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AFK Journey Team Composition Guide and Tips

AFK Journey Faction Bonuses

AFK Journey, a 3D world-based RPG by FARLIGHT Games, immerses you in the mesmerizing world of Esperia. Here, you’ll lead a band of valiant heroes against the sinister Faceless threat, utilizing a diverse roster of characters with unique abilities and strengths. In this AFK Journey Team Composition Guide, we’ll delve into the essentials of team building in AFK Journey, providing valuable insights and examples to assist you in assembling formidable lineups.

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How team role works in AFK Journey

Faction Bonuses

In AFK Journey, optimizing your team’s faction bonus can significantly enhance your overall performance. When you have more than two characters from the same faction on your team, the entire team receives a stat boost. While it’s tempting to focus solely on one faction, it’s generally more effective to limit your team to two factions at most.

AFK Journey Faction Bonuses
Image via Farlight Games

However, Celestial and Hypogean heroes can serve as neutral characters, counting towards any faction. For example, if you have four Wilders faction characters on your team, adding a Celestial or Hypogean hero will activate the five-character matching faction bonus.


Front Row – Tanks

Place your tanky heroes in the front row to absorb damage and protect your team. I recommend tanks like Thoran, Antandra, and Lumont. These heroes excel at drawing enemy fire and providing shielding for your more vulnerable allies.

Mid Row – Rogues, Warriors, and Support

The mid-row should consist of versatile heroes capable of both dealing with damage and providing support. Consider placing heroes like Rogues, Warriors, and Support characters in this position. I recommend heroes like Rowan in the middle to maximize their area-of-effect abilities, ensuring buffs are distributed to the entire team. Korin can also be positioned in the front row due to his shielding capabilities.

AFK Journey PositioningAFK Journey Positioning
Image via Farlight Games

Back Row – Mages and Marksmen

Position your damage-dealing heroes, such as mages and marksmen, in the back row to keep them safe from direct attacks. These heroes often have lower health pools and rely on ranged attacks. I recommend heroes like Hewynn and Cecia, who excel at long-range damage and support. Protecting these heroes is crucial for maintaining your team’s damage output and sustainability.

Examples of Team Composition in AFK Journey

In AFK Journey, I’ve noticed that team compositions typically center around a core of 3 units from the same faction. This setup grants a valuable +10% stat bonus, which can significantly enhance the team’s performance. As for the remaining 2 spots, I often find them to be quite flexible. Players can choose to include characters from other factions or opt for non-matching units, depending on their strategic preferences and available heroes.

1. Graveborn Team

Cecia + Viperian + Thoran + Silvina

AFK Journey Graveborn Team CompositionAFK Journey Graveborn Team Composition
Image via Farlight Games

Thoran a tough hero makes the team strong on defense, allowing Cecia and Viperian to focus on attacking. Cecia’s root and summon ability helps control enemies, while Viperian deals steady damage to all foes. Silvina can swiftly take out vulnerable enemies with her agility and high damage.

2. Maulers Team

Brutus + Antandra + Odie + Smokey & Meerky + Rowan

Brutus leads the team as the main tank, using his invulnerability when close to defeat to protect allies and buy time for ultimate abilities to charge. However, he lacks sustained durability and often needs another tank for tougher battles. Antandra becomes a strong tank with enough ascension but might be hard to level up early due to wishlist competition.

AFK Journey Maulers Team CompositionAFK Journey Maulers Team Composition
Image via Farlight Games

Odie is a versatile damage dealer, excelling in both PVE and PVP, especially with his Exclusive Weapon, which boosts his damage against weakened enemies. Smokey & Meerky provide essential support, offering consistent healing and buffs, while Rowan helps by speeding up Smokey’s Ultimate ability, making the team tough to beat.

3. Wilders Team

Granny Dahnie + Bryon + Hewynn + Lyca + Rowan

The Wilders team is focusing on energy cycling with heroes like Lyca and Rowan. Despite Bryon being a Magic DPS, Lyca is still used for her utility. The core trio – Granny Dahnie, Bryon, and Hewynn – are all S-Level heroes but may take time to ascend.

AFK Journey Wilders Team CompositionAFK Journey Wilders Team Composition
Image via Farlight Games

Granny Dahnie provides defense and crowd control, while Bryon deals heavy single-target damage. Hewynn offers healing and haste buffs. Exclusive Weapons boost their abilities further. Overall, the Wilders team is about energy management, resilience, and sustained damage.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mastering team composition in AFK Journey is essential for navigating the challenges of Esperia. I hope this AFK Journey Team Composition Guide helps you craft formidable teams. By understanding the dynamics of faction bonuses, synergies, and hero roles, you can build powerful teams tailored to your playstyle. Experiment, adapt, and optimize your lineup to overcome obstacles and lead your heroes to victory. Remember, while this guide offers valuable insights, don’t hesitate to explore and innovate to find the perfect team for your journey.

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