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The complete VS Attack Mode Guide and Tips


In 2016/17, EA released the new edition of FIFA for mobile devices. The edition prior had a close resemblance to the console version, however, this new update brought changes that completely reshaped how EA Sports FC was played on the go. One of the aspects of the original FC Mobile still holds its own today – that is VS Attack.

Introducing the Basics of VS Attack mode

VS Attack is a fast-paced multiplayer mode in FC Mobile, which centers around how fast a player can convert a scoring chance into a goal. In 90 seconds, each player goes through a series of chances generated based on an overall comparison to the other player. Whoever scores the most until the timer stops will come out as the winner.

On paper, VS Attack is not a complicated mode at all. Those who are experienced with it know that it is incredibly tough to master though. In reality, it isn’t all about being skilled at scoring chances. VS Attack is also about planning the right team and most importantly, keeping the correct mentality. We have compiled a complete guide on VSA, looking at each of those 3 aspects in great detail. Hopefully, this will make the trek to the FC Champion rank much easier.

Building the Champion Team for FC Mobile VS Attack mode

Before doing anything actually in the mode, the first thing to do is to get a good formation and a set of players that work well in VSA. As chances are distributed based on the team overall it is a little trickier to do the squad-building process. It is important to get each card into its optimal position, whilst also considering skill boosts.

Image via Electronic Arts

Note: The cards suggested in this section of the guide are all aimed at the high-level squads. For those who are not at that level yet, the suggested cards may not apply. In this case, use the tips and information as best as possible to identify lower-budget/easy-to-obtain cards from the market/events. These will be enough to navigate through the early stages and eventually get towards the World Class/Legendary ranks.

Best Formations for VS Attack mode

The best VSA formations have multiple attacking positions (ST, CAM, CF, LW, RW, and possibly LM/RM). The attackers will be the ones most involved in the goalscoring, so having as many of these as possible can be useful.

There isn’t any need to worry about the defense just yet, it’s difficult to control how the defense performs on the opponent’s screen and the formation will barely make any difference. Below are some good VSA formations to consider.

  • 3-4-3 Diamond
  • 3-5-2
  • 4-1-2-1-3 Wide
  • 4-2-4
  • 4-3-3 Attack
FC Mobile FormationsFC Mobile Formations
Image via Electronic Arts

At the end of the day, it all boils down to preference. Some players may prefer scoring goals with a 4-3-3 Attack formation, rather than a 3-5-2, for example. Additionally, some players may have a lethal CAM in their club already, so it makes sense to make use of that. It may be good to try multiple formations and see which works best.

Best Goalkeepers for VSA

In previous seasons, goalkeepers played a key role in VSA. Certain cards were much better than others at making saves and defending the goal. This does not feel the case in this season of FC Mobile though. Every goalkeeper card feels pretty much the same.

Whilst there are rumors that some cards have an edge, it is not certain, so it is alright to assume that all keepers are equal in quality. Instead of stats, look for:

EA Sports FC Mobile Best Goalkeepers (GK) coverEA Sports FC Mobile Best Goalkeepers (GK) cover
Image via Electronic Arts

Therefore there isn’t any particular stat that determines how well a GK would perform as it mostly depends on the gameplay of the card so we’ll straight away list a few GKs that work wonders. Here are some examples in our list of the best Goal Keepers in the game. Remember we’ve only included the GKs that are reasonably priced and provide great value for how much they’re worth.

Best Defenders for VSA

Getting the center-backs right is practically the only way to get a bit of control over the defense in VSA. It’s important to invest good money here, to ensure the backline is as solid as it can be. CBs either come in twos or threes, but with both, it’s important to get the best combination. Below are some of the key qualities to look out for, and the strategy is to get a CB combination that can tick off each of these qualities.

  • Height
  • Strength
  • Acceleration
  • Aggression
  • Marking
  • Standing/Sliding Tackling

To get the strongest centre-backs, go through our list of best Defenders in the game.

