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Strongest Disney Princes



  • Princes in Disney films have become more involved in the plots over the years, playing important roles alongside princesses or as protagonists themselves.
  • Many Disney Princes display strength in physical, mental, and moral aspects, such as defending loved ones, resisting killing enemies, and having superior strength.
  • Each Prince highlighted in the article showcases their unique forms of strength, from Flynn Rider’s heroism to Kristoff’s bravery and from Eric’s physical and mental courage to Li Shang’s leadership and acceptance of Mulan’s heroics.



Princes in Disney films have always had some level of importance to the central plot of the story. The first was Prince Florian from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but he proved to have little screen time and instead served as more of a background character. However, princes have arguably become more involved as the films have been released over the years, playing more of an important role alongside the titular princess, or in some cases, having been the protagonists themselves.


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Over time, many of the Disney Princes have proven themselves strong in both a physical, mental, and moral sense. Whether it be defending those they love, resisting killing an enemy, or happening to be gifted with super-strength, many princes have stood out as tough and strong in a whole host of events.

8 Flynn Rider (Tangled)

A Notorious Thief That Ultimately Shows True Strength

Flynn Rider Tangled

  • Release Date: November 24, 2010
  • Directors: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard

Flynn Rider, whose real name is Eugene Fitzherbet, needed to have strength and wit from a young age to make it as a successful thief. This was inspired by his reading of the “Tales of Flynninan Rider,” and allowed him to become one of the most notorious in the whole land. One way he proves his strength is by being able to steal the “Lost Princess’ Tiara,” which was guarded by high security.

However, his true heroism and strength come through on his journey to take Rapunzel to see the Festival of Lights. Despite being reluctant to do so, in the end, he realizes how he wants to set her free from Mother Gothel’s selfishness and, in turn, proves himself to be selfless. This is where he demonstrates true strength.

7 Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)

Forced Into Battle Against A Dragon

Prince Phillip Sleeping Beauty

  • Release Date: January 29, 1959
  • Directors: Wolfgang Reitherman, Clyde Geronimi, Eric Larson, Les Clark

Phillip is shown to be a confident and courageous prince. Unfortunately, due to his love for Aurora, he walks right into Maleficent’s trap and is taken to her dungeon on the Forbidden Mountain. Despite his struggle against Maleficent while in chains, the three fairies give him a shield and sword, encouraging him to take up the weapons to defeat her. He then flees the dungeon and attempts to get back to his father’s castle, all while being chased by Maleficent’s goons.

When Maleficent causes thorns to grow in Phillip’s way, he defiantly cuts them down to reach the castle. However, he is then forced into battle with her when she turns herself into a dragon. He’s forced to use all his strength to attempt to kill her. He is even driven to the edge of a cliff, but remains unrelenting, bravely throwing the sword into the dragon and emerging triumphant.

6 Aladdin

Can Outwit His Enemies With Acrobatics

Aladdin and Genie sharing a tender moment

  • Release Date: November 5, 1992
  • Directors: Ron Clements, John Musker

Although he only officially becomes a prince in the final installment of the trilogy, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, that’s not to say that Aladdin doesn’t display a great deal of strength beforehand. Having been left as an orphan and only regarded as a “Street Rat,” Aladdin shows his skill in acrobatics when he outwits the guards of Agrabah to steal a baguette. He also shows a strong determination to resist the overwhelming amount of jewels and treasure in the Cave of Wonders. However, Aladdin is also noble, realizing he can’t live a lie and trick Jasmine into thinking he’s Prince Ali.

In his battle against Jafar, who turns into a snake, Aladdin can use both physical strength to injure him, but also cleverly tricks him into becoming trapped in the lamp. Similarly, in the third film, Aladdin can, through wit and acrobatics, defeat the antagonist Saluk, who is considerably taller and mightier than him. Though his physique implies he has little strength, Aladdin certainly proves this not to be the case.

5 Kristoff (Frozen)

Risks His Life To Save Another

Kristoff Bjorgman in Frozen

  • Release Date: November 27, 2013
  • Directors: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck

From a young age, Kristoff would often follow behind Arendelle’s official ice harvesters and in doing so, learned the trade. Such a tiring job required great strength, and Kristoff was able to train himself to become strong enough, thus harvest ice successfully. Kristoff then adapts to surviving in the wild with his trusty reindeer companion, Sven.


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When Anna persuades him to help her reach North Mountain, Kristoff uses his strength to jump out of his sled across a wide-open abyss and reach the opposite cliff. In a desperate attempt to flee Elsa’s “Marshmallow Monster,” Kristoff quickly sets up a makeshift rope hoist to allow him and Anna to safely climb down the cliff.

When Anna begins to succumb to the effects of a frozen heart, at the film’s climax, Kristoff attempts to reach her as soon as possible and doesn’t think twice about going out into the snow blizzard. Although a ship nearly crashes upon him, his determination to reach Anna doesn’t stop him, thus showing his strength and bravery.

