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War of Evolution: Beginners Guide and Tips

War of Evolution Main Screen


War of Evolution is a strategy game by Onemt Hong Kong Limited where your motto is survival of the fittest. The game lets you control the development of a species from the initial state of a microorganism. This goes on to grow as an intelligent creature that seeks an interstellar adventure. Side by side, you should build a civilisation with friends you find along the way and fight your enemies with unique and powerful sidekicks. Thus, I’ve explained the basic gameplay and other vital in-game features through this War of Evolution: Beginners Guide and Tips piece.

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Gameplay Overview

War of Evolution is a strategy game that follows the evolution of a microorganism from its initial state. The storyline governs the development of the creature ruling the civilisation with its friends and sidekicks. There are quests for every chapter in the story for you to complete and progress. The main goal is to promote your genes to survive in this race of evolution.

Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

About the gameplay, you have a list of quests you must complete to level up to your next evolutionary phase. The development of your civilisation depends on the main building, Stronghold. The other structures are inferior and depend on the Stronghold. You should contribute to tasks that take your territory to a higher quality.

For battles, you can access them from wherever the battle symbol appears in the territory and click on Attack. There must be a team of three including the Chief i.e. you and the other two sidekicks. You can activate the powers when the sidekicks have reached their threshold point during the fight. The monsters will appear spontaneously and the Chief starts attacking as well.

War of Evolution Gameplay
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

You have the joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right to control the movement and abilities of the Chief. If your side has a greater overall strength than the opposing level, you’re sure to have victory. So, I’d suggest upgrading and training your helpers if you lack strength before going to war.

War of Evolution Basics


The Sidekick section helps you to view all the available creatures to make your team strong. It shows the basic attributes when defending and dispatching for each Sidekick present in War of Evolution. They not only assist the Chief but also make the victory much more easily attainable.

War of Evolution: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

Their skills lie just below their stats and you can upgrade and promote the Sidekicks. The promotion happens with a certain quantity of their respective Idol and for upgradation, you need specific materials as well.


The Altar is the most enigmatic building of a civilisation, as said by the game. Here, you can call upon mighty Sidekicks to battle alongside your Chief. It has two options namely Regular Summon and Elite.

War of Evolution Altar- Summon section
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

The Regular and Elite Summon Crystal are resources you must use to draw out a Sidekick and other materials. Also, after playing the game for long hours, I can assure the gamers that I got plenty of free summons. So, fret not when you look forward to summoning a sidekick.


DIY is the customisation section of the game. Here, you can make changes for your character, aka the Chief of War of Evolution. There are options available for all the body parts including mouth, eyes, claws, wings, teeth, and shafts.

War of Evolution: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

You have the liberty to make modifications to your skin. Here, there are selections for skin, skin colour, pattern, and pattern colour. Lastly, finish styling your character by spacing the joints and altering their size.


Genes is the section that sets the foundation for the War of Evolution. We have the Evolution phases in here. As you perform in the game, you evolve into the next stage and an active skill for your character unlocks.

War of Evolution: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

Side by side, you can also level up the gene to increase power. A passive skill unlocks for each level you go above. It uses a fixed number of Life Essence for the gene upgradation process. This increases the overall Attack, Health, and Speed of the creature.


The Bag is the storage space of the game. It mainly stores Items and Sidekick Idols. You can use the Sidekick idols to promote the respective Sidekick.

War of Evolution: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

The Items in the bag include Amethyst, different level Rune chests, Stamina Potion, Food, Stone, EXP potion, Civilisation Sigils, life essence, common and elite summon crystals, speed-ups, and more.


Quests are chapter tasks in War of Evolution. There will be a certain number of quests for each chapter you move forward. Once you complete all the chapter quests, you can receive the chapter clearance rewards.

War of Evolution: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

These rewards typically include Amethysts, Food, Sidekick idols, Stamina and EXP potions, and speed-ups. The single quests only provide you with Amethysts and food.


Alliance is the clan section where you get the choice to create or join an alliance. From what I’ve witnessed playing the game thoroughly, you can just directly join into an alliance. This would not require any sort of qualifications. You can view the other members from the section itself.

War of Evolution Alliance
Image via Onemt Hong Kong Limited

The game urges you to donate to the Alliance Sanctum while also contributing to the research in technological development. Apart from all these activities, you can go on wars against a common enemy with your other alliance members. A thing you should do in my opinion, is to help other members of your clan.

War of Evolution Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Complete All Quests

For every chapter, there are a certain number of quests for you to finish and earn rewards. Once all the quests for a particular chapter are finished, you can occupy the clearance rewards. The clearance rewards are more valuable than the rewards you get for single quests. You typically get Amethysts, summon crystals, food, civilisation sigils, and speed-ups. So, take my suggestion and complete all quests for a chapter.

2. Upgrade your Genes

As you go through the evolution stages, you unlock a gene promotion feature in the section itself. The DNAs of the creature can be improved and the power increases further. All the basic attributes like Attack, HP, Creature attack speed, and more increase. The upgrade requirements need a particular level of Stronghold and a definite amount of Life Essence to initiate the process. Upgrading your genes will give you an upper hand over the monsters.

3. Promote the Sidekicks

The sidekicks are important when you are marching for battles. They support you through thick and thin and it is vital to treat them with more power and strength. You can either choose to promote them or upgrade their level. Either of the options can be fruitful in battles. To promote them, you have to have a sufficient number of sidekick idols for the particular one. This improves its basic Attack and dispatch skills as well as its health.

4. Choose your Skills wisely

When you’re choosing to battle, you will be witnessing a power icon on the bottom right. From there, you can select a skill for your Chief to execute in fights. All the skills that have unlocked progressing to the next evolution state will be available. However, you must be mindful of what ability you choose. Every level has a different difficulty and hence the ability must be according to the level of the obstruction.

5. Engage in Alliance Activities

Alliance on its own has plenty of activities you can participate in. Firstly, you should help all the other members of the alliance to gain their trust. This way they’ll be of use when you need some. Apart from this, you can go on wars with your alliance friends to defeat the Void Reaper. This will yield many valuable resources and you can put them to use efficiently. The game also urges the players to donate or contribute to research and other developments of the alliance. So, engage in such deeds within the clan to make healthy and steady progress.

Final Thoughts

War of Evolution is a strategy game with a different approach in its conceptual building. They have introduced the growth of a microscopic organism to a space creature. This gives a fresh outlook to the players where the strategy games should incorporate something out of the box. The graphics for the game are adorable with various skin options for the Chief. There are quests you must complete and battles to win. So, you can always revert to this piece when you’re seeking important details for War of Evolution.

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