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The Best Towers In Bloons TD 6



  • Gamers should pick a tower that fits their strategy to level up and create unique builds that others may not consider.
  • The best towers in Bloons TD 6 are the ones that have the best return on investment when facing tough balloons.
  • New towers continually add new methods for success, making the game evolve with each update.



Everybody is permitted to have a favorite tower in Bloons TD 6. Part of the charm is using knowledge points and experience to level up towers that fit just right with the given player’s strategy. This results in some creative builds and tactics that many might not consider.


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However, once gamers get serious about Bloons TD 6, there is a clear divide between powerful towers and others that are lacking. There is not enough cash to have a favorite tower if that tower isn’t also one of the best. When the going gets hard, these are the towers that have the best return on investment when it comes to popping the toughest balloons.

Updated on February 29, 2024, by Chris Harkin: Bloons TD 6 is a game that is continually evolving with new updates, leading to all sorts of new ideas and new uses for different towers. New towers have recently been introduced, changing the nature of the game and bringing whole new methods for success in certain challenges and event types. Bosses and other major events all need different sorts of towers, which means that players have to keep tabs on what each tower is capable of doing. With other new towers planned in upcoming updates, it is unlikely that gamers will ever have to wait long to see something new.

12 Banana Farm

The Money-Making Hack

Bloons TD 6 Banana Farm Upgrade Trees

  • Primarily Used For Making Money
  • Cannot Pop Bloons

This would probably be near the top of the list if it weren’t for the modes that disabled the Banana Farm. Why is it disabled? Because the extra cash it provides is out of control. Many upgrades aren’t affordable without a few of these planted toward the middle rounds.

If it seems like too much hassle, players can feel free to select the upgrades that automatically collect the bananas for them. About four or five of these are plenty for gamers to build whatever they want in 80 to 100-round matches. Players sometimes debate over which path is the best for the Banana Farm because they’re all great.

11 Wizard Monkey

Good For Everything

Bloons TD 6 Wizard Monkey Paths

  • Can Do Different Types Of Damage Per Path
  • Easy Tower To Start With & All Tier 5’s Are Excellent

The Wizard Monkey checks a lot of boxes for what makes a tower “good.” It’s got nice damage and range as well as some damage over time abilities that help take down tough targets. So, what is it doing on a list of the best towers?

The Wizard Monkey can resurrect balloons and send these new “zombie” allies backward toward oncoming traffic. When the waves start to get denser, this increases the Wizard Monkey’s usefulness, giving him a limitless stream of balloons to send back at the enemies.

10 Super Monkey

The Classic High-Level Warrior

Bloons TD 6 Super Monkey Upgrade Trees

  • Can Become The True Sun God
  • Costly But Highly Effective

When the higher difficulties try to cram through a bunch of balloons all at once, gamers can be left feeling hopeless in the face of such an onslaught. They’ll need something amazing to drive back the waves. Vital monkey knowledge can help, but nothing substitutes for what the Super Monkey can do.

This is where the Super Monkey’s knockback ability and laser blasts shine. By sending balloons back, damage towers are given more time to do the work they need to do to take out the waves. The area attack means that the Super Monkey himself is unaffected by these clusters.

9 Monkey Village

Buffs All Other Towers

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Village Upgrade Trees

  • Can Hugely Buff Other Towers
  • Can Absorb Farms And Become A Monkeyopolis

Many monkey towers are fantastic but have the weakness of not being able to target camouflage or lead balloons. It’s a serious drawback until players get the Monkey Intelligence Bureau upgrade for the Monkey Village, which grants all towers in its range the ability to attack anything. Many monkey towers are overrated because they can hit camouflaged balloons. With just one tower, players get all that power and more for all of their towers.


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As a support structure, it’s got more to offer. The bottom track gives players a boost to their economy, and the top track juices up monkeys in range with extra attack speed. Any build that doesn’t utilize this tower should be met with some skepticism. Used correctly, this can give players tons of experience as they clear maps with ease.

8 Heli Pilot

Constant Attacking Threat

Bloons TD 6 Heli Pilot Upgrade Trees

  • Follows Bloons Along The Track
  • Can Be Directed In Many Ways

Thanks to being able to fly around with the top upgrade path, there is no map in which the Heli Pilot isn’t useful. On several awesome maps that have changing courses, spawn points, and exits, the Heli Pilot goes from a good idea to an absolute must-have.

Being in the face of every balloon as soon as it spawns yields an advantage to gamers regardless of who their main damage dealers are. Even if it isn’t the Heli Pilot, he’s the best at softening up the wave before it gets to the other towers.

7 Beast Handler

Can Control Many Powerful Beasts

Bloons TD 6 Beast Handler Upgrade Trees

  • A Supporting Tower
  • Controls Beasts That Can Merge To Become More Powerful

Players are very divided about the Beast Handler. For some builds, it can be like having a weaker version of a hero. Given all the amazing heroes in the game, it’s tough to justify burning money on a tower that just feels a cut below its competition.

