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The best new movies you can watch at home right now


Streaming services have taken over as one of the best ways to catch the latest movies. Whether they’re making a stop in theaters before rolling out digital rentals or they launch as first-run originals from the likes of Netflix, Apple TV, or HBO; we’re rounding up the best titles so you’re not left in the dark — until it’s time to start the film, that is. Check back each week (usually on Friday) to see the latest additions for movies that are now available to stream, the latest theatrical releases, and movies coming next week.



New This Week — January 19

The Marvels

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

Release Date: January 16 | November 10 (theater)

Cast: Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani, Zawe Ashton, Park Seo-jun, Samuel L. Jackson, Lashana Lynch, Mohan Kapur, Zenobia Shroff

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, has reclaimed her identity from the tyrannical Kree and taken revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But unintended consequences see Carol shouldering the burden of a destabilized universe. When her duties send her to an anomalous wormhole linked to a Kree revolutionary, her powers become entangled with that of Jersey City super-fan Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, and Carol’s estranged niece, now S.A.B.E.R. astronaut Captain Monica Rambeau. Together, this unlikely trio must team up and learn to work in concert to save the universe.

Next Goal Wins

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release Date: January 17, 2024 (buy) | Nov 17, 2023 (theater)

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Oscar Kightley, Kaimana, David Fane, Rachel House, Beulah Koale, Will Arnett, Elisabeth Moss, Uli Latukefu

Dutch coach Thomas Rongen attempts the nearly impossible task of turning the American Samoa soccer team from perennial losers into winners.

One More Shot

Genre: Action, Thriller

Release Date: January 16

Cast: Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Alexis Knapp, Meena Rayann, Waleed Elgadi, Hannah Arterton, Tom Berenger, Jill Winternitz, Cassidy Little

Following the attack on the black site in Poland, Navy SEAL Jake Harris is ordered to escort terrorist suspect Amin Mansur to Washington D.C. for interrogation. Before the prisoner transfer process is complete, though, the airport is attacked by a group of heavily armed, well-trained mercenaries.

Wanted Man

Genre: Action, Thriller

Release Date: January 19

Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Kelsey Grammer, Michael Paré, Roger Cross, Michael Worth, Bourke Floyd, Aaron McPherson, James Joseph Pulido, Julian Cavett

Follows a police officer who must retrieve an eyewitness and escort her after a cartel shooting leaves several DEA agents dead, but then he must decide who to trust when they discover that the attack was executed by American forces.

The Boys in the Boat

Genre: Drama, History

Release Date: January 19 (rent) | Dec 25, 2023 (theater)

Cast: Callum Turner, Joel Edgerton, Jack Mulhern, Sam Strike, Luke Slattery, Thomas Elms, Tom Varey, Bruce Herbelin-Earle, Wil Coban

The triumphant underdog story of the University of Washington men’s rowing team, who stunned the world by winning gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The Color Purple

Genre: Drama, Romance, Music

December 25 (theater)

Cast: Fantasia Barrino, Taraji P. Henson, Danielle Brooks, Colman Domingo, Corey Hawkins, H.E.R., Halle Bailey, Phylicia Pearl Mpasi, Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor

An adaptation of the Broadway musical The Color Purple, based on the acclaimed novel and its film adaptation.

The Kitchen

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama

Release Date: January 19 (Netflix)

Cast: Kane Robinson, Jedaiah Bannerman, Henry Lawfull, Rasaq Kukoyi, Richie Lawrie, Fiona Marr, Lola-Rose Maxwell, Ian Wright, Cristale

In a dystopian London, the gap between rich and poor has been stretched to its limits. All forms of social housing have been eradicated and only The Kitchen remains. A community that refuses to move out of the place they call home.

The Stones and Brian Jones

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: January 13

Cast: Nick Broomfield, Brian Jones, Freddie Fox, Bill Wyman, Zouzou, Volker Schlöndorff, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Eric Burdon, Lady Jane Ormsby Gore

A look at the relationships and rivalries within The Rolling Stones in their formative years, as well as the creative musical genius of Brian Jones, key to the success of the band.


Genre: Horror, Thriller

Release Date: January 19

Cast: Guy Pearce, Alex Pettyfer, Crystal Yu, William Gao, Kurt Yaeger, Olwen Fouéré

When an ex-cop named Fallon returns to the scene of a horrific crime, the residents of a rural town soon discover that this dark visitor is really a vampire who feeds on blood and fear. After he is befriended by a kind immigrant family, the instinctive killer is faced with a choice between revenge and redemption.

Project Dorothy

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

Release Date: January 16

Cast: Danielle Harris, Tim DeZarn, Adam Budron, George Henry Horton, Olivia Scott, Emily Rafala

James and Blake, small-time criminals, flee the police and take refuge in an abandoned scientific facility. Their attempt to restore power activates an AI, DOROTHY, responsible for the former occupants’ demise. They realize their predicament is worse than evading the law; they must use their streetwise instincts to thwart DOROTHY’s escape into the world.