Best Midfielders for VSA

CAMs can be great assets to use during VSA matches, as they have the space to both score and create goals. There is a lot to ask of these cards, but luckily there are a few good options that can fit very well. The main qualities to look out for in CAMs are:

  • Agility
  • Dribbling
  • Finishing
  • Weak Foot
  • Long Shots
  • Shot Power
FC Mobile Best young players coverFC Mobile Best young players cover
Image via Electronic Arts

If you like playing more with creative attacking mids, and are looking for one, check our list of best attacking midfielders to have in your squad.

Best Wide Players for VSA

Almost every formation in FC Mobile will have either winger (LW and RW), or wide midfielder (LM and RM), or sometimes even both. It is much easier to carry the ball across the wide areas of the pitch as opposed to through the center, as fewer defenders are in the way.

This is why wide players are so popular amongst VSA teams and they can be lethal goal-scorers and providers. Since they will be doing a lot of dribbling, these players will need to be quick and sharp. In addition, they will need to be efficient in and around the box to keep the goals running from each VSA chance. Below are the key qualities to look for in wingers and wide midfielders.

  • Pace
  • Dribbling
  • Agility
  • Weak Foot
  • Finishing
  • Shot Power
  • Long Shots

It’s a long list, but fortunately, many wingers on the market are good for VSA. As pacey wingers are a must for any VSA team, go through our list of the fastest wingers to choose for your team.

FC Mobile Wingers Mid Vinicius Game Guide CoverFC Mobile Wingers Mid Vinicius Game Guide Cover
Image via Electronic Arts

Best Forwards for VSA

The striker is one of the most important players to many football teams. They are expected to finish chances efficiently whenever they are on the pitch and contribute to victory with their goals. VSA is all about finishing chances, which is exactly why strikers are crucial in this mode. The most important stats when picking a striker are:

  • Weak Foot
  • Finishing
  • Shot Power
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Dribbling
  • Balance

The list of Strikers is the longest, and therefore check our list of FC Mobile’s most in-form Strikers who can score goals from every single angle of the pitch.

FC Mobile VS Attack Guide: Squad-Building Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t worry too much about the other positions

We have missed out on some positions above, such as the LB, RB, CDM, and CM, as these are lower priorities. The LB, RB, and CDM will do a bit of defending, but your usual cards in these positions are sufficient. Similarly, the CM might contribute sometimes in attacking chances, but whatever card you normally use there should do the job. It is advised to invest in the other positions first as they are a higher priority.

In VSA, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing an attacker mis-hit a shot when in desperate need of a goal. A 5* weak foot can be a game-changer here since attackers can be trusted to shoot properly regardless of where the ball falls. If possible, try to get as many 5* weak foot attackers as possible or 4* at least.

3. Try different cards to see what works best

It’s easy to cram popular cards and high overall ratings into one team, but at the end of the day, it’s all about suiting a play style. Everybody has their play style, and as a result, some cards may perform better in one team than in another. Try multiple cards, perhaps of different styles as well, in each position, and eventually one will click. Testing cards in ranked modes can be risky, so use the unranked option instead.

4. Judge defenders based on experience playing against them

There may be a defender you faced in a previous game that was difficult to dribble past or just performed well in general. It’s difficult to judge how your defenders will perform in VSA, but using experience is a good way to estimate. Before a match when the line-ups are showing, remember who the defenders are and keep an eye on how they perform against your attack. Maybe you’re looking at your future center-back!

5. Ask someone else to play against your defense

There is the option to challenge a friend to a friendly online match. Ask someone if they could play against your team in a VSA friendly, to see how the defense performs. In return, you could test their defense for them as well. In this case, it’s less about what the result of the match is, and more about finding weak spots in each other’s defense.

Reaching the VS Attack FC Champions in FC Mobile

Having a good team will make a massive difference in VSA, but how you control those cards in-game is also important. This is an easy game mode to understand, so most players can jump on without needing any kind of experience. With time, one will naturally improve but we have collated some ideas and strategies which can provide an edge.

