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TAL refines learning at CES media experience event 2024


CES 2024 was a glimpse into the future of technology, and the education space was no exception. TAL Education Group, a leading force in the Chinese education sector, marked its Western debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a captivating Media Experience Event. The event, held at the forefront of global technological innovation, featured the unveiling of TAL’s flagship product, the Xueersi xPad Flagship Model, and the Mobby Kids’ Learning Pad, as well as its collaborative efforts with tech giants like TCL and Microsoft. The TAL Media Experience Event left a lasting impression on attendees, unveiling a glimpse into the future of education and technology.

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Dr. Alex Peng, President and CFO of TAL Education Group, welcomed esteemed guests and media, expressing gratitude for their presence and shedding light on the motivations behind TAL’s participation in CES. Mr. Peng remarked, “This year signifies a landmark for TAL, as we debut at CES for the first time. Thank you for being a part of this pivotal moment.” In his speech, Dr. Peng emphasized the crucial role of technology in reshaping the education sector, urging attendees to imagine how technology can bring innovation and creativity to an industry often perceived as traditional.

Highlighting the importance of collaborative development, Dr. Alex Peng invoked an old Chinese saying: “United we stand, divided we fall.” He stressed the need for unity in the education industry, calling for global partnerships. “We bring to you over two decades of educational insight and technological advancements, along with a commitment to open collaboration and joint development,” he affirmed. Dr. Peng revealed TAL’s strategic collaborations with technology giants like Microsoft and TCL Huaxing. “Leveraging their cutting-edge technologies and combining them with the educational data accumulated by TAL Education Group over the years, we believe we can unleash unprecedented potential in education,” he explained.

The collaborative spirit at the event was echoed through the following speeches of Dou Yan, TCL Group Strategic Operations Vice President, and Christina Thoresen, leader of Microsoft’s Worldwide Education Strategy team. Their insights underscored edTech innovation narrative, emphasizing the potential for technology in the education sector. The collaboration with TCL and the emphasis on responsible AI resonated with attendees, aligning with the broader industry focus on ethical technology.

These revealed collaborations showcased innovative edTech solutions, with TCL CSOT presenting its Future-Paper display technology integrated and contributing to the overall experience of the Xueersi xPad Flagship Model. Dr. Alex Peng’s demonstration of the efforts on AI-driven instructional technologies underscored the collaborative commitment aiming to reshape the future of education. The device gifting ceremonies for TCL and Microsoft solidified these partnerships and highlighted the shared vision for advancing education through cutting-edge technology.

Hands-on Experience:

Amidst the visionary speeches and demos at TAL’s CES 2024 Media Experience Event, one immersive journey stood out – the captivating Hanzi Dance experience showcased on their Xueersi xPad Flagship Model. Even though it was designed for teaching children, I personally found the experience invigorating. Strokes of Chinese characters came alive on the massive laser projector screen, in an enchanting dance that celebrated language, culture, and technology, encompassing the essence of CES. Essentially a rhythm game, built into an engaging education device. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as attendees, a mix of journalists, educators, and tech enthusiasts, eagerly lined up to learn their Chinese Zodiac signs.

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As we played, there was an undeniable sense of joy and wonder in the room. This tool creates a love for learning in children, in conjunction with interactive features and robust safety measures. Attendees, regardless of their proficiency in Chinese, found themselves enchanted by the dance of these characters. It was about learning and experiencing language in a whole new light – a creative, dynamic, and living entity; all made possible by the design of the Xueersi xPad Flagship Model and its motion-tracking system. The program is evidently tailored for its primary audience—children. The calibration process dedicated to children’s height and the immersive learning content are indicative of TAL’s consideration for the specific needs and preferences of its intended users.

Another interesting feature on display was the AI image recognition, that allows responsive real-time text recognition that can be associated with built-in curricula and evaluation standards. Nearby, they showcased the Mobby Kids’ Learning Pad, a marvelous early education enlightenment product built upon scientific research on psychological development. An innovation with an expanding content library that can grow with the user, awarded the latest TWICE Picks Awards at CES 2024.

These experiences for me were portent for the digital age for education. The showcase gave the audience a chance to experience education through diverse immersive experiences. As we interact more with the devices, the anticipation for the transformative education potential of these innovations really showed. Reflecting on Dr. Alex Peng’s optimism for the future, “It’s truly a remarkable and exciting time for Education. We are seeing tremendous potential for growth and innovation around the world.” China’s emergence as a key market for EdTech innovation and TAL’s aspiration to bring education advancements to learners globally is exciting. The success of TAL’s Media Experience Event suggests a potential positive impact on diverse personalized learning, making the process more enjoyable and interactive. If implemented on a broader scale, such innovative approaches and ideals could contribute greatly to redefining the edTech industry.


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