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What To Expect From The Chapter

Maki vs Sukuna Winner Result


  • JJK chapter 254 brings a surprising battle between Kusakabe and Sukuna, showcasing Kusakabe’s strength and potential big moment.
  • Maki, despite being injured, is expected to recover and possibly join forces with Yuji to defeat the King of Curses in upcoming chapters.
  • Fans can expect Yuji Itadori to return to the battle in JJK 254 after healing from his injuries, potentially saving Kusakabe or joining the fight.



Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 254 has all the fans excited, especially given how the previous chapter of the story shaped up to be. Fans were fully expecting JJK 252 to be an all-out battle between Maki and Sukuna, and while that did happen, the result of the battle was rather abrupt, and something that took the fans by surprise entirely.


Jujutsu Kaisen: Gege Reveals The Result Of Maki vs Sukuna

The fight between Maki and Sukuna comes to an end in JJK.

JJK chapter 254 is going to be even more surprising, and it looks set to be one of the most unpredictable chapters that no fan can predict the outcome of. In the upcoming chapter, quite a lot of the focus is going to be thrown on the likes of Kusakabe, which means that big things are expected from this character moving forward.

Sukuna vs Kusakabe Begins

sukuna strikes back jujutsu kaisen jjk 254

In JJK chapter 253, the battle between Sukuna and Maki finally wrapped up. This fight lasted for two chapters, as is the average with each fighter taking on Sukuna. Maki did incredibly well against him, and even made Sukuna admit that she was the one who he was looking forward to taking on the most after the death of Gojo. In fact, Maki also inflicted quite a lot of injuries on Sukuna, and the fact that she inflicted serious soul damage on him just goes to show that she is in a league of her own at this point in time.

It must also be noted that Maki has not been fully defeated. However, the Black Flash that was landed on her is sure to leave some damage. For now, Maki is out of the battle, which means someone else has to step in, and this character is none other than Kusakabe.

At the end of JJK chapter 253, Kusakabe showed up and looked all set to join the battle against Sukuna. Right now, there is no one who can fight against the King of Curses, and the only one standing in his path is Kusakabe. This sorcerer, who has reached Grade One all thanks to his tremendous hard work and skill, is now going to be testing his mettle against the greatest of all time, and this is a nerve-wracking moment for him. Kusakabe is known to be the strongest of the Grade One sorcerers and this was something that was confirmed at the beginning of the chapter by Gojo himself.

This was rather surprising for the fans, given the other Grade One Sorcerers that fans have seen over the years, however, now, he will get his shine and a moment to show everyone why he is as strong as he is. Kusakabe will be going to go all out with everything that he has in the battle against Sukuna, and that is what every fan is excited to see. At the same time, Sukuna will most likely not showcase too much of his strength against him. This is because Uraume previously mentioned that Sukuna’s cursed energy spikes when he’s fighting stronger opponents, and it lowers when he’s fighting weaker opponents. As such, Sukuna will be far from full power in this fight, yet comfortable enough to deal with him.

Kusakabe’s Big Moment Vs Sukuna

atsuya kusakabe vs sukuna jujutsu kaisen jjk 254

So far, every sorcerer that has fought against Sukuna has received their big moment. JJK chapter 254 will most likely do the same for Kusakabe. Even though he is not among the strongest of the fighters on the side of the sorcerers, he is still somewhat important. Fans know him to be an excellent user of cursed energy, even though he hasn’t manifested a cursed technique ever. He can still use the New Shadow Style very well, and his application of Simple Domain is impeccable as well. Somehow, Kusakabe is going to get his moment in the fight against Sukuna, and that is what fans should be betting on at this point in time.


Jujutsu Kaisen: How Yuji And Maki Can Defeat Sukuna

Yuji and Maki could team up to take down the king of Curses Sukuna in JJK.

Given that Sukuna is overwhelmingly stronger than Kusakabe, it would not be a surprise to see him underestimate the sorcerer in JJK chapter 254. Sukuna is levels above him, and for him, simply an ant that he can squish anytime he wants. As such, Sukuna might actually have lowered his guard against him, which means that in the case of an all-out battle between these two, Kusakabe can, perhaps, shock him with what he has up his sleeve. He likely has trained enough hold a trump card and that might end up being utilized in the upcoming chapter of the story.

Fans should not be surprised if Kusakabe actually manages to harm Sukuna in JJK chapter 254. While it will surely be a very big moment, and also an unexpected one, it is something that the author seems to be building towards. Simply having Kusakabe join the battle against Sukuna and die without achieving anything significant would be a complete and utter waste of the character. Instead, he will most likely have a very big moment or two before someone else joins the battle and takes over from there.

Yuji Itadori Steps In

yuji tries to heal jujutsu kaisen jjk 254

JJK chapter 254 will most likely see Yuji Itadori return to battle. Yuji was seen previously attempting to heal from the injuries that Sukuna inflicted upon him. These injuries came when he was inside Yuta’s domain, and fighting to lower Sukuna’s cursed energy output, as well as his control over Megumi’s body.

Of course, Yuji failed in the attempt and he ended up being on the receiving end of a very powerful strike from Sukuna. However, he seemed to pick himself up and tried to heal. Right now, Yuji is healing, and JJK chapter 254 will most likely see him heal as well as he can, before rejoining the battle against the King of Curses. Given that Kusakabe is going to be at the forefront of things and will most likely be taking on Sukuna alone for the vast majority of the chapter, Yuji should only be expected to feature towards the end of it. It is possible that Yuji might end up saving from imminent death, or that he joins the battle after Kusakabe has been dealt with.

Regardless of what way the author chooses to introduce Yuji here, fans know for sure that Yuji is going to have his big moment in one of these upcoming chapters, and JJK chapter 254 is most likely going to be the most important one going forward.

Maki’s Recovery

maki vs sukuna jujutsu kaisen jjk 254

Another important aspect of the story that fans should keep in mind moving into JJK chapter 254 is Mark’s recovery. Even though Maki was hit with a very powerful Black Flash in the previous chapter, she is not dead. While a Black Flash is certainly very powerful, Maki should be able to power through it after she gets some recovery time. This time could be bought by Kusakabe, and later on, Maki could rejoin the battle, and join forces with Yuji in an attempt to finally defeat the King of Curses.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 254, is set to be March 24, 2024.

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