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The complete guide to building a Quick Counter squad

Quick Counter tactic

Over the past couple of years, KONAMI’s popular football franchise has taken a different and fresh approach to the tactical side of the game with eFootball 2024. The introduction of Manager tactics and the training and progression system for the players is a big positive. As a result, team building this year becomes more enjoyable and can assist players in selecting a team of their choice. Quick Counter, previously named Counter Attack, is one of the manager tactics in eFootball 2024, and it’s not a stretch to say that the majority of players use it.

Introducing the Quick Counter tactic

Quick Counter is the Counter Attack tactic in eFootball. The style is basically to swallow the offense from the opponent and then on the ball, have the players attack and rush forward by any type of Build Up, Long or Short. The defense plays high and aggressively to press and pressure constantly. The striker plays near the opponent’s last line of defense, looking to make runs behind the defense.

Quick Counter tactic
Image via KONAMI

The ability to quickly transition from defense to attack while in formation is one of the most important characteristics of a Quick Counter tactic. Teams try to advance quickly with their pace during a quick break and with players off the ball. During the attack, teams would have little time with the ball, with attackers bombing forward directly to the goal.

Selecting players for a Quick Counter playstyle

Selecting players for Quick Counter will be based on their characteristics. Players should understand how they can form their team and then build it accordingly. Picking players as per their stats is also great, but you need to check their traits, the best ones, and confirm whether they can be the best choice for a certain position.


  • Main Attributes: Speed, Offensive Awareness, Dribbling, Balance

Attackers in a Quick Counter system in eFootball 2024 are frequently regarded as the most important. Most of the match outcomes are determined by them, and a fully functional front three that adapts well to this tactic is a joy to play with.

Forwards for Quick CounterForwards for Quick Counter
An example of a front three setup (Image via KONAMI)

Strikers need to be having good Offensive Awareness along with lethal Finishing. Always choose a striker with First-time Shot skills. Passing need not be high, but make sure Ball Control is decent.

  • Best Strikers for Quick Counter: Mbappe, Haaland, Vlahovic

Pace and Dribbling will make your attack very efficient. This will help them skip past defenders, and most often catch defenders out of position which will help you then create an opening to score more goals.

  • Best Wingers for Quick Counter: Salah, Son, Coman


  • Main Attributes: Stamina, Low Pass, Lofted Pass, Ball Control

One offense-heavy midfielder should be present always, for that extra effort in counters. If he’s down on Stamina, the other two need to be active more, so it’ll be very important to keep players with high stamina.

Midfielders Midfielders
A three-man offensively leaned midfield (Image via KONAMI)

Use good passers/creative mids with a touch of Finishing. Especially with formations having two center forwards, the fourth midfield will be very important, so he shall fill in that attacker role during the offensive transitions.

  • Best Attacking Midfielders for Quick Counter: Bruno Fernandes, Griezmann

Creativity need not be their best trait, but Stamina and being trustworthy on the ball during possession are a must. They should also be good workhorses, which means can provide balance in both.

  • Best Central Midfielders for Quick Counter: Frenkie De Jong, Goretzka

Playstyle will matter in certain formations, but always have physical defensive mids so that you can bully the opponent while pressing and shouldering. The ability to hit long shots can be a bonus and should be flexible with their position.

  • Best Defensive Midfielders for Quick Counter: Tchouameni, Casemiro, Kante


  • Main Attributes: Defensive Awareness, Interception, Physical Contact, Tackling

The defensive line is high here, just like Possession Game, so again defenders with good awareness are a must. Too aggressive, however, might open your defense and can be easily passed through, so try to maintain the line. Defenders must be quick enough to make dangerous but clean tackles near the attacking third.

Defenders Defenders
An example of defensive line setup (Image via KONAMI)

Counter-attacking fullbacks need not be specific, but they should be good at 1v1 defending and also contribute to the attack. So a mix of both is suggested.

  • Best Fullbacks for Quick Counter: Lucas Hernandez, Robertson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Pavard

Centrebacks should be quick enough to track back, along with the good aerial ability to clear and handle crosses. Ball playing ability should be there too so that they can provide good distribution. However, in the defensive line, one player with that ability is enough.

  • Best Centrebacks for Quick Counter: Virgil van Dijk, Marquinhos, Sule


  • Main Attributes: GK Awareness, GK Parrying, GK Reflexes

The defensive line is high, but sometimes the defense will have to sit deep and defend. So using either an Offensive or Defensive Goalkeeper will not matter. However, make note of the traits mentioned.

  • Best Goalkeeper for Quick Counter: Donnarumma, Oblak, Courtois

Formation Game


One of the best counterattack formations is the 4-3-1-2. With two forward options upfront, the formation is very central-oriented and can be lethal with two fast strikers with good finishing. A Creative Striker + Poacher would be very ideal, and sitting behind them should be a Hole Player AMF for operating in the space.

4-3-1-2 eFootball 2023 Quick Counter4-3-1-2 eFootball 2023 Quick Counter
Image via GamingonPhone

Backline and midfield might vary, but have an Orchestrator in the Double Pivot for more flexibility and moving the ball forward with an aggressive DMF. For the defense, A Build-Up defender with Extra Frontman is also effective. You can have a defensive fullback who can cover gaps behind you if necessary on one side with an attacking fullback.


A more offensive structure to the traditional 4-3-3, the 4-1-2-3 is a very good Quick Counter formation, with two attacking midfielders being the source of attack-heavy counters. The front three can be of any play style, but a suggestion to remember is that do not overlap the playstyles, say don’t use two Creative Playmakers. Have different playstyles for different positions.

4-1-2-3 eFootball 2023 Quick Counter4-1-2-3 eFootball 2023 Quick Counter
Image via GamingonPhone

Keep a deep-lying midfielder at DMF, so that he stays in position and doesn’t move forward to create a hole in the defense. Backline is up to your liking, keep one aggressive tackler and one good distributor to get the best out of this formation.

There are other good formations for Quick Counter, among which is the 5-3-2 which is really good for defending deep and handling crosses as well. Players can try this too with ease.


Players can choose the members of their squad based on their preferences. Our goal is to have a well-oiled team that produces results and can compete with any other team. There is no such thing as a perfect team, because we may struggle to break down an opponent and then lose focus. Player styles should be considered because they can make or break a game.

Overall, in my opinion, Quick Counter in eFootball 2024 is lethal when it comes to attacking, as it is great for fluid ball movement and fast-paced attacking strategies. Players who like to be more dominant on the attack while giving up possession would enjoy this, without a doubt.

What are your thoughts on this guide for building a Quick Counter Squad in eFootball 2024? Let us know in the comments below.

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