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Voice Actor, Eidolons, and more

Honkai Star Rail Firefly

Sources that can be trusted have confirmed Firefly’s introduction in Honkai: Star Rail. With recent drip marketing and her reveal as the same person as Stellaron Hunter Sam in a main quest update, players are buzzing with excitement. Firefly, an upcoming 5-star character aligned with the Fire element on the Path of Destruction, has been teased on official channels, causing a stir on Twitter. In this article, we’ll discuss Firefly’s abilities and gameplay leaks in Honkai: Star Rail, drawing from reliable sources for detailed information.

Fans are eagerly anticipating Firefly’s arrival, drawn in by her captivating appearance and intriguing abilities shown in quests as Stellaron Hunter Sam. We’ll explore Firefly’s Voice Actor, Abilities and Eidolon leaks in HSR, providing insights into her unique playstyle and potential team synergies.

Who is Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail

Firefly in HSR is a member of the Stellaron Hunters, depicted as a young girl wearing a mechanical armor called “SAM.” She was born as a weapon and suffers from Entropy Loss Syndrome due to genetic alterations.

Honkai Star Rail Firefly
Image via HoYoverse

Her journey with the Stellaron Hunters revolves around seeking the purpose of life and constantly striving to challenge destiny. Fans are eagerly awaiting her official debut in version 2.3, where she is expected to launch as the first limited 5-star character in this update.

When is Firefly coming to Honkai: Star Rail

Firefly’s official drip marketing campaign was noticed on April 23, 2024, just a few weeks prior to the highly anticipated Honkai Star Rail 2.2 update, which promises new characters, achievements, and more. While she has made recent appearances in earlier versions, this hints at the possibility of Firefly making her debut in the upcoming 2.3 update of Honkai Star Rail, scheduled for Late June to Early July 2024.

This schedule aligns with the pattern of introducing new updates and anticipated leaks, including reruns and characters from previous versions. It’s probable that she will be prominently featured during the initial phase of the update as the primary character in the limited banner.

Who is Firefly’s Voice Actor in Honkai: Star Rail

Firefly’s voice actor is Song Yuanyuan for the Chinese version, Kusunoki Tomori for Japanese, Analesa Fisher for English, and Yu Hye-ji for Korean.

ChineseSong Yuanyuan
JapaneseKusunoki Tomori
EnglishAnalesa Fisher
KoreanYu-Hye Ji

Interestingly, Kusunoki Tomori, who voices Firefly in Japanese, has also lent her voice to characters like Makima in Chainsaw Man and Misha from The Misfit of Demon Academy.

Firefly Abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

Firefly in Honkai: Star Rail deals AoE damage with swift strikes alongside Sam. Her ultimate turns her into a powerful mech for devastating attacks, and her talent boosts damage in a special state. She can also move swiftly and block attacks, making her a versatile and strong fighter. Let’s delve deeper into her leaked skill set:

Basic Attack

Firefly’s basic attack in Honkai: Star Rail allows her to unleash swift strikes that excel at dealing area-of-effect (AoE) damage, making her a formidable destruction character on the battlefield.


During battle, Firefly is accompanied by Sam, and she performs both basic attacks and a skill attack. Her skill attack unleashes powerful AoE damage, making her a force to be reckoned with in combat situations.


Firefly’s ultimate ability in Honkai: Star Rail takes her gameplay to the next level. Upon activation, she enters an enhanced state and transforms into a giant mech. During this transformation, Firefly disappears into Sam’s driving cabin and unleashes an enhanced skill attack that deals devastating AoE damage. The action meter features a countdown timer, and once it expires, Firefly disembarks from Sam, ready to continue the fight.


Firefly’s talent, Scorched Wasteland, grants her unique advantages in combat. When in the [Primary Burning] state, her speed receives a fixed increase, and the damage inflicted is boosted based on a percentage of her (convertible) special attack, ignoring the enemy’s defense. This talent enhances Firefly’s offensive capabilities, allowing her to deal significant damage to her foes.


Firefly’s technique in Honkai: Star Rail allows her to enter a special state where she moves swiftly, giving players control over her direction. In this state, she ignores enemies, remains undetected, and blocks incoming attacks. Activating the technique again enables Firefly to exit this state and launch an immediate attack on all enemies within a large area, applying a powerful effect to them upon entering combat this way. This technique showcases Firefly’s agility and tactical prowess on the battlefield.

Firefly Eidolons

Firefly’s Eidolon improvements significantly elevate her gameplay, providing buffs and heightened damage output as she synergizes with her kit. DimBreath leaks suggest that her Eidolon also grants buffs under specific circumstances.

Eidolon 1Offers conversion benefits for both HP and Break Effect.
Eidolon 2Advances 100% forward upon killing an enemy during their ultimate, limited to two times per ultimate.
Eidolon 3Grants a Skill Level increase of +2, maxing out at Level 15, and boosts Basic Attack Level by +1, maxing out at Level 10.
Eidolon 4Extends buff duration by +1 turn.
Eidolon 5Increases Ultimate Level by +2, maxing out at Level 15, and boosts Talent Level by +2, maxing out at Level 15.
Eidolon 6Causing enemies to take increased damage while in Ultimate form.

Nevertheless, the precise effects of Eidolon 1 through Eidolon 6 remain ambiguous and lack reliability. We’ll delve deeper into this aspect once more concrete information about her Eidolon emerges.

Final Thoughts

Looking at Firefly’s skills and the leaked information, it seems like she’s getting some solid upgrades that could make her gameplay more enjoyable and effective. However, the specific details about her abilities and how they’ll work in different situations are still unclear. Once we have more reliable information, we can get a better understanding of how she’ll perform overall.

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