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Warframe Mobile Parkour Guide: Maneuvers, Movements, and more

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With a wealth of gameplay hours and experience across multiple platforms, I’m well-equipped to guide you through the thrilling sci-fi action experience of Warframe Mobile, developed by Digital Extremes. In this Warframe Mobile Parkour Guide, I’ll provide you with the most common moveset and useful parkour movements to employ and have a smoother movement within the game.

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What is Parkour in Warframe Mobile

Parkour in Warframe Mobile encompasses the freedom of movement, allowing you to navigate missions in diverse ways. Utilize your innate parkour abilities to leap over obstacles, cross large chasms, or run along walls.

Warframe Mobile Graphics and audio
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Mastering these maneuvers is essential for swift traversal in Warframe’s dynamic environments. However, true mastery involves seamlessly integrating additional movements to create a fluid and rapid movement pattern.

Basic Parkour Movements in Warframe Mobile

Mastering parkour movements in Warframe Mobile is crucial for enhancing your gameplay experience. These movements allow you to swiftly navigate through missions, evade enemy attacks, and explore the game’s dynamic environments with ease. By learning these basic parkour techniques, you’ll have greater control over your character’s mobility, making missions more enjoyable and efficient.

MovementHow to perform
Bullet JumpPress Crouch + Jump off any surface, after a jump, or while in the air without having previously performed a Double or Bullet Jump.
Double Jump (off surface)Double-tap Jump to execute a Double Jump off a surface, regardless of holding a direction key or not.
Double Jump (while in mid-air)Execute a Double Jump while in mid-air by pressing Crouch + Jump or simply Jump, as they’ve fixed the issue of being unable to Double Jump with the jump button while airborne after a directional move.
Front Dodge RollTap Aim while in the air to initiate an Aim Glide, then immediately tap Roll for a boosted roll without holding either button down.
Aim GlideHold Aim while in mid-air to activate Aim Glide.
Air DodgeHold a direction key and tap Roll while in the air, or change your aim direction relative to your movement direction and tap Roll without holding down the direction key.
ZipliningPress Use when near a Zipline to engage in Ziplining. While on a Zipline, hold Crouch while moving to perform a Zipline Slide. Dismount from Ziplines by pressing Jump or performing a Bullet Jump.
Bullet TimeExecute a Bullet Jump in any direction while shooting or immediately shooting after a Bullet Jump. This allows you to glide forward further than the Bullet Jump while shooting or aiming forward without zooming in. Adjust the aim direction with the mouse to perform a sideways or backward Bullet Time jump.
Change Direction (mid-air)Slowly turn in the direction of the selected direction joystick key by holding Crouch and a direction key. Initiate another Aim Glide in a new direction after releasing Aim, changing the camera direction, and performing a Crouch + Jump or simply Jump.
Drop CancelHold Crouch along with a direction key joystick, or tap Roll just before hitting the ground while falling from any angle.
Directional MeleeHit Melee or Quick Melee just after a Jump, Bullet Jump, Double Jump, or anytime while airborne, allowing you to move forward faster and further or higher than usual. You must have a Melee weapon equipped to perform this action.
Wall LatchHold Aim near a non-moving large surface like a wall or obstacle to activate the Wall Latch. Launch off the wall with a Bullet Jump, chaining it with another Bullet Jump, or simply press Jump to hop off and then perform a Bullet Jump in the desired direction.

Whether you’re traversing through challenging landscapes or engaging in intense combat scenarios, these techniques will provide you with the agility and versatility needed to excel in the game. So, dive in, practice these moves, and elevate your Warframe journey to new heights!

Advanced Maneuvers

When you’re in midair and you look down while swinging your melee weapon, you can make your Warframe slam the ground with it. This move is great because it knocks nearby enemies to the ground, giving you an advantage in combat. Also, if you perform a slide while you’re in the air, your Warframe will kick, which can knock down weaker enemies you hit.

Another handy move you’ve learned is blocking with your melee weapon equipped. When you hold down the block button, incoming frontal attacks deal less damage to you, depending on what weapon you have. You can even block while you’re jumping or sliding, which really helps you avoid taking too much damage.

Warframe mobile parkourWarframe mobile parkour
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But one of your favorite techniques is channeling your melee weapon. When you activate channeling, your Warframe’s energy powers up your melee attacks, dealing extra damage with each hit. It does use up some energy, though, so you have to be careful not to overdo it.

What’s really cool is that you can combine blocking and channeling at the same time. This not only reduces the damage you take from enemies’ attacks but also staggers them. This gives you the perfect opportunity to counterattack and deal even more damage. It’s like turning their own attacks against them.

Warframe Mobile Parkour Guide: Tips and Tricks

When you’re airborne in Warframe, you can initiate various maneuvers such as Bullet Jumps, Double Jumps, Directional Melees, and Rolls. These moves can be executed starting from a Jump, Bullet Jump, or falling from a height. However, you can’t repeat the same move consecutively during the same Glide or before touching a surface again.

Aim Glide can act as a bridge between these moves, allowing for smooth transitions. Up to three moves can be chained together, except Directional Melee, which can be performed multiple times between other moves.

Warframe mobile controller settingsWarframe mobile controller settings
Image via Digital Extremes

A neat trick in Aim Gliding is the Float Glide. By holding the forward direction on your joystick along with the Sprint/Roll button while Aim Gliding, you can glide without zooming in with your weapon. This can be particularly handy for snipers, as it allows for precise aiming without any zoom-in delay. Additionally, Warframe abilities can be cast while performing a Wall Latch, offering tactical advantages during combat scenarios.

Hold To Crouch if you’re using a joystick as this setup can streamline executing a Bullet Jump if your Jump action is bound to another button. By pressing the crouch followed by the Jump button, you can easily execute the Bullet Jump > Double Jump > Roll combo, enhancing your mobility in-game.

Bullet Jumps trigger Blast Procs by default, without the need for any additional Parkour mods. This can be utilized to break fans and grates in vents, open containers, and knock down nearby enemies. This is particularly effective against Nullifiers, as it provides a brief window to eliminate them without facing immediate danger.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mastering the parkour moves in Warframe Mobile is essential for smoother and more efficient gameplay. These maneuvers, like Bullet Jumps and Double Jumps, provide agility and versatility, helping you navigate missions with ease. Remember to practice chaining moves together and utilizing Aim Glide for seamless transitions.

Additionally, consider optimizing your control settings for better execution. By mastering these parkour techniques, you’ll enhance your overall experience in Warframe Mobile, making every mission more thrilling and enjoyable.

That’s all from our Warframe Mobile Parkour Guide! Did you find this Warframe Mobile Parkour Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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