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Warframe Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips

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Welcome to Warframe Mobile, an exciting sci-fi action game by Digital Extremes. Explore open-world zones, wield powerful weapons, and customize Warframes for endless missions. Join millions across mobile, PC, and consoles for online co-op play. After spending several hours playing the game on mobile, and having played the game on PC, this Warframe Mobile Beginners Guide will help you understand the game’s fundamentals and how to start well.

The game was first confirmed with Crossplay and Cross-save in July 2021, with a collaboration with PUBG Mobile in March 2022. Internal cross-play testing started in July 2022, followed by a global iOS beta in December 2022. Pre-registration for iOS opened in August 2023, while a closed beta for Android ran the same year. Plus, don’t forget to check out promo codes for in-game perks and freebies.

Warframe Mobile Gameplay Basics

After spending a good chunk of time in Warframe, I’ve realized that knowing the basics is key to staying alive and having fun. Once you’ve got the hang of the parkour moves and modding your gear, you’ll feel like a total powerhouse cruising through levels. But before we dive into getting stronger, let’s make sure we’ve got the combat basics down.

warframe tenno
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Whenever you defeat enemies or smash crates, keep an eye out for ammo drops as they can be a lifesaver. Also, the more hits you land in a row, the stronger your melee attacks become. And don’t forget, if you go five seconds without landing a hit or if you use a Heavy Attack, your hit streak resets.

Choosing your first Warframe

When you start Warframe, you’ll have the option to choose one of three Warframes, which essentially serve as the game’s class system. While you’ll unlock more Warframes as you progress, pick the one that seems the most enjoyable to you.

Warframe mobile choosing warframeWarframe mobile choosing warframe
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  • Excalibur: Excels in close-quarters combat, wielding the Exalted Blade to deliver devastating blows and blind enemies.
  • Mag: Embodies the mage archetype, capable of drawing enemies close, unleashing ricocheting bullets, or shattering foes with raw power.
  • Volt: Prioritizes speed and crowd control, sprinting at remarkable speeds, electrocuting adversaries, and erecting shields for protection.

If you are wondering what Warframe to choose when starting, and if you’re playing on mobile and prefer simplicity, Mag is the recommended choice. It is my personal favorite and its pulling ability makes dealing damage to enemies and navigating through them much easier.

Understanding the Warframe Weapon System

If you want to have a great time in the combat system of the game, then you should understand how weapons work in Warframe. I had an easy time using and switching between weapons as they are easy to navigate and you just have to be creative to combo your attacks. Each Tenno is equipped with three weapons: a primary, secondary, and melee weapon. Swapping between your primary and secondary is quick and seamless.

Warframe mobile weapon typesWarframe mobile weapon types
Image via Digital Extremes

Selecting a Primary Weapon

Your primary weapon completes your loadout. Choose a weapon that complements the strengths of your other choices, ensuring versatility in various situations.

  • The Mk-1 Braton is a versatile assault rifle with rapid fire and accuracy across most distances.
  • The Paris is a bow, that excels in silent takedowns, allowing for stealthy eliminations without alerting nearby enemies. Hold the fire button to maximize damage before releasing the shot.

Selecting a Secondary Weapon

While not as potent as your primary, your sidearm has its own ammo reserve and can be wielded when you’re in a near-death bleedout state. With proper modifications, your secondary weapon can become a formidable tool.

  • The Lato offers average damage but excels in accuracy due to minimal recoil.
  • The Kunai fly silently in an arc, ideal for hitting enemies behind cover without alerting others.

Selecting a Melee Weapon

Melee weapons allow for special stealth attacks on unsuspecting enemies. Executing a stealth attack triggers a context action, dealing significant damage and instantly eliminating weaker foes. Stealthily clearing enemies can make missions much smoother.

  • The Skana boasts high attack speed and balanced performance.
  • The Mk-1 Bo delivers slower, sweeping strikes capable of hitting multiple enemies simultaneously.

Warframe Mobile Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

This Warframe Mobile Beginners Guide is packed with invaluable tips and tricks to make your journey through the game smoother. From optimizing weapon usage to mastering combos, parkour, and world exploration, this guide offers essential advice to elevate your gameplay. Whether you’re aiming to hone your skills or unlock your Tenno’s full potential, these tips will guide you toward success in Warframe.

1. Star Chart

Navigating through the Star Chart via Navigation on the Orbiter is key to undertaking missions. As you progress, new planets, locales, and open-world environments, like the Plains of Eidolon on Earth, become accessible.

Warframe mobile star chartWarframe mobile star chart
Image via Digital Extremes

The Star Chart serves as a tutorial, introducing low-level missions with diverse objectives such as Spy, Sabotage, and Defence. Completing nearly 250 points on the Star Chart unveils tougher challenges and unlocks additional planets, preparing you for more intense battles ahead.

2. Mastering Parkour

Mastering parkour maneuvers is vital for swift and efficient traversal in Warframe’s dynamic environments. Among these techniques, the bullet jump stands out as a cornerstone, achieved by executing a crouch jump that dramatically amplifies your speed.

Warframe mobile parkourWarframe mobile parkour
Image via Digital Extremes

However, the true mastery lies in seamlessly integrating additional movements such as rolls, slides, and double jumps into your movement, crafting a fluid and rapid movement pattern. Moreover, the aim glide feature adds another layer of versatility, enabling you to slow your descent mid-air, granting precious moments for precise aiming or executing abilities while in flight.

3. Understanding Modding

Mods are essential for enhancing gear performance. Found across the Star Chart, these cards grant powerful effects when inserted into gear. Mods are permanent once obtained and play a pivotal role in combat effectiveness. Managing Upgrade Capacity is crucial; mods equipped consume capacity, which naturally increases with gear levels.

Warframe mobile moddingWarframe mobile modding
Image via Digital Extremes

Matching mod polarities optimizes capacity usage, while aura and stance mods offer squad-wide benefits and unique combo attacks respectively. Forma blueprints alter polarity and should be used strategically, albeit resetting gear levels upon use.

4. Prioritize Loot

Loot acquisition drives progression in Warframe. Collect blueprints, mods, and resources to strengthen your arsenal. Extractors aid passive farming of materials and are obtainable through the market terminal.

Warframe mobile lootWarframe mobile loot
Image via Digital Extremes

Looting with a clan facilitates collaborative gameplay and access to exclusive rewards and weapon blueprints via Clan Research. Look out for essential mods like Vigor, Redirection, and Serration, which significantly enhance Warframe capabilities.

5. Joining a Clan

For newcomers to Warframe, actively seeking assistance and fostering camaraderie within the community is not just beneficial but essential. Joining an engaged and vibrant clan offers a wealth of advantages, including invaluable support, access to abundant resources, and the opportunity to wield exclusive weaponry.

Warframe mobile clanWarframe mobile clan
Image via Digital Extremes

While it’s natural to begin as a leecher, passively absorbing knowledge and experience from more seasoned players, fully embracing the support and guidance of the community can significantly expedite your growth and deepen your understanding of Warframe’s intricate mechanics and dynamics.

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