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The Complete Gacha System Guide

Solo Leveling Arise Gacha rates

Solo Leveling: ARISE is the highly anticipated mobile action RPG that chronicles Sung Jin-woo’s quest to become the world’s most formidable hunter. After investing several hours into the game, I’ve explored its draw system and grasped its gacha mechanics. This Solo Leveling: ARISE Gacha System Guide is designed to elucidate how the gacha system operates in the game, including its drop rates and other essential aspects.

Netmarble unveiled the official Solo Leveling: ARISE website in March 2023 and recently announced early access for players located in Canada and Thailand. Moreover, players can utilize redemption codes to unlock exclusive rewards and access resources such as the beginner’s guide, reroll guide, element guide, class guide, and hunter tier list, all of which are crucial for starting your adventure. Lastly, make sure to check out my first impressions of the game and the roadmap unveiled for 2024.

Solo Leveling: ARISE Gacha System Explained

In Solo Leveling: ARISE’s Gacha System, the highest-tier character or weapon you can acquire is an SSR Hunter or Weapon. The game boasts a diverse array of hunters, each excelling in their unique specialties. Notably, the Gacha System primarily focuses on acquiring hunters belonging to different classes and elements for a variety of characters. Moreover, certain hunters can be obtained in various rarities, such as SSR or SR.

Solo Leveling Arise Gacha rates
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As you advance through the main story quests, Solo Leveling: ARISE strategically introduces specific characters and teams pivotal to particular story events. This method ensures a cohesive and immersive narrative experience while underscoring the significance of assembling the right team and employing strategic tactics. Below are the drop rates for hunters and weapons of different rarities in Solo Leveling: ARISE:


The Gacha system in Solo Leveling: ARISE features more common R and SR rarity drops, while SSR items are the rarest and hardest to obtain. The drop rates, at 1.2% for SSR items, are better than some games with lower rates but are still average. Since both Hunters and Weapons are included in the same banner, the chance of getting a Hunter decreases significantly compared to getting a weapon.

Overall, while the rates for Solo Leveling: ARISE banners are decent, the inclusion of both characters and weapons impacts the actual chances of obtaining a Hunter.

What is the Pity in Solo Leveling: Arise

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, the Pity mechanic is referred to as Draw Support. This system ensures that you have a guaranteed chance of obtaining an SSR item after a certain number of draws. Specifically, the SSR guarantee kicks in after 80 total draws, ensuring that you will receive at least one SSR item within that timeframe.

Moreover, the chances of obtaining an SSR item greatly increase as you approach the 64-draw mark. This means that you have a higher likelihood of obtaining an SSR item before reaching the 80-draw threshold.
Starting from the 64th draw onward, each subsequent draw grants you a 5.8% higher chance of obtaining an SSR item. This incremental increase continues until you reach the guaranteed SSR drop at the 80th draw.

Solo Leveling: ARISE Selection Draw

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, there’s something called Selection Draw that helps you get better items. You can change this list anytime you want, which is handy. The Draw Support is also cool because it guarantees you’ll get a special item after 80 tries. And starting from the 64th try, your chances of getting that special item increase a little bit each time.

Solo Leveling Arise Selection DrawSolo Leveling Arise Selection Draw
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When you do get that special item with the Draw Support, the game splits the chances evenly among a few different special items. This makes sure everyone has a fair shot at getting something good. It also has a rate-up list where which feature increases the likelihood of getting SSRs from the Selection List, and you have the flexibility to change the Selection List whenever you want.

Selection Draw Rate Up List

The Selection Draw Rate Up List in Solo Leveling: ARISE is a special list that makes it easier to get rare items or characters when you do draws. It includes powerful SSR hunters like Hwang Dong Su, Lim Tae Gyu, Baek Yoonho, and more. This list also lets you choose an SSR weapon if you prefer that.

Solo Leveling Arise Rate up listSolo Leveling Arise Rate up list
Image via Netmarble

What’s cool is that this list can be changed anytime. So, you can choose the one you want based on your own preferences or ownership, keeping things fresh and exciting. It’s a great way to boost your chances of getting something awesome in the game and gives you more options to customize your experience.

Solo Leveling: ARISE The Ultimate Draw

Solo Leveling: ARISE introduces The Ultimate Draw banners featuring limited-time hunters. These banners provide an opportunity to acquire these hunters through luck and specific pulls, but they are only available for a limited period. However, the game does not guarantee a 100% chance of obtaining a limited-time SSR Hunter, which can be disappointing for players.

Solo Leveling ARISE gachaSolo Leveling ARISE gacha
Image via Netmarble

Like many other gacha games, Solo Leveling: ARISE follows a system where players initially have a 50% chance of not getting the limited-rate up character. If they don’t get it the first time, their chances increase for the next SSR draw until they do receive the limited-rate up character. While this system is common in gacha games, it’s still unfortunate to see it in Solo Leveling: ARISE.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Solo Leveling: ARISE’s gacha system offers various ways to obtain powerful items and characters, including SSR hunters and weapons. While some aspects like the Selection Draw Rate Up List increase your chances, there’s still a bit of luck involved, especially with limited-time banners. Overall, it’s a fun and engaging system that is common in most games nowadays.

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