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Top Heroes: Beginners Guide and Tips

Top Heroes: Beginners Guide and Tips

Top Heroes is a multi-character exploration adventure game by the developers of Green Mushroom. The story begins when on a mysterious continent, a troubling dark force arises in power. The evilness threatens the peace of the continent including your village. Your mission is to courageously lead the warriors through forests, ancient ruins, and abandoned caves to defeat the dark force. You’ll have the assistance of magical creatures having unique capabilities in your journey. Therefore, let’s get into this Top Heroes: Beginners Guide and Tips piece where I’ll inform you about the gameplay and other vital features in detail. 

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Gameplay Overview

Top Heroes is an adventure game where the story follows the exploration route for victory. It revolves around a terrifying evil force that has emerged out of the blue to threaten the long-lived harmony. You as the leader with your unearthly heroes must work together to fight and reclaim the peace. There are a series of quests for all the players to progress in the game. 

For the gameplay, the quests in Top Heroes form a hub and the story is mostly driven by these missions. So, just follow the list to keep on completing the quests and you’ll be good to go.

Top Heroes: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Green Mushroom

The development of your village relies on the main building, the Castle. The other structures like the Tavern, Sawmill, and many more are inferior to the castle. As I’ve explained earlier, the key to a higher quality continent is through finishing your assigned tasks. 

The battles in the game also arise as a part of the quests. So, follow the cue to engage in fights There must be a team of four heroes with their unique skills to lend you a helping hand. You have a joystick on the screen to help in locomotion. Your character and your team of heroes will start attacking as soon as they see wild animals approaching. There’s no need for any sort of manual control. 

Top Heroes basics


The hero section holds a collection of heroes of all categories. You’ll be able to dissect the section into available and locked heroes. Here, every hero promotion will bring attribute bonuses to all heroes.

Top Heroes: Beginners Guide and TipsTop Heroes: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Green Mushroom

You can check the various lineups between the legendary characters that help defeat enemies easily. Apart from that, the section allows you to level up the heroes, promote them, advance their gear, and assign soldier units for handy. 


The Tavern is the summon section of the Top Heroes where you use recruit vouchers to recruit the heroes. You can check out the drop rates of each of the heroes to expect a better arrival of heroes. Two options in the Tavern read x1 Recruit and Recruit 5 times.

Top Heroes: Beginners Guide and TipsTop Heroes: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Green Mushroom

The respective number of recruit vouchers is required to call upon the heroes. You should activate or upgrade hero star levels to unlock corresponding heroes in the pool.


The Bag is the storage section of the game where you stack up resources for future usage. The materials that you can store in the Bag include Items, Resources, Hero shards, Gear, Rune, and Facility. The items have gold and silver chests, meat, stamina potions, Dice Exchange coins, leaves, and more.

Top Heroes: Beginners Guide and TipsTop Heroes: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Green Mushroom

You can count on the resources to have timber packs, stone packs, ruby packs, speed-ups, gear essence, and emblems. The rest of the materials are safe and you should efficiently manage them. 


The Quest space has three types of quests namely Rebuild Quest, Daily Quest, and Weekly Quest. You should finish the daily and weekly quests within the given time as the name suggests. The Rebuild Quest is, however, a set of missions of their own that involves the basic in-game activities.

Top Heroes: Beginners Guide and TipsTop Heroes: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via Green Mushroom

You should earn points by completing the rebuild quests and once you have sufficient points, you can claim your rewards. The chapter’s progress also depends on the rebuild quests. You can additionally witness a section namely World Quest in the village. 


Events are a separate section of missions that go on for a certain interval in the game. While some are permanent, some events also tend to be temporary. The game will assign you tasks in correspondence to which you’ll get the benefits.

Top Heroes beginners guide - EventsTop Heroes beginners guide - Events
Image via Green Mushroom

This section also inhabits the Troll Strike Pass which I’ll explain ahead in this Top Heroes beginners guide. You can also claim your daily sign-in rewards from the Event space itself. 

Troll Strikes Pass

The Troll Strike Pass resides in the Event section but is just as significant to mention separately. All you have to do is complete daily quests for this battle pass to earn pass points. The more points you earn, the more rewards you can get in your hands.

Top Heroes beginners guide- Troll Strikes PassTop Heroes beginners guide- Troll Strikes Pass
Image via Green Mushroom

Once you claim all the rewards, the game will grant you additional points that unlock a bonus chest. The Premium pass can be available only when you initiate a real-time purchase of the required amount. 


The guild is the clan section of the game or rather an alliance area in Top Heroes. There is a list of guild activities that can be fruitful to you ahead. You can view the other members of the guild as well as help them in their times of need. You should make donations of your resources to guild traits whenever you have the liberty of plenty of meat.

Top Heroes beginners guide-guildTop Heroes beginners guide-guild
Image via Green Mushroom

There’s a guild shop from where you can purchase Shields, Stamina Potions, Diamond, and other resources using Guild Points. The space also allows you to rally and go to wars with your guild members and defeat a common foe. 

Top Heroes Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Complete the World Quests

The World Quest is another one of the quest varieties you get to see in Top Heroes. The world quests give you tough challenges and the rewards you receive are equally valuable. As time goes on, you can stack up one round of world quests. You will earn reputation points that will add up to your world quest level. Higher levels provide more quests per round. I’d also suggest participating in the Treasure Grand attack up to five times daily to get great prizes. 

2. Keep Leveling up the Heroes

Heroes are one of the crucial elements in Top Heroes and it is vital to upgrade them for an easier win against the wild enemies. The promotion increases the overall attributes like Power, Attack, HP, Damage Reduction, and health of all heroes significantly. Their ability to command a large unit also improves with upgradation. The more stars the heroes acquire the tastier will be your victory in missions. 

3. Assign Units to Heroes

Just as the Heroes are important for fights, having a strong soldier unit by your heroes’ side is also necessary. You can assign the soldiers to a particular hero by tapping on Soldier and clicking on Quick Assign. The units assist your team of heroes fiercely and their strength gets contributed during fights. Also, the promotion of heroes enables more units indirectly ensuring greater power against wild animals

4. Upgrade the Troll Strikes Pass

The Troll Strikes Pass in the Events section is the permanent pass for this game. These are typically of two types—Free and Premium. The Premium pass requires you to pay in real cash for availability. While the rewards are more advanced, I’d not suggest you go down this road. The free pass solely provides sufficient currency and resources to develop your village. You must complete the daily quests to earn pass points and your Pass will level up and yield fruitful incentives. 

5. Donate to Guild Traits

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Guild is the alliance space, and donating to Guild Traits is a definite hit. The traits store the overall attributes of the guild and factors to take the alliance ahead. The leader expects a leap of faith and urges all members to contribute to the development of the guild. These trails include Bounty Hunter, Hero Attack, Store Size, Guild Exchange, and more. You can also help the other guild members build mutual trust and get repayment in your time of need. 

Final Thoughts

Top Heroes is an interesting adventure game where the evil force captures the peace of the continent. The protagonist i.e. you play as a brave leader to guide the special warriors to safeguard their home. This is a new-age adventure with a virtual outlook that has secrets you must unveil. The game has a fresh collection of heroes from three different cultures and each has magical abilities. You should unite with them and uproot the ultimate rival with all your might.

That’s all from us for the Top Heroes Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Top Heroes Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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