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Yuji’s Blood Exploding Powers, Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen Maki Vs Sukuna


  • Yuji Itadori shows incredible potential in his fight against Sukuna, displaying strong abilities and even blood manipulation skills.
  • His connection with Choso hints at a deeper power within Yuji, possibly related to Blood Manipulation, showcased in his fight against Sukuna.
  • Yuji’s ability to manipulate blood is a dangerous power that could lead to a potential Blood Domain manifestation, showcasing even greater strength.



Yuji Itadori Is one of the strongest sorcerers of the current era, and although he is not yet on the level of some other powerful individuals, such as the likes of Yuta, Yuji clearly has quite a lot of potential. In his fight against Sukuna, fans have gotten the chance to see Yuji at the peak of his abilities, proving to be strong enough to deal damage even to the King of Curses.


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This is a very impressive feat for the protagonist of the series, and there is certainly more to come. One of the most interesting abilities that Yuji has shown against Sukuna is his power to manipulate blood. As fans know, this ties in very well with the Blood Manipulation cursed technique that Yuji might actually have awakened now.

Yuji and Choso’s Connection


Fans know that Yuji and Choso share a connection. This connection has been made clear in the series on many occasions already. In fact, Choso and Yuji both realize this and think of each other as brothers. Choso, as fans know, is a cursed womb death painting that was created by the act of mating between a cursed spirit and a human. Kenjaku, who was at the time in the body of Noritoshi Kamo, is a part of Choso, which gives him the ability to utilize Blood Manipulation. Similarly, Itadori was born through Kenjaku as well, and through that connection, it is entirely possible for him to hold the powers of blood manipulation.

While this was largely only an idea, in the Culling Game arc, this idea seems to have been proven correct. Yuji has shown the capabilities of manipulating blood on more than one occasion now. When the fight against Sukuna began and Yuji was fighting alongside Higuruma, he showcased the ability to shoot a stream of blood from a distance. This ability, as fans know, is called Piercing Blood. This is quite a powerful ability that shoots blood at an incredibly high speed, making it pierce through the targets, even if they are reinforced with cursed energy. Yuji shot ability at Sukuna from a distance, however, the King of Curses thought this to be the work of Choso. Of course, at the time, Choso was nowhere near and he hasn’t appeared in the battle ever since. This was clearly the work of Itadori, however, given that it was off-screen, not many fans bought into the idea that Yuji could actually pull this off.

Yuji’s Blood Manipulation Ability


Clearly, Yuji possesses the ability of Blood Manipulation. The very first hint that fans got of him acquiring this ability came when he was training with his brother. Yuji mentioned that while he’s trying to learn, Choso isn’t as good a teacher. Then, he requested help from Noritoshi Kamo, who fans know is a master of Blood Manipulation himself. There is nothing in common between Choso and Kamo, other than the ability of Blood Manipulation that Yuji could pick up. As to how Yuji could gain this ability, fans are not sure yet. It could be that Yuji cannibalized the remaining brothers, or, he had this ability inherently inside him.

Regardless of what explanation the author goes with, fans know for sure that Yuji was training with them for a specific reason, which is likely to do with Blood Manipulation itself. Of course, as mentioned earlier, Yuji then utilized Blood Manipulation in the fight against Sukuna, and the fact that he has been bleeding profusely yet not completely dying as a result, is also a hint of that. Of course, this can be attributed to his Reverse Cursed Technique as well. However, if one were to assume that Yuji also has control over blood manipulation, then blood loss wouldn’t be as much of an issue for him anymore.

Yuji’s Blood Explosion

Reverse Cursed Technique used by Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen

In the fight against Sukuna, Yuji went on to utilize more abilities that revolve around the manipulation of blood. Inside Yuta’s domain, fans saw the duo collide against the King of Curses, who was trying to maintain Hollow Wicker Basket, along with other abilities, to prevent himself from the sure hit effect of the Domain Expansion.

Clearly, this technique wasn’t going to work for long, and as soon as an opportunity showed up, Yuji took it with both hands. Yuji utilized a very smart tactic as, when he was punched by the King of Curses, he spit blood directly onto his face and, when he was kicked away, he made the blood explode from a distance. This was clearly a sign of the fact that usually has access to Blood Manipulation.


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Being able to manipulate blood like that is an ability that belongs to the members of the Kamo Clan, or the Death Paintings, especially Choso. Yuji having this ability now also seems to imply that he can make use of Blood Manipulation in general. Even Sukuna, the King of Curses, was shocked at Yuji being able to damage him with the power of Blood Manipulation. When Yuji spit blood on his face, Sukuna did not expect it to explode. Yet, when Yuji made it explode, the right side of his face was completely obliterated on a surface level, destroying his eye, and the skin over his cheeks as well.

Can Yuji Manifest A Blood Domain?

yuta and yuji vs sukuna jujutsu kaisen jjk 251

It is clear for the fans to see that Yuji does possess the power to manipulate blood in JJK. This is quite a dangerous ability that he can utilize very well, however, the author has only scratched the surface when it comes to him utilizing these powers so far. There is a lot more that Yuji can offer, and fans only need to sit back and watch him hit new levels of power as the fight against Sukuna continues. For now, Yuji is out of commission due to being hit by the World Splitting Dismantle. When he does return in combat, fans should fully expect him to turn to Blood Manipulation again and utilize his amazing powers.

Of course, as fans know already, the peak of any cursed technique in the JJK world is a domain expansion. So far, fans have not seen a domain expansion pertaining to the Blood Manipulation cursed technique. Perhaps, Yuji is going to be the very first person to actually manifest a blood domain and trap Sukuna inside. Inside the blood domain, Yuji would likely gain quite a lot of incredible powers that he can then use to finish off the King of Curses. The potential of a blood domain is absolutely incredible, and hopefully, the protagonist of the series can tap into this amazing power and surprise the fans with what he can do. These are interesting times for the fans of Yuji Itadori, and fans will soon get to see him utilize some of the most amazing abilities in the JJK world, starting with the power of Blood Manipulation.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 252, is set to be March 3, 2024.

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