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Tokyo Debunker Beginners Guide and Tips

Tokyo Debunker Campus

Tokyo Debunker is an otome simulation game provided by ZigZaGame. In this game, you will immerse yourself in a world of mystery and adventure set in Tokyo, where you solve supernatural cases alongside your classmates. Your classmates have made pacts with demons, and together, you will explore Tokyo’s dark side. If you’re just starting in Tokyo Debunker, our Tokyo Debunker Beginners Guide is here to help you navigate the game and make the most out of your experience.

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Tokyo Debunker Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Building your Campus

Building your campus is a part of the game that involves managing different facilities like Classrooms, Rest Facilities, and Objects. As I built up my campus, I focused on leveling up these facilities quickly to maximize efficiency and these facilities should have an assigned character.

Classrooms generate Player EXP and Cash, and by assigning high-rarity Character Cards to them, I improved cash flow. Rest Facilities produce Inspiration Points, which I used to level up Classroom Reports and enhance cash generation.

Tokyo Debunker Campus
Image via ZigZaGame

Objects help boost the stats of my Character Cards, giving me an advantage in battles. I always tap the Balloon Cat anomaly when it appears in the sky to earn a large amount of Cash instantly. Also, pay attention to speech bubbles with ellipses above characters’ heads for conversations and rewards.

Stories in the Library

You can access the Main Story and Character Stories in the Library. The Main Story is the central narrative that introduces you to the game’s world and mysteries. I recommend starting with the Main Story as a new player because you receive rewards for each new chapter you read. You can also reread chapters as many times as you want.

Tokyo Debunker LibraryTokyo Debunker Library
Image via ZigZaGame

Character Stories let you learn more about each character by reading their personal stories. Unlock these stories by increasing your Affinity with each character, and you’ll get rewards for reading each new chapter. Just like the Main Story, you can reread Character Stories as often as you like.

Character Card

In Tokyo Debunker, Character Cards come in three rarity levels: R (low), SR (medium), and SSR (high). The higher the rarity, the better the stats and rewards across different game modes. When I get duplicate cards, they turn into Wish Stones, which I use to awaken the Character Card. Awakening the card boosts its stats and strengthens its Unique Skill.

Tokyo Debunker Character CardTokyo Debunker Character Card
Image via ZigZaGame

When leveling up Character Cards in Tokyo Debunker, you can use EXP Fruit to boost their stats. Once a card hits its level cap, you’ll need Limit Break Fruit to keep leveling it up further. To increase a card’s Potential, use Training Plans with Potential Drinks or Diamonds. This helps improve the card’s abilities and overall performance.

Solve Cases in Galaxy Express

In Tokyo Debunker, I’ve used the Galaxy Express to travel across Tokyo and solve supernatural cases. There are 200 cases to work through, and they get tougher as you go. I make sure to bring my strongest Character Cards in my Squad to take on the harder cases.

Tokyo Debunker Galaxy ExpressTokyo Debunker Galaxy Express
Image via ZigZaGame

Solving cases rewards you with items to power up your Character Cards, Warding Cards, and Equipment. You’ll also get Cash from the first 30 cases, which is useful for building your Campus. Once a case is solved, you can Investigate it again to earn more power-up items and Suitcases. You can Investigate up to three times a day, and the counter resets every day.

You can also use Investigation Tickets or Diamonds to add more Investigations. Sometimes you unlock Bonus Stages during cases, where you guide a cat to the end of a stage for a nice reward. If you don’t finish a Bonus Stage, you can still move on, and you can replay them as much as you want after unlocking them.

Joining Guild

Joining a guild in Tokyo Debunker adds a lot to your gameplay. It’s a fun way to work with other players to fill your Guild Aquarium with rare fish and photograph interesting cats for rewards. I’ve found that there are different roles within a guild, such as Captain, Vice-Captain, and Strategist, each with its own responsibilities.

Tokyo Debunker GuildTokyo Debunker Guild
Image via ZigZaGame

You can join an existing guild by applying to one from the list on your server, or you can create your own for 300 Diamonds. Being in a guild earns you Guild Medals through daily activities like fishing in the Stardust Pond and solving cases on the Galaxy Express. You can trade these Medals for items in the Guild Shop.

Tokyo Debunker Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Take advantage of bonus stages

Keep an eye out for Bonus Stages during Galaxy Express cases because they offer great rewards when you complete them. These stages involve guiding a cat by tapping the screen at the right time to reach the end of the stage. Successfully guiding the cat will earn you valuable items and resources.

2. Tap the Balloon Cat for instant cash

When you see the Balloon Cat anomaly floating in the sky, tap it immediately to earn a large amount of Cash instantly. This quick cash boost can be very helpful for building and upgrading your campus facilities, so keep an eye out for the Balloon Cat and take advantage of this easy source of funds whenever it appears.

3. Follow the main story first

Begin with the Main Story to understand the world and its mysteries. You’ll earn rewards for reading each chapter for the first time, and you can revisit them whenever you want. If you want to move faster and earn rewards quickly, you can skip the story chapters.

4. Complete cases on the Galaxy Express

Use your strongest Character Cards in Squads to solve supernatural cases on the Galaxy Express. When you complete cases, you earn items to power up your cards and equipment. Keep an eye out for tougher cases as you progress and make sure to adjust your Squad for the best chance of success.

5. Keep an eye on anomalous cats and fish

In your Guild Aquarium, catching anomalous fish and photographing the visiting cats can earn you rewards. The rarer the fish you catch, the more unusual and rare the cats that will come to visit. Make sure to check in regularly so you don’t miss any opportunities to photograph these unique cats and earn extra rewards

Final Thoughts

As you dive into the world of Tokyo Debunker, remember to take your time exploring its mysteries and mastering its mechanics. By following the tips and tricks in this guide, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the supernatural challenges ahead.

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