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Type Soul Bankai Guide – Requirements and More – Gamezebo

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Looking for a Type Soul Bankai guide? Well, you’re in luck! This guide contains a list of all Bankai abilities in the game. We’ll keep this page up to date as and when brand-new Bankai skills are added to Type Soul.

Type Soul is an expansive action-packed game on Roblox based on the hit series, Bleach! Meet familiar characters, unlock special abilities, and defeat a variety of enemies along the way. Play as the classic Soul Reaper, or maybe you fancy being a Hollow? Either way, there’s tons of fun ahead in this highly detailed RPG!

For more information about the game, visit the official Roblox page. If you’re looking for new games to play, take a look at our Type Soul Hollow guide, Type Soul Quincy guide, and Type Soul Shikai guide.

Type Soul Bankai Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Blood Bankai

  • Passive 1 – Bloodlust
    • Blood bar provides your character with regeneration and increases the fuel for your C ability
  • Passive 2 – Boiling Blood
    • When you parry an attack, the blood of your enemy will burst out of them, causing them to become stunned (this also restores your Bloodlust!)
  • Z Ability
    • A round slash, followed by a horizontal attack that can knock back and stun an enemy for an extended period of time
  • X Ability
    • Your character will surf on blood, which then launches you in the air if the blood hits an enemy – you can then attack them from above by slamming your blade down to deal damage and restore blood
  • C Ability
    • Summons a red light in your hands that enlarges your M1 ability – this drains blood quite fast, but it does regenerate your HP
  • V Ability
    • You dash forward while launching slashes of blood that grow into an AOE attack

Flame Bankai

  • Passive 1 – Scorching Slashes
    • M1 ability is coated in flame and can burn enemies
  • Passive 2 – Burn Step
    • When you flash step, you summon a large flame attack that masks the vision of you and your enemy
  • Passive 3 – Nefarious Phoenix
    • If you burn an enemy who is knocked, they will be resurrected as a zombie that follows you in battle
  • Worldbreaker (Z Ability)
    • Pound the ground 3 times to create tremors, the third hit will cause the ground to erupt, which knocks the enemy into the air

Ink Bankai

  • Passive 1 – Ink Defense
    • When you ink an enemy, they obtain a damage reduction debuff
  • Paint it Black (Z Ability)
    • Summon a shrine made from black ink that doubles the Reiatsu drain and increases the range of your M1 ability (also adds a 5th hit to your M1 attack!)
  • Black Ant (X Ability)
    • Applies a debuff to the enemy and causes your M1 ability to create large explosions when hitting an enemy
  • Nameless (C Ability)
    • Thrust forward while shooting ink, followed by a large slash which creates a cone-shaped ink attack (this stuns the enemy for a short period of time)

Bersek Bankai

  • Passive 1 
    • Limit Breaker receives 6 stacks of a damage increase buff – this happens when you successfully hit an enemy
  • Passive 2 – Berserk Critical
    • Uppercut the enemy followed by slamming them into the ground
  • Rushdown (Z Ability)
    • Charge forward and slam down
  • Rageful Leap (X Ability)
    • Punch the ground and leap into the air, followed by slamming into the ground
  • Painbringer (C Ability)
    • Grab your enemy and slam them into the ground

Confusion Bankai

  • Unseen Truth (Z Ability)
    • Rush an opponent with several clones – this also regenerates your Reiatsu and HP
  • Illusionary Enchant (X Ability)
    • A circular attack that buffs your M1 – flips the screen of your enemy with every attack
  • Reverse (C Ability)
    • Rewind the last 15 seconds

Water Bankai

  • Passive – Whirlpool
    • Create a whirlpool in which each move drags enemies in while draining their Reishi, Reiatsu, and Cero
  • Reverse Tide (Z Ability)
    • Creates a whirlpool that pulls enemies inside, followed by a wave of water that moves backwards and forwards
  • Geyser (X Ability)
    • Creates a whirlpool and places a geyser in the middle
  • Formless Typhoon (C Ability)
    • You grab your sword and swing it in a circular motion to deal large AOE attacks whilst also summoning 2 whirlpools
  • Gentle Veil (V Ability)
    • Turn into a water bubble and shoot our projectiles made of water

Ice Bankai

  • Passive 1 – Freeze the Wind
    • Enemies in a large AOE will be frozen and stunned for a short period of time
  •  Passive 2 – Everest Aura
    • A chilling aura will pulsate from the user and will freeze the enemy
  • Glaciality (Z Ability)
    • Leap into the air while summoning ice crystals that fire down toward the enemy while you fall back down (this freezes enemies as well as dealing damage!)
  • X Ability
    • You can teleport to the enemy, followed by an attack that freezes them – if the enemy’s HP is low enough, you can kill them with this move

Wind Bankai

  • Passive – Sharp Gale
    • Grants you the ability to use “Wind Arc” without the requirement of an enemy who is bleeding
  •  Conclave Silence (Z Ability)
    • Create a large tornado that can trap enemies inside a pillar
  • Warbios (X Ability)
    • Swip forward and summon a pillar of wind that falls down while dealing damage and stunning enemies

Creation Bankai

  • Stance Change
    • Switch between Offensive Mode and Defensive Mode
  • Auto Parry (Defensive Mode Move)
    • Tendrils fly around you while parrying all oncoming attacks
  • Z Ability
    • Create large aura slashes that constrict the enemy
  • X Ability
    • Thrust forward and create a chain that pulls all hit enemies in
  • C Ability
    • Kneel to the ground and create a myriad of spearheads that erupt (this deals damage and slows enemies down!)

Lightning Bankai

  • Blocker Box (Z Ability)
    • Project a lightning clone that only runs in one direction, followed by creating a box made from lighting
  •  X Ability
    • Cleave the surrounding area in front of you while creating a rift made from lightning that deals damage to enemies who touch it

Shadow Bankai

  • Hunting Grounds (Z Ability)
    • Throw claw attacks that apply the fear debuff to enemies (this also blinds them!)
  •  Shadow Garden (X Ability)
    • Create a domain that, when activated, grants you the ability to receive no damage
  • Shadow Snake (C Ability)
    • Attaches a snake to your body which can stun the enemy
  • Shadow Tendril (V Ability)
    • Attaches a tendril to your body that allows you to teleport


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