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What Type Of Ethernet Cable Is Best For Gaming?



  • Ethernet cables are the superior choice for gamers due to their stability and reliability in maintaining a strong connection.
  • Opting for a CAT-8 cable will ensure players get the most out of their ISP’s speeds, providing a future-proof solution.
  • Different cable styles, such as braided or flat, cater to gamers looking for aesthetics and manageability in their setups.



When it comes to online gaming, the most important tool in a player’s arsenal is their Internet connection. Having a poor or unreliable Internet connection can lead to all sorts of issues when gaming cooperatively or competitively online. For the most part, a player’s Internet quality will depend on their Internet Service Provider (ISP) and what types of Internet speeds are available in their area, coupled with the maximum throughput their current device can handle on the chosen medium of access. Those who live in more rural or remote areas will likely not have access to the same high-speed connections that are available in cities or more densely populated areas.

But having a solid Internet connection isn’t the only variable in how well a player’s online gaming experience will go. Once someone has secured a good ISP, they will need to decide if they want to connect their devices via Wi-Fi or plug them directly into their router by way of an Ethernet cable. Simply put, those who want the strongest and most reliable connection should opt for an Ethernet cable as it will allow players to be directly connected to their Internet source. But how do players know which cable is best for gaming, and what different types of cables are out there? Here’s a rundown of some of them.

Is Ethernet Better Than Wi-Fi?

When it comes to online gaming, players need to get the best connection possible if they want to enter multiplayer sessions with a low ping and have the best possible chance of competing against others. Those with a higher ping or a faulty connection will have a very hard time with most online titles as they will constantly lose connection, which can be a frustrating experience. Because of this, players need to understand the difference between Wi-Fi and Ethernet-based Internet access.

To put it simply, although technologies are constantly advancing (and wireless signals are getting stronger), those who use an Ethernet cable can always be sure they are getting the best possible connection from their ISP. Those who rely on Wi-Fi will often be at the mercy of signal loss, especially if their adapters and routers aren’t up to par with the rest of their system. On top of this, it’s usually much harder to get the full extent of someone’s Internet speed capabilities at higher levels when using Wi-Fi, unless they opt for buying more expensive equipment.

TLDR: It is nearly always cheaper, faster, and more stable for players to simply use a wired connection over a wireless one. It does sometimes, however, come at the cost of convenience that Wi-Fi offers over Ethernet connections. In some households with plenty of devices needing a connection, it might not be feasible to hook them all up via Ethernet simultaneously.


Gaming On Ethernet Vs. Wi-Fi

Gamers have the option to connect to the Internet wirelessly or via Ethernet when joining online games, but which method is better and why?

The Best Gaming Routers Handpicked by Game Rant

  • ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 Gaming Router

    ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 Gaming Router

    $230 $300 Save $70

    The ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Extendable Gaming Router offers a custom gamer-centric design as it leverages its dual 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports to ensure users have plenty of bandwidth as well as low-latency Wi-Fi 6 connections if needed. It sports a fast quad-core CPU, plenty of RAM, and dedicated gaming features that make it a potent, yet effective combination for gamers.

  • TP-Link Tri-Band BE9300 WiFi 7 Router

    TP-Link Tri-Band BE9300 WiFi 7 Router

    The TP-Link Tri-Band BE9300 Wi-Fi 7 Router is an excellent Wi-Fi 7 router that offers fast Wi-Fi 7 speeds in addition to standard 2.5G Ethernet ports and 6 internal antennas.

    It offers futuristic looks, future-proof standards support, and built-in support for VPN standards such as OpenVPN and PPTP/L2TP out of the box, making it a versatile and somewhat inexpensive Wi-Fi 7 upgrade for users looking to capitalize on the latest Wi-Fi standard.

  • ASUS AC1750 (RT-ACRH18) Wi-Fi Router

    ASUS AC1750 (RT-ACRH18) Wi-Fi Router

    The ASUS AC1750 Wi-Fi router is an excellent entry-level router that covers gamers as well as casual users without breaking the bank, offering acceptable performance across 2 bands while offering features like FTP servers and USB media access thanks to the singular USB 3.1 port.

  • Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000

    ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000

    $500 $600 Save $100

    The ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 is the culmination of all the advances ASUS has made in the gaming router industry. Whether it’s the Wi-Fi 6E quad-band support or the dual 10GB ports that got it through the door as a contender for the best gaming router money can buy right now, it intends to stay – at a price.

  • Linksys MX8503 Atlas Max 6E Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6E System (3 Pack)-1

    Linksys MX8503 Atlas Max 6E Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6E System (3 Pack)

    $900 $1000 Save $100

    The Linksys Atlas Max is a product that does come with its flaws, but at its finest, it is a Wi-Fi 6E router that will encompass most work and play spaces with ease. With a coverage area spanning as much as 9000 square feet while offering to connect as many as 200 devices in a go.

  • spotlight early prime day deals

    Amazon eero Pro Mesh WiFi Router 3-pack

    The Amazon eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi Router 3-pack is a complete solution for the entire home’s Wi-Fi coverage. It replaces the traditional Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi extender, and internet booster. A fast and reliable network for a large home is achieved through a mesh network that connects multiple routers into one network.

    The new generation eero Wi-Fi system is two times as fast as the original, enhancing the internet speed within the home. It is also compatible with 1st generation eero products.

While gaming-themed routers can be pricey options compared to their more general-purpose counterparts, some of them do offer enough unique features that cater to gamers that warranty a second look. This can be built-in support for gaming networks like WTFast, lower latency for devices while gaming, and built-in prioritization for gaming-related data, all of which can lead to a better experience for gamers looking to play competitive games online.

What Type Of Ethernet Cable Do I Need For Gaming?

Cat8Ethernet Cable

Unfortunately, the clear-cut answer to “the best cable for gaming” will always depend on a player’s particular situation. The short answer is that the “best category cable currently on the market” will always be the “best.” For those unfamiliar, Ethernet cables will always come with a category number or CAT. This number is in relation to the parameters and quality ideals created by the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Simply put, the higher the CAT number, the better grade and quality the cable is, and the higher speeds it can withstand when connected to a router and feeding Internet data to a device. Currently, the best number available is 8, meaning a CAT-8 cable will always be the superior option for getting the most out of a player’s ISP.


Are Ethernet Cables All The Same For Gaming?

There are a wide array of Ethernet Cables available for gamers, but are they all the same internally?

That said, many of the highest-rated Ethernet cables can support far past what players will usually get out of their ISP. CAT-8 cables are currently capable of handling speeds of up to 40 GBPS, a number that most ISPs are incapable of producing, even in high-traffic areas and cities. In terms of current Internet outputs, players would be suitable with a CAT-6 cable, which can handle up to 1 GBPS. Players should always first find out what types of speeds their ISP provides and get an Ethernet cable that will accommodate those speeds.

That said, if a player wants to “future-proof” their Internet capabilities, they can opt for a better cable overall, especially since the price point on these cables is usually only a few dollars here or there, depending on length.

The Best Ethernet Cables Handpicked by Game Rant

  • Orbram Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 50 ft

    Orbram Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 50 ft

    Orbram Cat 8 Ethernet Cable is 50 ft long and features a nylon braided heavy-duty design to reduce interference and gold-plate RJ45 connectors for durability and secure connections. Its flexible, flat architecture can seamlessly run the carpet or be lined up against the wall. It can deliver up to 2000MHz high-speed data transmission rates, which is ideal for gaming.

  • Cable Matters 10Gbps Snagless-1

    Cable Matters 10Gbps Snagless

    Looking for an Ethernet cable that is worth every penny? Cable Matters Snagless Ethernet Cable is the best bet. It supports up to 10 Gbps speed and 550 MHz bandwidth, which is more than enough for most PS5 games. Also, it features a durable design with gold-plated contacts,  a PVC jacket that counters wear and tear as well as a snagless connector that helps avoid accidental detachment.

  • Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat 6 Ethernet Patch Cable

    Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat 6 Ethernet Patch Cable,

    The Cat6 Ethernet cable allows PS5 gamers to stream video games at 10Gbps, which is more than adequate. Also, the 100MHz bandwidth for the 10-foot Ethernet cable is ideal even for the most demanding gaming environments. Other features include a durable design with bare copper conductors, gold-plated contacts, and a flexible, protective PVC jacket.

  • Jadaol Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 50 ft

    Jadaol Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 50 ft

    The Jadaol Cat 6 Ethernet Cable is a flat, flexible cable connecting PS5 to an internet network easily. It has up to 10 Gbps and 250 MHz speeds, making it perfect for playing even the most data-intensive PS5 titles. The 50-foot Cat6e Ethernet cable ends in RJ45 gold-plated, corrosion-resistant connectors that can last through multiple use times.

  • UGREEN Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 6FT

    UGREEN Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 6FT

    This entry-level Ethernet cable boosts speeds of up to 40Gbps with a bandwidth of 2,000MHz, making it a cost-effective choice even for playing data-intensive games. Also, it features four shielded foiled twisted pairs with an aluminum foil, which considerably reduces crosstalk and interference with other cables, resulting in a more stable and faster network.

  • Ultra Clarity Cat6 Ethernet Cable

    Ultra Clarity Cat6 Ethernet Cable

    The Ultra Clarity Cat6 Ethernet cable can deliver up to 10Gbps internet speed at 500MHz.It provides ‘ultra clarity’ with every connection thanks to eight solid copper conductors that reduce latency to near zero. Also, by selecting a PVC jacket that follows RoHS, TIA/EIA 568-C.2, and is ETL verified, the manufacturers created an Ethernet cable that can last a long time. Additionally, the RJ45 connector has durable gold-plated contacts that should last exceptionally long.

While most guides do point to CAT 8 being the ultimate Ethernet solution right now with speeds of up to 40 Gbps across a single wire, most users would be completely accommodated with a CAT 6 cable that can do 10 Gbps speeds with ease. It is also important to know which kind of cable one requires as some cables are designed for outdoor use and can take a degree of abuse that others can not. At the same time knowing the length of cable required is essential to ensure not coming up short or having an excessively long cable that may not be needed in most cases.

For most users, entry-level cables from AmazonBasics or CableMatters should do the trick as listed above, while others might want to invest in higher-end, and in some cases, longer CAT8 cables to meet their ethernet needs over the coming years.


The Best Gaming Routers in 2024

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What Are The Differences In Ethernet Cables?


Although there isn’t much difference in Ethernet cables past their CAT and speed threshold, there are some differences for those who are looking for a specific aesthetic or use. Cables come in a wide array of lengths, casing types, and even shapes to help players better manage the distance from their PC to their router. Those who are looking for something visually appealing (and with the added benefit of flexibility) in their cable can opt for a braided style, which usually comes in an array of colors to help match specific setup designs and color schemes.


Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming

This guide is dedicated to helping gamers find the best Ethernet cable for gaming, ensuring a purchase that is both satisfying and future-proof.

Players that want a cleaner look, or want to hide their cables underneath rugs or pin them to the underside of their desk may want to opt for a flat style, which is much less conspicuous when being run long distances and is easy to hide under and behind objects. There are even cables that are rated for the outdoors, allowing players the ability to run their cable through a wall and around the outside of their home, even burying them in the ground if they see fit for maximum discreetness.

Choosing a cable depends entirely on a gamer’s situation and what they want to do with their setup. When it comes to quality, knowing what CAT rating a player will need to accommodate their ISP is really all that matters. Past that, it is simply about aesthetics and use for cable management.

It does help, however, to ensure that your router supports the higher bandwidth you might be paying for. Many ISPs tend to cheap out on the router, which results in poor Wi-Fi performance as well as limited bandwidth on Ethernet ports. Buying a gaming router that can handle and route gaming traffic better while sporting newer 2.5G or 10G Ethernet ports can help with speeds, latency, and the overall gaming experience, especially for users looking to preload titles as fast as possible on launch day.


Best Ethernet Cables for PS5

This guide looks at Ethernet cables for PS5 to help users pick the absolute best for all their gaming needs.

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