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Volzerk Beginners Guide and Tips

Volzerk scenery

Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown is a role-playing or RPG video game that revolves around a world full of adventure and magic which is themed in a way that is very much like an anime. This might be because the game is developed in the home of anime, Japan by COLOPL. The game also offers other activities in the game such as crossbreeding to make for an immersive experience. Here in this beginners guide, we will offer help to get you started on Volzerk and then make your way further into the game.

Introducing the Basics of Volzerk

Volzerk is unique in the sense that it offers a storyline that goes along with the game as players take part in quests and explore the various elements present in the game and thus keeping the interest intact. The chief goal of the players is to explore the land of Lemuria and gather tabs on the different types of magical beasts present there while being on the search for Volzerk, a dragon having a mythical status.

Volzerk scenery
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The adventure begins with the journey of a girl called Fina who is the same girl who saw Volzerk for the last time in Lemuria before his disappearance. The same young girl is later shown all grown up and in the search for Volzerk, which is the driving plot of the game.

Volzerk Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

For someone who is just getting started in a game, the most important task for that player is to get familiar with the said game and pick some crucial aspects to develop. To make sure the skills you learn are worthwhile and applicable later on in the game, you have to decide how relevant they are and if they become obsolete later on or not.

1. Make sure to take advantage of the Creative Independence

One of the points of the game that makes it stand out is the amount of creative freedom the game offers when it comes to the key components of the game. The said components, the monsters, characters, or riders can be put together in many different combinations to draw out the highest possible potential from the said combination.

Volzerk, Volzerk monsterVolzerk, Volzerk monster
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The riders/characters and the monsters they have under their belt have their own unique skills which result in different results that can be a game changer for you. There also exist several types of weapons that can be paired with the different characters to balance and enhance their attributes. This particular ability is useful when you cannot defeat an enemy with your original setups.

2. Take care and Raise your own Monsters

Once you start your journey as a player of the game Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown, it will not be long before you notice that the game is teeming with an abundance of monsters and other magical creatures. These creatures are found roaming in the wild or while you are on quests and can later on become an integral part of your in-game assets if you set your goals as such.

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Although the predesigned monsters that you can readily find in the game are great, you can raise your own monsters as well and make them potentially better than the ones available in the game by default. When you raise a Monster, the said Monster becomes accustomed to your gameplay and skills over time and eventually learns how to complement your offensives and therefore become a near-perfect piece in the puzzle you are making with your team.

The above feature allows you to mold the Monsters according to your own playstyle and therefore saves you the trouble of looking around for more Monsters to fit into your team. Not only that but you can combine them with other components such as Riders and make them a real force to be reckoned with.

3. Breed your unique species of Monsters

As mentioned in the earlier text, a player can look for and recruit the many different types of Monsters that are available in Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown. But what is even better is that you, as a player, can very well combine two Monsters you like and crossbreed them to create a new Monster that will have abilities inhibiting those of both its parents.

Image via COLOPL

Creating your own Monster can be useful in many ways, especially when you look at it from a simplistic point of view. For example, assuming you need two types of skills of two Monsters to defeat an enemy, you can do the same work using only one Monster that has been created by crossbreeding the said two Monsters. And if that is not enough, you can collaborate with a friend of yours and combine both your Monsters to create a new Monster as well.

4. Keep track of the Storyline in Volzerk

Being one of the most important elements in the game, the storyline is definitely one of those components that can help a player a lot if they grasp it properly. The dialogues in general carry a lot of information about the setting of the game, that is, the island of Fort Lemuria. They offer crucial insights into the nature of a lot of Monsters as well as how certain items and interactions work in the game.

Image via COLOPL

The said insights about the game make navigating the tasks easier and decrease the amount of work you need to put into learning about some things that you could have learned from the story cutscenes. Therefore, treating the story with attention is important for reasons other than just entertainment.

5. Keep completing the Quests

Image via COLOPL

Like all games, in Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown Quests are a very important source of resources and other types of points. The Quests also grant the extremely necessary needed to level up and in turn unlock more in-game features. They can also be used to collect the resources required to level up your Monsters and turn them into even stronger versions of themselves and tough opponents.

Final Thoughts

So this is it for our top things to look out for as someone who is starting out with their journey in Volzerk. The game is definitely one worth devoting a bit of your time to, given its rich visuals and fresh outlook. Although similar to the popular title Genshin Impact, certain fine differences set the two games apart. We hope that you have a good time in Volzerk, and enjoy it to the fullest.

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