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Wonderers: Eternal World Team Composition Guide and Tips


Wonderers: Eternal World is an action–adventure game crafted by Smilegate Holdings, throwing heroes into epic battles against powerful enemies. With a range of characters boasting distinct abilities, it’s a game of strategy where assembling a well-coordinated team is key. This Wonderers: Eternal World Team Composition Guide delves into creating a winning team in Wonderers: Eternal World, ideal for newcomers seeking to craft their impressive squad of heroes.

How team role works in Wonderers: Eternal World

In Wonderers: Eternal World, recognizing the distinct roles of tanks, damage dealers, and support characters is key when putting together a winning team. Each role comes with its unique strengths, all of which contribute to forming a versatile team capable of handling diverse challenges on the battlefield.

Wonderers: Eternal World Team
Image via Smilegate


Heroes designated as tanks, like Snow, possess high durability and defensive capabilities. They effectively draw enemy attention, absorb damage, and control the battlefield, shielding their team from harm. Their primary role revolves around initiating engagements, soaking up damage, and protecting more vulnerable allies. Tanks often have crowd-controlling abilities and tools to disrupt enemy movements.

Damage Dealers

Characters like Alice and Odile are the backbone of offensive power within a team. They specialize in dealing substantial damage to opponents, either through bursts of damage in short intervals or sustained damage over time. These heroes are crucial for taking down enemies swiftly and tipping the scales of battle in your favor.


Heroes like Gretel or Cait Sith function as support characters, providing crucial assistance to the team beyond direct damage. They offer buffs to enhance teammates’ abilities, control crowds through debuffs or crowd control effects, and provide healing to sustain allies during intense confrontations. Support characters often dictate the pace of battles by empowering their team’s survivability and augmenting their combat capabilities.

How to have the perfect Synergies and Balance in your Team

Combo Potential

Evaluating how hero abilities interact and complement each other is crucial. For example, Odile‘s Force abilities synergize exceptionally well with heroes that excel in burst damage. Pairing her skills with characters capable of quickly unleashing high damage can amplify the team’s effectiveness, creating devastating combos that turn the tide of battle.

Wonderers: Eternal World BattleWonderers: Eternal World Battle
Image via Smilegate

Cover Weaknesses

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each hero is essential. Teams can compensate for vulnerabilities by pairing heroes to offset their deficiencies. For instance, if your team includes squishy damage dealers susceptible to taking significant damage, protective tanks like Snow can absorb incoming attacks, offering crucial defense and shielding these vulnerable heroes. This pairing creates a balance, allowing the damage dealers to focus on offense while the tanks handle the frontline.


Pets play a crucial role in boosting your team’s prowess. They bring unique buffs, debuffs, and support to the battlefield, shaping the outcome of your encounters. Crafting an effective team involves considering the harmony between your chosen heroes and their accompanying pets. Whether it’s amplifying damage, providing healing, or controlling crowds, pets contribute diverse strategies.


Adapting your team setup to counter rival strategies is a crucial skill. For instance, if you face a team favoring melee combat, tweaking your lineup to feature heroes with crowd control skills or ranged attacks can give you a strategic edge. This adjustment disrupts their close-range tactics, allowing your team to control the battlefield and dictate the pace of the fight.

Communication and Coordination

Ensuring communication and coordination in the 4v4 gameplay setting can be game-changing. When teammates discuss hero selections and synchronize their abilities during combat, it transforms their collective strength, making them an unstoppable force during battles.

Examples of Team Composition in Wonderers: Eternal World

Balanced Team

1. Snow, Alice, Gretel, and Robin

In this well-rounded team composition, Snow takes on the role of a sturdy tank, efficiently absorbing enemy damage and providing a reliable front line. Alice, with her damage-dealing prowess, becomes a key player in inflicting harm upon adversaries.

Wonderers: Eternal World Team Composition ExampleWonderers: Eternal World Team Composition Example
Image via Smilegate

The support role is expertly handled by Gretel, who not only buffs the team but also offers healing capabilities, ensuring sustained survivability. Lastly, Robin contributes from a distance with ranged damage, strategically adding a layer of versatility to the team’s offensive capabilities.

2. Gretel, Scarlet, Oz, and Snow

Gretel‘s versatile support, coupled with Scarlet‘s marksman precision, creates a formidable synergy. Oz‘s area-of-effect magic complements Snow‘s tanking abilities, offering a well-rounded combination of damage, control, and defense. This team excels in adapting to various situations, making it a versatile and effective choice.

Burst Damage Team

1. Odile, Ali Baba, Cait Sith, and Nutcracker

Wonderers: Eternal World Team Composition ExampleWonderers: Eternal World Team Composition Example
Image via Smilegate

In this burst damage team, Odile takes on the role of a potent damage dealer, complemented by Ali Baba‘s assassin skills. Cait Sith provides crucial support through buffs, enhancing the burst potential. Meanwhile, Nutcracker contributes to area control with strategically placed turrets.

Final Thoughts

Creating powerful team compositions in Wonderers: Eternal World demands strategy and adaptability. Within this 4v4 battleground, success relies on more than just understanding heroes and their roles. It’s about grasping synergies, countering enemy tactics, and coordinating seamlessly with your team. So, dive in, experiment, and craft your winning strategy by leveraging your heroes’ strengths and forging dynamic alliances on the battlefield.

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