1. Picking Team Skill Moves

Team Skill Moves are a new feature in FC Mobile, where it is possible to set four skill moves to then use with any player in-game where applicable. Skill moves are bought from the in-game shop, and there are a bunch of different ones on offer.

The complete VS Attack Mode Guide and TipsThe complete VS Attack Mode Guide and Tips
Image via Electronic Arts

Keep in mind that each card has a skill move rating, which enables them to do some skill moves but not others. Personal preference plays a part when choosing skill moves, but some have proven to be very useful. If you’re unsure, a good selection of 4 moves is:

  • Lane Change
  • Ball Roll
  • Rainbow
  • Open-Up Fake Shot

Don’t forget to use them in-game, but don’t overuse them either. If too many are done successively, the player could lose the ball and then that’s the chance wasted.

Note: Roulette is another great skill move but a lot of cards have roulette as the primary skill move anyway, hence why it is not included as an additional team skill move.

2. Picking the roles for set pieces

In past seasons, the game would automatically choose set-piece takers, and that would create some annoying situations. Fortunately, we now have control of who does what, so it is advised to make good use of this.

FC Mobile VSA Set-Piece TakersFC Mobile VSA Set-Piece Takers
Image via Electronic Arts

When setting the different players for set pieces, certain stats, in particular, are important to that role. In the context of VS Attack, only two set pieces matter – free kicks and penalties. Make sure to set the player with the best Free Kicks stat for free kicks and the best Penalties stat for penalties.

3. Beating defenders on Dribbles

Sometimes, the most convenient way to progress the ball in VSA chances is by beating defenders on dribble. This is almost a minigame in itself and there are a variety of options to do this.

Using Skill Moves

When using skill moves near defenders, you might notice the defender remains still for a short time after – this is called “stunning“. The idea is all about timing, play the skill move when the attack is about one step away from the defender.

Better defenders are harder to stun, as they require more precise timing. The best skill moves to stun defenders are the Roulette and the Lane Change, other moves work too but these are the most proven. If done properly, stunning is the best way of beating defenders on dribble.

Using Speed Dribbling

With quick and agile players, using speed dribbling is another good way to get past defenders. To do this, simply hold the sprint button and use the joystick to dribble. When changing direction, let go of the sprint button then turn, then carry on holding the sprint button.

FC Mobile VSA introFC Mobile VSA intro
Image via Electronic Arts

Target areas of space like on the wing or gaps between defenders, and combine speed dribbling with skill moves to stun defenders as well. Only do this with the cards that have smooth and fluid dribbling, since otherwise, it will be more frustrating than useful.

Using Fake Shots

The Fake shot is a very useful skill to throw off defenders and goalkeepers. In addition to that, fake shots can also stun defenders and can give the attacker a small boost in acceleration when turning. When inside the box, use the fake shot to change direction and this could open up some space to take a quick shot at the goal. Cards that have a 5* weak foot are especially useful here since they can easily change direction without worrying about the foot used to shoot.

4. Understanding the different types of shots

There are a few different types of shots to use in VS Attack and each has different benefits and uses.

Power Shots

Hold the shoot button to about half or more power to take a powerful driven shot. If using swipe controls, draw a quick straight line in the direction of the goal. For power shots, using buttons usually works better. This works best for cards that have high shot power and finishing stats.

Well-charged power shots are difficult to save for goalkeepers and end the chance quickly too so are very useful in VSA. Before taking power shots, take a touch since the player might mis-hit the shot if it is taken first-time. Also, avoid taking power shots when at an angle since it can be easier for goalkeepers to close down the angle. Power shots when facing the goal are the most effective.

Finesse Shots

Drag the shoot button down and hold it there to charge to about half power to take a finesse shot. If using swipe controls, draw a curve from the ball to the far corner, bending away from the goal. For finesse shots, swiping might be better, but buttons are also as well most of the time. These are curved shots that bend around the goalkeeper and are aimed at the far corners.

Image via Electronic Arts

Finesse shots work best when taken at an angle, and when the attacker has good finishing and curve stats. Make sure there are no defenders in the way of the finesse shot since sometimes they can block it – finesse shots are not as quick as power shots, so can be intercepted.