Genre: Horror, Thriller

Release Date: January 16 (Vudu), January 22 (wide)

Cast: Kierston Wareing, Jamie Lomas, Alina Allison, Faye Campbell, Macaulay Cooper, Daniel Fathers, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Mark Sears, Dani Thompson

A young girl celebrating her last night out in her hometown is stalked by a mysterious killer in a Mr Punch mask.

Spring Lakes

Genre: Horror, Drama

Release Date: January 16

Cast: Carl Wharton, James Jaysen Bryhan, Oris Erhuero, Tommaso Di Vincenzo, Djonny Chen, Samantha Loxley

When Marcus, a down and out struggling filmmaker goes on a search for his missing sister in Spring Lakes, he encounters strange and mysterious occurrences in the form of a Satanic Cult. Marcus must find his sister before, he too, becomes engulfed by the living forest and suffers the same fate as his sister, Shiela.

Added Last Week — January 12

Role Play

Genre: Comedy, Action, Romance, Thriller

Release Date: January 12 (Amazon Prime Video)

Cast: David Oyelowo, Kaley Cuoco, Bill Nighy, Connie Nielsen, Rudi Dharmalingam, Lucia Aliu, Reagan Bryan-Gudgeon, Simon Delaney, Sonita Henry

Emma has a wonderful husband and two kids in the suburbs of New Jersey – she also has a secret life as an assassin for hire – a secret that her husband David discovers when the couple decide to spice up their marriage with a little role play.


Genre: Action, Comedy

Release Date: January 12 (Netflix)

Cast: Kevin Hart, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D’Onofrio, Úrsula Corberó, Billy Magnussen, Jacob Batalon, Jean Reno, Sam Worthington, Viveik Kalra

An international heist crew, led by Cyrus Whitaker, race to lift $500 million in gold from a passenger plane at 40,000 feet.

Waitress: the Musical

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release Date: January 12 (buy) | December 7 (limited) (theater)

Cast: Sara Bareilles, Drew Gehling, Charity Dawon, Caitlin Houlahan, Dakin Matthews, Christopher Fitzgerald, Joe Tippett, Eric Anderson, Anastacia McCleskey

A waitress and expert pie-maker dreams of a way out of her small town and rocky marriage.

Self Reliance

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: January 12 (Hulu)

Cast: Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick, Natalie Morales, Mary Holland, Emily Hampshire, Christopher Lloyd, Andy Samberg, Wayne Brady, GaTa

When a man is offered a million dollars to play a game in which hunters try to kill him, he thinks he has found the perfect loophole: they can only attack when he’s alone. His only problem is that none of his friends or family believe the game is real.

First Time Caller

Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy, Thriller, Drama

Release Date: January 12

Cast: Abe Goldfarb, Brian Silliman, Greg Proops, Rosebud, Priscilla Goldfarb, Dave Gilbert, Ashlie Atkinson, Alex Brightman, Kiran Deol

Brent Ziff is an internet shock-jock at the top of his game. Fans and followers tune in from coast to coast to be insulted and dismissed by their favorite on-air provocateur. But on one very unusual night, Brent’s world is rocked by a long-time listener who calls in with a grave message.

Killers of the Flower Moon

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: January 12 (w/ Apple TV+), December 8 (rent/buy) | October 20 (wide), Oct 6 (limited) (theater)

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Lily Gladstone, Jesse Plemons, Tantoo Cardinal, John Lithgow, Brendan Fraser, Cara Jade Myers, JaNae Collins

When oil is discovered in 1920s Oklahoma under Osage Nation land, the Osage people are murdered one by one—until the FBI steps in to unravel the mystery.


Genre: History, Drama, War

November 22 (theater)

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby, Tahar Rahim, John Hollingworth, Youssef Kerkour, Davide Tucci, Edouard Philipponnat, Ludivine Sagnier, Matthew Needham

A personal look at the French military leader’s origins and swift, ruthless climb to emperor, viewed through the prism of Napoleon’s addictive, volatile relationship with his wife and one true love, Josephine.

He Went That Way

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Release Date: January 12 | January 5 (theater)

Cast: Jacob Elordi, Zachary Quinto, Patrick J. Adams, Troy Evans, Alexandra Doke, John Lee Ames, Roman Arabia, Nicolette Doke, Ananyaa Shah

Set in 1964, a three-day journey along Route 66 begins when Bobby Falls, a 19-year-old serial killer, hitches a ride with Jim Goodwin, a celebrity animal handler travelling with his precious cargo: his TV chimpanzee, Spanky.

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