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Zombie Forest 3: Underground Beginners Guide and Tips

Zombie Forest Gamplay I

Zombie Forest 3: Underground is an action game by Alexander Tavintsev where the story marks the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. This game is termed as a zombie apocalypse survival simulator in an underground bunker. Your primary goal is to survive anyhow to meet the next morning. During the day, you will improve your shelter, discover extra rooms, and search for food, resources, equipment, and weapons. At night, you’ll save yourself and your hut from zombie attacks. Hence, keep up with Zombie Forest 3: Underground Beginners Guide and Tips piece to learn about gameplay and significant features.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Zombie Forest 3: Underground is of the classic survival trope. The story follows as the character ends up in the dark forest facing an impending zombie apocalypse. They stumble on a secret hut that has a fortified basement underneath. Your actions and survival take you forward from there on. 

Zombie Forest Gamplay I
Image via Alexander Tavintsev

There are two game modes namely normal and one life. The normal mode leaves your characters with 1 Health Point in the shelter if they die. On the other hand, the One Life mode has more dangerous enemies and increased damage. If your character dies, the game ends then and there. The eating points however are doubled. You can continue with any of the modes I mentioned. 

If the character dies in one life mode, it is removed from the list so you can create another one. The gameplay for both is the same other than the initial difficulty and rules. You’ll be given a specific amount of time in the day to carry on activities like building fortifications, exploring undiscovered locations on the map, digging new rooms, and more. Every activity requires a certain time which is taken from your assigned time. 

Image via Alexander Tavintsev

At night your character must face the zombies. The game requires you to sustain for 8 minutes before the next day arrives. You can speed it up to 4x by clicking on the topmost right clock. If your shelter has enough safety barriers, it’ll be difficult for them to reach you. But if they do, you’ll need to fight and kill them before they harm you dangerously.

Creating your Character

The game allows you to create three characters at most to play with either of the modes preferable. When creating a character, you can choose a random predefined one or create one with your own choices. Firstly, you need to select their gender and skin color

Image via Alexander Tavintsev

Then adjust the mouth and eyes size with color. You can have random system names or give one yourself. For the second part, you get to set the hair type, color, accessories, and other details. After the customization, you can begin the game with the character you created recently. 

After you enter the game with your new character, it gives you five ability points. You can distribute these points to improve their stamina, strength, reaction, accuracy, and luck. I’ll suggest you be mindful when you distribute the points because every ability is important to hold on to for surviving the dead. 

Episode Tasks

Zombie-Forest-Episode-Task Zombie Forest 3 Beginners GuideZombie-Forest-Episode-Task Zombie Forest 3 Beginners Guide
Image via Alexander Tavintsev

The Episodes are parts of the storyline in this Zombie Forest game. The storyline is a survival tale at the beginning of the apocalypse that leads to salvation. There is no specific number of episodes in the story of the game. Every episode consists of certain tasks that assist in surviving the zombies and progressing towards your freedom. The tasks will be missions surrounded by the primary outline of an underground bunker survival genre. 

Discovering Resources on the Map

Through the map, you’ll have access to various locations for exploration. You can unlock these new areas via the Radio. The radio is a section in Zombie Forest where by switching the dial you can get to know the locations of your nearby coordinates. You need to properly control the radio and when the signal glows, you must stop moving the dial. 

Image via Alexander Tavintsev

The radio gives new areas to search for important resources in the places. The areas are, however, swarmed by zombies walking and crawling everywhere. So, I suggest you be out of their radar and reach at all steps. The locations will have plenty of resources like fuel, wood, metal, weapons, and more. Make sure to collect them and store them in the warehouse for future use. 


Fortifications are structures you can build to ensure a safety barrier at night. Strong and reliable fortifications will protect you from inhuman attacks. These include wooden stakes, bear traps, solar panels, and more. Every structure will have a damage and durability percentage

Zombie-Forest-Fortification Zombie Forest 3 Beginners GuideZombie-Forest-Fortification Zombie Forest 3 Beginners Guide
Image via Alexander Tavintsev

It will take equipment and resources such as wood, metal, and electronic components for the building of these safety traps. You can also improve the quality with the help of the same resources. All these activities will take up some amount of your time before it reaches the night time. 

Lucky Draw

The Lucky draw machine in the game will grant you free rewards to fill up your inventory. The game has a separate warehouse from where you can shift the materials you need to the inventory. You need one ticket for a single draw. If you’re running out of tickets, you can watch ads to get three free tickets for more resources. 

Image via Alexander Tavintsev

If you get two cards of the same element you’ll receive some reward in that particular. The unmatched cards will lead to a waste of your tickets. This is a beneficial way to get resources without having to search for areas full of zombies. However, the quantity you get might not be reliable as per my experience. 

Zombie Forest 3: Underground Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Finish the Episode Tasks

The Episodes have a certain storyline as per which you get the tasks. There is no specific number of chapters or episodes you need to finish to get salvation. Every episode will have some set of tasks within the forest to help you in your survival. By completing these tasks you’ll gain experience and you’ll sustain longer in the game. 

2. Build Fortifications for Safety

One of the significant tasks of Zombie Forest is to build fortifications for more safety during zombie attacks. These will help you sleep peacefully through the night. Every structure takes up some time and resources like wood, metal, or electronic components to form. Some of them include wooden stakes and bear traps. Although these are the initial ones but can benefit you sufficiently.

3. Utilise the Radio Smartly

Zombie-Forest-Radio Zombie Forest 3 Beginners GuideZombie-Forest-Radio Zombie Forest 3 Beginners Guide
Image via Alexander Tavintsev

You might wonder what possibly could be the benefit of a mere radio. But in this game, radio is vital as it helps in determining the coordinates of the nearest locations. These locations appear on the map for your exploration. It is necessary to learn how to properly use the radio. Switch the dial until you hear the voices of people and only then the lights below will indicate a new area. 

4. Collect Resources from Areas

The areas you’ll unlock on the map via the radio can help you in finding resources. These resources can include fuel, wood, metal, and electronic components. The areas can also potentially have abandoned cars, weapons, and other equipment. These are crucial components for your survival in the dark forest. However, keep in mind that the areas you explore have zombies ready to eat you alive. So, it’s important to stay alert. 

5. Keep Weapons with you

The weapons are one thing you can stop the zombies with at speed. Manual fighting can save you but will leave you with injuries. You’ll eventually have to fight the zombies again the next night. So, I’ll advise you to keep weapons and sufficient bullets with you to kill them easily. You can find the weapons or bullets through a lucky draw or by exploring the map locations. 

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