOUGAME

The autoroute feature streamlines the process, making it easier to tackle multiple quests efficiently. By understanding the significance of main quests and swiftly completing them, you not only progress in the game but also achieve faster success in your overall gameplay.

2. Utilize your Skills and Attacks

In the heat of battle, mastering your skills and attacks is pivotal. Whether facing a large group or tanky adversaries, strategic use of area-of-effect (AoE) skills and powerful bursts can turn the tide in your favor.

Chrono travelers skillsChrono travelers skills
Image via EYOUGAME

To optimize your combat effectiveness, employ these skills judiciously, ensuring you adapt your approach based on the composition of enemies you encounter.

3. Get a Partner for Assistance

As you navigate the challenging landscapes of Chrono Travelers, having a reliable partner by your side is a game-changer. Unlock the partner feature at a specific level, and enhance your companion’s power to make exploration across the world smoother.

Chrono travelers partnerChrono travelers partner
Image via EYOUGAME

Your partner contributes attack strength during combat, and by advancing its star tier, you unlock new skills, making it an invaluable asset in battles. Regularly invest time in strengthening your partner for an increasingly advantageous gameplay experience.

4. Use Mounts for Faster Travel

Unlock the potential for swift travel and additional buffs by utilizing mounts in Chrono Travelers. Acquire your first mount as a quest reward and later explore more powerful options. Mounts not only facilitate faster quest completion but also provide character buffs.

Chrono travelers mountChrono travelers mount
Image via EYOUGAME

Maintain a powerful mount by promoting its star tier using materials, unlocking new skills, and enhancing attributes. A robust mount proves to be a strategic asset, enhancing the overall efficiency and speed of your in-game exploration.

5. Gear up your Character

In the pursuit of increased combat power, gear becomes a crucial element in your Chrono Travelers journey. Defeat foes, collect gear items, and continuously equip your character to enhance combat prowess. The rarity and grade of gear items play a significant role, with higher grades offering superior attributes.

Chrono travelers gearChrono travelers gear
Image via EYOUGAME

Equip your character with the best gear available to strengthen it, and remember the importance of even small power increments when starting. As you progress, prioritize higher-grade gear to consistently boost your character’s strength and effectiveness in battles.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Chrono Travelers is a fun and engaging game that combines strategy, exploration, and customization. Following main quests, using skills wisely, partnering with companions, riding mounts, and gearing up are key aspects that enhance the gameplay.

The game’s colorful world and interactive features make it a delightful experience for players, offering exciting battles, time-travel mysteries, and visually appealing landscapes. Whether you’re into epic fights or simply exploring, Chrono Travelers provides an enjoyable adventure in the world of RPGs.

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