Chip Shots

Chip shots aren’t usually good in VS Attack, but in some Great Chances, they are a decent option. Pull the shot button up to take a chip shot, or tap on the goal line – the latter is usually more effective. Only take chip shots if the goalkeeper is significantly far off his line and there is lots of open space between the keeper and the goal. Since the situation for a chip shot is quite specific, it’s probably better to just avoid these types of shots as a whole.

5. Understanding the Chance Distribution

Chance distribution has been a cause of frustration for players in VSA. Sometimes, it all comes down to luck, which is why it is easy to get hard done by the quality of chances. However, understanding how it works can make some small differences. After all, it is these small differences that build up to make the bigger picture. Chances are distributed based on the team overall. Better numbers equal better quality of chances. There are four types of chances in total: Basic, Good, and Great.

Image via Electronic Arts

Great Chances

The game will come up with a banner saying “Great Chance” whenever they come up, so it’s difficult to miss. These chances are as easy as they get and should be converted every time. Since there are often opportunities where attackers are outnumbering defenders, the aim should be to finish them as quickly as possible.

In most cases, it is possible to take just a few touches before pulling off a shot. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of rapidly firing through these – avoid skill moves or more than two passes as that would give time for other defenders to track back.

Good Chances

These are easier than Basic chances but not as easy as Great chances. Good chances are usually evenly matched situations (equal number of defenders and attackers) so it might take a bit of work to get the ball into a shooting position. In most cases, it is possible to beat one or two defenders before getting into a shooting position.

Basic Chances

These are tough to deal with which is why for the sake of time, it is sometimes better to just waste the chance instantly. If played correctly, it’s possible to get into a shooting position with a few well-timed passes, or by beating 3/4 players on dribble successively, and it could take the same length of time as a Good chance would.

However, the chances of perfecting this move every time aren’t high, and all it takes is one slip-up and that’s time wasted in addition to the chance wasted. Wasting the chances means there isn’t the possibility of wasting that bit of time as well To quickly waste a chance, just hold the lobbed pass button and point to the touchline to boot the ball away.

Counter Chances

These are flipped scenarios where your team defends against the other teams’ AI-controlled attack. If in this kind of situation, the opposition’s team is probably just a lot better, hence the great difference in chance quality. In such cases, just do as best as possible to defend the counter, and try your best. Don’t let defeat get to your head since it is genuinely tough to win in those kinds of games.

6. Dealing with Momentum/Scripting

Momentum, otherwise known as Scripting, is the idea in FC Mobile that the VS attack game shifts the balance to give either an advantage or a disadvantage. For example, if on a winning streak, the theory says players will start performing worse than normal to balance the streak out.

On the flip side, when on a losing streak, players seem to perform better. Keep in mind that this is a myth, and whilst there are signs of this existing, it’s difficult to say for sure. Sometimes, players might take random heavy touches or might mis-hit shots which they don’t usually mis-hit.

Dealing with this can be quite annoying. The best tip is to take regular breaks where possible to keep refreshed. It’s easy to make silly mistakes after playing lots of games consecutively. Staying calm and composed every game is key to winning – an aggressive playstyle is not sustainable and will only lead to more frustration. The gameplay in VSA is not perfect but that is part of the challenge of reaching FC Champion in VS Attack.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for the guide to FC Champion in VS Attack mode of FC Mobile. It is not an easy task at all, but with the right planning, it can certainly be made a bit easier. Constructing the team takes a bit of thinking but it is satisfying when the result works out well.

The team is not all there is to it though, there is a range of different ways to approach the different chances in VSA, and getting used to them can make a big difference. However, the FC Mobile gameplay is frustrating and we have all had some irritating experiences playing VS Attack at some point. It’s important to not get frustrated with this though, make sure to keep a cool head and keep taking regular breaks to remain refreshed. Good luck!

Did you find this guide on the FC Mobile VS Attack Mode helpful? Do let us know in the comments.

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