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Voice Actor, Eidolons, and more

Honkai Star Rail Boothill

Reliable sources have confirmed the surprising arrival of Boothill in Honkai: Star Rail. The recent drip marketing campaign has caught many by surprise, as expectations were centered around Firefly or Sam joining Robin for version 2.2, but it turned out to be Boothill instead. Boothill is an intriguing 5-star character aligned with the Physical-type element on the Path of Hunt. I’m thrilled to reveal that this article will explore Honkai: Star Rail Boothill Abilities and Gameplay Leaks, providing detailed insights sourced from reliable channels.

If you are eagerly anticipating Boothill’s debut, you must be drawn in by his cowboy-esque appearance and the intriguing lore surrounding him. This piece will delve into Boothill’s Voice Actor and Eidolon leaks in HSR, offering a comprehensive look into his unique playstyle and potential team synergies.

Who is Boothill in Honkai: Star Rail

Boothill is one of the upcoming playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail. He is a cyborg cowboy roaming the stars. Known for his unwavering optimism and bold approach, he’s a member of the Galaxy Rangers, dedicated to punishing wrongdoers by any means necessary. With his flamboyant style and fearless attitude, Boothill emerges as a formidable figure in the galaxy, driven by his quest for retribution against those who’ve crossed him.

Honkai Star Rail Boothill
Image via HoYoverse

In the upcoming version 2.1 update, players can expect a teaser appearance from Boothill, with his official release slated for version 2.2 following the debut of the character banner in 2.1.

When is Boothill coming to Honkai: Star Rail

Boothill’s official drip marketing was noticed on March 13, 2024, just a few weeks ahead of the eagerly awaited Honkai Star Rail 2.1 update. This update is anticipated to bring SU World 9, fresh achievements, and more content. While Boothill hasn’t made an appearance in previous versions, this hints at the possibility of his debut in the upcoming 2.2 update of Honkai Star Rail, scheduled for early May 2024.

This timeline aligns with the version succeeding the introduction and conclusion of version 2.1. It’s probable that Boothill will be prominently showcased during the latter phase of the update as the focal character in the limited banner following the Robin banner.

Who is Boothill’s Voice Actor in Honkai: Star Rail

Boothill’s voice actor lineup includes Peng Bo for the Chinese version, Konishi Katsuyuki for Japanese, Andrew Russell for English, and Kim Dan for Korean.

ChinesePeng Bo
JapaneseKonishi Katsuyuki
EnglishAndrew Russell
KoreanKim Dan

Notably, Konishi Katsuyuki, who voices Boothill in Japanese, has also lent his voice to characters such as Tengen Uzui in Demon Slayer, Laxus in Fairy Tail, and Hisagi in Bleach.

Boothill Abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

Boothill’s kit indicates his potential to shine as a formidable Physical damage dealer, with gameplay revolving around a distinctive “Duel” mechanic activated by his Skill ability. As per insights from Dimbreath leaks, Boothill’s Skill initiates a Duel mode against an opponent, providing him with an Attack buff upon victory or imposing the Weakness Break effect.

However, if the opponent strikes first, they can steal Boothill’s Attack boost. Furthermore, accumulating five Bullets triggers an additional turn, enabling Boothill to unleash an Enhanced Basic Attack, with each bullet delivering substantial damage.

Basic Attack

Boothill performs a focused assault, inflicting physical damage on a single target.


Boothill’s skill initiates a “duel” mode with an opponent. If the enemy is defeated or incapacitated, Boothill gains an attack buff and a “bullet.” However, if the enemy attacks first, they will receive the attack buff instead. Upon accumulating 5 bullets, Boothill’s basic attack becomes enhanced, firing all bullets simultaneously with increased damage, and granting him an extra turn.


His ultimate ability inflicts damage, boosts break damage, and delays the enemy’s turn, potentially rendering them susceptible to physical damage.


Information about his talent is still unknown, I will gladly update this section once further information are revealed.


Boothill’s technique is still unclear and no reliable information can be acquired at the moment, I will update this section in the future for any information about his technique.

Boothill Eidolons

Boothill’s Eidolon enhancements play a crucial role in enhancing his performance during gameplay. These enhancements provide him with a range of buffs and increased damage output, especially as he deals more damage himself.

While details about his Eidolon are currently limited based on leaks from DimBreath, there’s much anticipation for further information to be revealed. As we await additional details, this section will be updated to provide a more thorough exploration of Boothill’s Eidolon and its effects on his gameplay strategies.

Final Thoughts

Boothill’s abilities, especially his “Duel” mechanic, make him quite versatile in battles. He can get stronger by winning duels, which gives an exciting twist to his gameplay. Plus, his Eidolon enhancements promise even more power, though we still don’t know much about them. Overall, Boothill seems like a strong addition to the game. I’m curious to see how players will use him in battles, and I’m eager to learn more about his Eidolon as more details come out.

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