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The Intruder Guide – How to Complete All Maps – Gamezebo

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Searching for a The Intruder guide before you head into the horror game? It can be useful to know what to expect before diving in! Or maybe you’ve already entered the first house, but you were defeated – either way, this guide is here to walk you through every map.

The Intruder is a Roblox horror game that takes inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s, Dead by Daylight, and other popular franchises. Every map plays a little differently, with the main game mechanics focusing on watching security cameras (like in FNAF!).

For more information about The Intruder, visit the game’s official Roblox page. For more horror games on the platform, take a look at our Blair Roblox Ghosts guide, our Blair Roblox Codes guide, and our The Graveyard Experience Endings guide!

The Intruder Guide – All Maps

New content will be added in future game updates, so I’ll make sure to add walkthroughs for new maps once they are released! Every map in this guide at the moment is currently available in The Intruder.

First Map – The House

When you first start The Intruder, this will be the map you’ll load into! It’s the first map in the game and the only one that you can play through before unlocking the others. So, how do you complete this level?

You’ll hear a phone service explain the process of evading an intruder if they manage to get into your house. It’s your job to keep an eye on every camera throughout the house, allowing you to keep track of the intruder’s location.


  • 1 – Front door
  • 2 – The street outside
  • 3 – Living room
  • 4 – Stairs of the basement
  • 5 – The basement itself
  • 6 – The hallway
  • 7 – The backyard outside
  • 8 – This cam has an ‘error’ message
  • 9 – Ventilation
  • 10 – The room you’re in


  • Keep a close eye on the Hallway and Ventilator cameras (Cam 6 and Cam 9). If the intruder can be seen in these cams, they’re very close to where you are.
    • If the phone is broken when the intruder can be seen in Cam 6, you need to fix the phone as soon as possible before switching off the lights and hiding in the closet space. The reason you need to hide is because the intruder will walk into the room to try and find you! Stay completely still.
    • If you spot the intruder in Cam 9, this means the intruder is in the ventilation ducts. Switch the lights off straight away and do not move. Wait until you hear the vent close, signalling that they have moved away.

Second Map – The Mall

When you’ve completed the House map, you’ll unlock The Mall! This level has the same amount of cameras, but it’s a much larger space.


  • 1 – Hallway 1
  • 2 – Hallway 2
  • 3 – Escalators
  • 4 – The restaurant
  • 5 – Second floor of the mall
  • 6 – The parking lot
  • 7 – The shoe store
  • 8 – Janitor’s room
  • 9 – Hallway 3
  • 10 – The room you’re located in


  • Hallway 1 and Hallway 3 are the areas that you need to keep watch of (Cam 1 and Cam 9). When the intruder appears in these cams, they’re close by. Luckily, the room you’re in has lockers which you can hide in. When inside the lockers, do not move. Switching the lights off in this room isn’t necessary, so that’s one less step! You can switch them off if you wish to do so, but there’s a chance they’ll spot you if they look through the room’s window – it’s better to hide.
  • The intruder will either peer through the window of the room you’re in or they’ll open the door to explore the room.
  • If a camera has static, it means the intruder is on the move
    • A longer period of camera static means that the intruder is messing with Cam 8, which can lead to a power outage
    • Power outages require you to replace the fuses in the room you’re in
  • An unsettling noise that’s followed by a loud bang means that the intruder can now be seen in Cam 9

Third Map – Mineshaft

This level is a little different from the previous two! In fact, it’s very different. Instead of having to watch cameras, you need to fix generators. There are quick-time events that’ll pop up while you’re fixing a generator, and if you hear the intruder close by… hide! You can find lockers around the map.

When the in-game meter hits 100%, you have a total of 30 seconds to get to the escape lift. It’s best to avoid going to a generator that the intruder has only just broken, as this means the intruder is around the area.

Fourth Map – Psychiatric Hospital

When playing this map on Easy Mode, there will be 2 enemies in total – the intruder and ‘The Unhinged’. In other difficulty modes, there will be 3 enemies! Firstly, you need to open the gate by finding a silver key, before coming across a generator. You then realise that you need another key for a locked gate, but this time it’s golden. Find the gold key, unlock the game, and enter the next room.

You’ll spot a wrench that can be used to activate the generator. Now that the generator has power, you can head to the lift! Once the lift stops, head out to find the office room. This is where you’ll find the camera setup. After completing the camera-watching part of the level, it’s time to walk down the hallway to make your way to the basement. Beware though, as there are shapeshifters about!

Cameras Accessed Via the Office

  • 1 – North room
  • 2 – Storage room
  • 3 – East office hall
  • 4 – West office hall
  • 5 – The study room
  • 6 – West hallway
  • 7 – North hallway
  • 8 – East hallway
  • 9 – Ventilation
  • 10 – A cutscene used to distract


  • The cameras you need to focus on are Cam 3, Cam 4, and Cam 9.
    • When you spot the intruder or The Unhinged on either camera, make sure to switch off the light quickly and don’t move – especially if you hear the vent
  • The intruder will mostly appear on Cam 4 or Cam 9 to signal that they’re close to you
  • The Unhinged will appear on Cam 3, meaning they’re near your location
  • When shutting the office door, you have to time it correctly, as the door will automatically reopen after 5 seconds
  • There’s a possible third enemy if you play a difficulty mode higher than Easy, they are called The Vent Dweller
    • They appear on Cam 9 and will make a noise to alert you
    • Turn of the lights as soon as possible if you see them on the camera

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