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The 4 Best Pressure Washers for Cars in 2024

The Craftsman Electric Pressure Washer against a white background.

Whether you do your driving with an off-road vehicle, one of the most impressive EVs on the road, or anything in between, the driving experience can be made all the better by knowing you look good doing so. Keeping your vehicle clean isn’t always the easiest chore, nor is it something everyone likes to do. You can make shorter work of it with a pressure washer, and with warmer weather around the corner we decided to round up the best pressure washers for cars in 2024.

The best pressure washers for cars in 2024

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Craftsman electric pressure washer

Best pressure washer for cars overall

Easy to maneuverRelatively expensive
Integrated soap tank
Kink-resistant hose

The Craftsman electric pressure washer is one of the most versatile pressure washers for cars on the market. It offers plenty of power with a max PSI of 2,100, and a 25-foot kink-resistant hose eliminates hassle and provides long-lasting performance. The power cord reaches up to 35 feet and 10-inch wheels make this pressure washer easy to move around. Its integrated soap tank makes it a perfect all-in-one choice for keeping your vehicle clean, and our selection for the best pressure washer for cars overall.

Power sourceCorded electric
Max pressure2,100 PSI

Simpson gas pressure washer

Best gas-powered pressure washer for cars

The Simpson gas pressure washer against a white background.
Easy to startupHeavy and cumbersome
Top notch build quality
Includes Simpson accessories

If you’re looking for ample power when it comes to getting your car spotless, the Simpson gas pressure washer is going to be the best pressure washer for you. Its gas-powered motor can kick out 3,400 PSI of pressure, which also makes this a good option for keeping things like the garage floor and driveway clean. The Simpson gas pressure washer comes with several Simpson accessories, including a high pressure hose and four quick-connect nozzle tips.

Power sourceGas
Max pressure3,400 PSI

DeWalt cordless pressure washer

Best handheld pressure washer for cars

Connecting a hose to the DeWalt cordless pressure washer.
Cordless designLacks power for large jobs
Draws water from any source
Light and easy to use

You can’t go wrong with DeWalt when you’re looking for high quality tools to put to use around the house, and the DeWalt cordless pressure washer lives up to that reputation. It’s the best pressure washer for cars if you’re looking for a cordless experience, as it runs on the power of DeWalt’s rechargeable batteries. It won’t be able to produce as much power as something like a gas-powered pressure washer, but it’s plenty to get the job of washing your car done, coming in at up to ten times the power of a garden hose.

Power sourceCordless battery
Max pressure550 PSI

Westinghouse electric pressure washer

Best pressure washer for a budget

A man washes his truck with the Westinghouse ePX3100v Electric Pressure Washer.
Compact and lightweightMight not hold up over time
Stores easily
3-year limited warranty

While pressure washers don’t check in as the most affordable tools to keep around the house, you can manage a decent price point with the Westinghouse electric pressure washer. It doesn’t hold too much back for its price either, as it’s capable of a max pressure of 2,100 PSI. It has a super compact and lightweight design, checking in at just 18 pounds. It stores easily, even with its 25-foot hose. And if you have any concerns about shopping for a power washer on a budget, the Westinghouse electric pressure washer is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Power sourceCorded electric
Max pressure2,100 PSI

How we chose these best pressure washers for cars

Pressure washers have a lot of the same features across the board, and in selecting the best pressure washers for cars we wanted to help you distinguish between them. The best way to do this are by considering how you want to put the pressure washer to use. In this case we’re looking for the best pressure washers for cars. Other factors we took into account were pricing and brand recognition, as we wanted to be sure we’re recommending pressure washers that can get the job done.


There are a lot of pressure washers out there, and while many of them boast massive PSI pressure and all the power you could need, washing a car doesn’t necessarily require all of that. There are pressure washers that are best put to use washing RVs or siding on your house, and there are options that make the best pressure washers for cars. Our selections are the latter, as we kept our focus on features and qualities that are tailored to washing a vehicle.


The best pressure washers for cars fall into a general common price point. There are super expensive pressure washers out there that are meant to remove paint from decks and clean industrial spaces. We stayed away from those, as they likely could be tailored to suit a vehicle wash, they’re overkill in both performance and pricing. We made our selections with the wallet of the general vehicle owner in mind.


While brand recognition isn’t always an important factor, we feel it is when it comes to pressure washers. These are highly pressurized tools with lots of different moving parts, especially in the case of gas-powered pressure washers. We took into account brands that have been in the business awhile and favored brands with recognizability to their name. Shooting straight to the top, of course, were brands like Craftsman and DeWalt, which have been making power tools, lawn mowers, and other household equipment that has a lot of crossover with pressure washers.

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