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The Complete Equipment Guide and Tips

honor of kings physical equipment

Honor of Kings is Level Infinite’s latest Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game which has recently been released for the global audience. It is the most-played mobile MOBA title, with over 100 million daily player counts in Mainland China. Just like most MOBA games, Honor of Kings also offers the equipment or items mechanics for the players. There are a total of six types of equipment available for the players. In today’s guide, we will discuss the basics of this equipment and the best builds for each hero class.

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Introducing Equipment in Honor of Kings

In Honor of Kings, there is an equipment mechanic by which the heroes can receive a significant advantage in combat. Equipment or items are attributes that must be bought using the coins farmed during the match by the players.

This equipment will then provide the heroes with several stat buffs to gain a better competitive advantage. As players advance through the game, they must unlock equipment from various tiers to gain access to more powerful items. Each player can carry up to six pieces of equipment in their inventory during battle.

Types of Equipment in Honor of Kings


honor of kings physical equipment
Image via Level Infinite

Physical equipment buffs the hero’s ability to deal more damage to their enemies and move faster while attacking. This equipment benefits heroes from the Marksman, Assassin, and Fighter classes. Among the most effective physical equipment available are the Doomsday, Bloodweeper, Axe of Torment, Eternity Blade, Shadow Ripper, and others.


honor of kings magic equipmenthonor of kings magic equipment
Image via Level Infinite

Magical equipment can buff both the attack and damage of a hero. The Mage and Support classes of heroes can especially take advantage of the magic equipment, such as the Sceptor of Reverberation, Savant’s Wrath, Mask of Agony, Twilight Stream, and Void Staff.


honor of kings defense equipmenthonor of kings defense equipment
Image via Level Infinite

Defensive equipment boosts the defensive statistics of a hero, increasing their ability to withstand damage and survive longer in battle. The defensive equipment will mostly benefit the Tank, Support, and Fighter heroes. The most powerful among all equipment are Blazing Cape, Ominous Premonition, Glacial Buckler, Spikemail, Succubus Cloak, and more.


honor of kings movement equipmenthonor of kings movement equipment
Image via Level Infinite

With the help of the movement equipment, the heroes can move more quickly, allowing them to chase, flee, or rotate around the map effectively. This particular equipment can be helpful for all classes of heroes. There are seven movement equipment: Boots of Fortitude, Boots of Resistance, Boots of Tranquility, Boots of the Arcane, Boots of Dexterity, Boots of Deftness, and Lightfoot Shoes.


honor of kings jungling equipmenthonor of kings jungling equipment
Image via Level Infinite

The jungling equipment is perfect for assisting a jungle in killing monsters and farming gold from the lanes. Some powerful jungling equipment is Runeblade, Rapacious Bite, Giant’s Grip, and Flaming Wrath.


honor of kings roaming equipmenthonor of kings roaming equipment
Image via Level Infinite

The roaming equipment buffs the hero’s roaming attributes. This equipment is well suited for Support and Tank-class heroes. Extreme Shadow, Guardian’s Glory, Wings of Redemption, Howling Emblem, and Starspring are some of the most powerful roaming equipment.

Best Equipment build for each Hero Class in Honor of Kings

There are no specific builds for all six classes of heroes. The perfect equipment build can vary from hero to hero and their particular playstyle. However, we will still go through some pretty decent equipment build for each class of heroes.


  1. Boots of Dexterity
  2. Sparkforged Dagger
  3. Eternity Blade
  4. Bloodweeper
  5. Daybreaker
  6. Doomsday


  1. Boots of Resistance
  2. Axe of Torment
  3. Glacial Buckler
  4. Master Sword
  5. Eternity Blade
  6. Sky Dome


  1. Boots of Resistance
  2. Axe of Torment
  3. Frostcar’s Embrace
  4. Spikemail
  5. Longnight Guardian
  6. Cuirass of Savagery


  1. Rapacious Bite
  2. Boots of Resistance
  3. Axe of Torment
  4. Spikemail
  5. Master Sword
  6. Siege Breaker


  1. Boots of the Arcane
  2. Scepter of Reverberation
  3. Savant’s Wrath
  4. Insatiable Tome
  5. Void Staff
  6. Tome of Wisdom


  1. Guardian’s Glory
  2. Boots of Fortitude
  3. Glacial Buckler
  4. Succubus Cloak
  5. Ominous Premonition
  6. Overlord’s Platemail

Honor of Kings Guide: Best EquipmentBbuild Tips and Tricks

Selecting the right equipment for the hero is a must to gain the most out of the equipment during a battle. Each hero can require different sets of equipment depending on their class and playstyle. So finding the right equipment can always be a very challenging task.

There is nothing called a perfect build for any hero. It all depends on the player’s experience and skills. To choose the best-suited equipment, a thorough analysis of each hero’s abilities and skills has to be done. A player can find out which equipment he needs only after he understands what his hero is capable of doing on the battlefield. They can also refer to the builds from several content creators or pro players.

honor of kings gameplayhonor of kings gameplay
Image via Level Infinite

When choosing an item build, it is crucial to prioritize equipment that will benefit the team during the match and be most effective against the enemy heroes. For example, players should use magical equipment if the opposing team has more marksman or fighter-class heroes. Similarly, if the opponent team has more mages, players should use defense equipment.

What are your thoughts on the best equipment build in Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comments below.

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