But this is really the wrong way to view and use the tower. It’s best used to cover for what any hero tower’s weakness might be, giving it a unique role in the offense. All three tracks excel depending on the map and that kind of versatility makes it invaluable when one type of balloon seems to evade the defense.

6 Tack Shooter

Compact Bloon Destruction Tool

Bloons TD 6 Tack Shooter Paths

  • Can Destroy Waves Of Bloons Swiftly
  • Usually Has Only A Short Range

Many veterans will confidently say that the Tack Shooter is the most underrated tower in Bloons TD 6. Sure, it’s not going to sink any big MOAB class blimps on its own, and it doesn’t apply a negative status effect to opponents. But since when is massive area damage useless?


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This is effective in early and mid-rounds as thicker waves of balloons start to stack on top of each other. Later on, while the Tack Shooter doesn’t take down the blimps, these blimps are usually packed with smaller balloons that the Tack Shooter can demolish.

5 Monkey Buccaneer

Water-Based Demolition

Monkey Buccaneer Bloons TD 6

  • Can Shoot Incredibly Fast From A Low Level
  • Can Make Money And Even Harpoon MOABs

The Monkey Buccaneer tower has the disadvantage that it must be placed on water, but there is no great strain in that since most maps come with some sort of water source. Buccaneers can make money while still attacking, which is a great early strategy for players who don’t want to risk farming, but they can also become aircraft carriers that shoot planes all over the track.

Best of all is the Pirate Lord, the middle path tier 5 version of the Buccaneer, which is capable of grabbing MOAB-class bloons and dragging them in without needing to pop them. This is one of the most powerful towers in Bloons TD 6 and is capable of doing most of the work for players in many types of games without the need for other towers or buffs, especially since it can hit every type of bloon.

4 Spike Factory

Covers The Track With Spikes

Bloons TD 6 Spike Factory Upgrade Trees

  • Can Wipe Out The Strongest Bloons
  • Can Cover The Entire Track With Obstacles

One Spike Factory near the exit is a smart disaster-preventing move. Any balloon, camouflaged, lead, or otherwise, isn’t going to make it over a few spikes. With upgrades, it’s capable of handling entire waves of leaks all on its own. Beginners learning to play will enjoy the “set it and forget it” nature of the Spike Factory.

There is no reason to reserve its power for mistakes, though. Able to speedily fire out needle traps, spikes, and mines, it’s just as good on the front lines of defense as well. Cost-wise, it must be stated that this is surprisingly cheap to build and level up.

3 Monkey Ace

Flying Dart Machine

Bloons TD 6 Monkey Ace Paths

  • Can Hit Bloons Anywhere On Track
  • Can Become A Flying Fortress

Hard maps get their reputation by sending waves of balloons down multiple paths. Players can’t be able to cover both of these paths at once with most towers, but placing a Monkey Ace in the middle of the map sends tacks out all over.

Upgrades enable the Monkey Ace to strike down camouflaged balloons and further increase the density of the tack coverage on the map. Single-target towers will need to be placed eventually, but the Monkey Ace is simply the best first tower for these kinds of maps.

2 Alchemist

Buffs Other Towers & Destroys Bloons

Bloons TD 6 Alchemist Upgrade Trees

  • Can Give Other Towers Buffing Brews
  • Can Simultaneously Buff & Attack For Itself

The Alchemist provides big damage boosts to those around it when it comes to popping Ceramic, Lead, and MOAB balloons, the toughest opponents in the game. Most importantly, it provides strong buffs to nearby towers, making it a critical finishing touch for most strategies.

Able to get a little more cash by turning lead balloons into gold and putting acid pools down on the tracks, the Alchemist does a bit of everything at a high level. Even if this tower plays more of a support role, it’s the icing on the cake for most valid tactics on the highest difficulty levels.

1 Druid Monkey

The Most Devastating Of All

Druid Monkey Bloons TD 6

  • Can Cover The Track With Thorns
  • Can Make Money Like A Farm

Druid Monkey is the most incredible tower in Bloons TD 6, without a doubt. The middle path druid, starting with the tier 3 “druid of the jungle” upgrade, can grab bloons anywhere on the track and individually break them down until they are nothing while popping any bloons that touch them as they go past. Additionally, the tier 5 middle path upgrade, “Spirit of the Forest,” makes 1000 money every single round and covers the entire track with thorns, making for the best clean-up of bloons that players can get.

The other druid paths are also excellent, with Superstorm on the top path pushing bloons back to the beginning of the track and the bottom path, Avatar of Wrath, buffing other druids around him and shooting incredibly fast attacks, making him one of the very best towers for use in harder game modes. Overall, druid offers some of the strongest options of them all.

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

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