4 Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

A Highly Experienced Sailor Who Defeats Ursula

Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid

  • Release Date: November 17, 1989
  • Directors: John Musker, Ron Clements

Eric displays his strength right in his first scene in the film. When his ship is destroyed by the raging waves, Eric does all he can to steer to safety, showing both physical and mental courage. When he is safe on the lifeboat, he even swims back and climbs up to the flame-engulfed ship to save his dog, Max. Ariel fortunately rescues him when he is knocked unconscious and starts drowning, although she flees before he can be certain he saw her.

Throughout the rest of the film, he endeavors to find Ariel, the “mystery girl” and marry her. However, their relationship is almost stopped when the villainous Ursula (disguised as another human girl, Vanessa) tricks Eric into thinking she rescued him. When her plan is foiled, she snatches Ariel away from him and plunges into the sea. Eric, afraid he will lose Ariel again, dives right in behind them. When Ursula transforms into a giant, Eric single-handedly steers the ship right into her, despite being against the tempestuous sea.

3 John Smith (Pocahontas)

A Drastic Character Change Makes Him A Stronger Person

John Smith Pocahontas

  • Release Date: June 23, 1995
  • Directors: Eric Goldberg, Mike Gabriel

John Smith shows immense bravery and strength right at the start of the film, when he rescues fellow crew member, Thomas, from drowning when he falls overboard in a vicious storm. He ties himself to a rope and jumps headfirst into the strong waves, using all his strength to keep himself and Thomas above water, while holding onto the rope with one hand. All of his actions and well-known reputation earn him the role of Captain for the crew’s quest, and he is praised by Governor Ratcliffe.

Arguably, his true strength lies in listening to Pocahontas and changing his beliefs. He then stands against Ratcliffe and defends Pocahontas and her people, despite being held in high regard by the governor. He even stands in the way of Ratcliffe’s bullet that was shot at Chief Powhatan, the injury from which forces him to travel back to England for medical help, thus giving up his relationship with Pocahontas.

2 Li Shang (Mulan)

A Strong Warrior Who Learns To Accept Mulan’s Heroics

Li Shang And Mulan

  • Release Date: June 5, 1998
  • Directors: Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook

As Mulan is regarded as a Disney Princess, this makes her love interest, Li Shang, technically count as a Disney Prince. There’s no doubt that this leader, tasked with defending his country from the invading Hun army, would have a great degree of skill and strength. During the army’s intense training sequence, Shang forces his recruits to display their strength in weight-lifting, and is even able to carry two additional weights, when all the other soldiers can scarcely lift their own.

Shang can withstand pain from an arrow that strikes him when his faction is ambushed in the mountains. He is also determined to take on the intimidating villain Shan Yu in a fight, despite the injuries he would receive from this. However, he also grows in character, accepting Mulan as one of his warriors after witnessing her heroics in saving the Emperor.

1 Prince Adam/The Beast (Beauty And The Beast)

Demonstrates Great Physical And Emotional Strength

beauty and the beast prince

  • Release Date: November 22, 1991
  • Directors: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise

Prince Adam was transformed into a hideous beast at a young age. He is introduced as a short-tempered, angry individual who has not learned to love, yet inwardly, he strongly desires to become human again. However, as his relationship grows with Belle, the Beast is slowly able to shake off his aggressive behavior and becomes more gentle towards her and his castle’s staff.


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As the Beast, he has superior physical strength and can lift heavy items without a struggle and slam doors with such force that the ceiling starts to crumble. However, his personality grows stronger too, as seen when he courageously saves Belle from the wolf attack, despite the severe injury it would cause him.

His physical strength is also shown in his battle against Gaston, as he can pick him up with one hand. On top of that, he is able to overcome his desire to kill him and offers Gaston a second chance, displaying emotional strength. Although he quite literally gets stabbed in the back by this, the Beast is then saved by Belle’s “True Love’s Kiss” and is restored to his human form as Prince Adam.

Honorable Mention – Hercules

Hercules pointing at Megara while she is squeezing water off her hair

  • Release Date: June 13, 1997
  • Directors: Ron Clements, John Musker

Technically, Hercules isn’t considered an official prince in Disney’s lineup. However, as the son of Zeus, it would be criminal not to include him considering his immense physical strength. After surviving Hades’ plan to rid him of his super strength, Hercules is adopted and raised by a human couple. His appearance years later, as a young lad, shows him able to knock over multiple pillars in his local village, all due to his super strength. As he grows up and discovers who he is, he truly makes his way from “Zero to Hero,” even saving a town from a deadly snake monster sent by Hades, thanks to training from loyal friend Phil.

Hercules is genuinely a kind and caring character, which eventually serves to change Meg’s own heart. After she sacrifices herself for him, Hercules’ true heroism comes in the form of saving her life, by giving himself up to Hades. But, this act deems him a true hero and earns him his place on Mount Olympus. His character growth shows what it means to be truly heroic, and he uses his physical strength for noble pursuits many times in the movie.


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