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Star Rail Reveals 33 New Achievements for the version 2.1 update

Honkai Star Rail version 2.1 banner

The highly anticipated version 2.1 update for Honkai Star Rail is poised to bring thrilling features. I know that you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of new quests, character banners, and events. Additionally, leaked information about Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 achievements has surfaced, providing insight into how to unlock them, along with details about stellar jade rewards and more.

Don’t forget to check out my guides for the Dreamjolt TV event and the Penacony Food Fest from version 2.0. Furthermore, alongside reaching the monumental milestone of 100 million downloads, players can anticipate the introduction of exciting new characters such as Gallagher, Acheron, and Aventurine. With leaks teasing their abilities and gameplay, anticipation for the future of the game is at an all-time high.

HSR new achievements for version 2.1

Version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail will unveil 33 fresh achievements, primarily focusing on the latest content introduced in the update. These achievements are centered around the vibrant world of the Penacony Map and the addition of new characters and main quests. With the highly anticipated debut of Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher in version 2.1, some achievements will likely be tied to these exciting new characters.

These achievements are intricately tied to specific criteria related to the new Penacony Map and the recent leaks regarding the Simulated Universe World 9. Notably, recent leaks have hinted at the existence of blank achievements lacking names and conditions. As more details emerge, we’ll be sure to update this section accordingly.

AchievementHow to ObtainStellar Jades
Wind at Your Back, World in Your SightComplete the mission “Back in Business Epilogue,” and witness Mingxi’s departure5
Home AloneDefeat 3 of Boss Stone’s minions at once in a Hanu’s Adventure stage5
Anti-BalloonBreak the special Boss Stone balloon in Clock Studios Theme Park5
Saga of the Dreamhaven TumultBreak the special Boss Stone balloon in Dewlight Pavilion5
Safety CarComplete the shoot without any damage in any mode in Clockie’s Extras5
Non-Racing LineStay in the middle lane continuously for #1 seconds in any mode in Clockie’s Extras5
Pole to WinRe-accumulate maximum energy within the duration of Nutty Blitz or Hanu Time in any mode in Clockie’s Extras5
Biggest DRS BeneficiaryPerform Turbo Dash 10 times in a row without mistakes or interruption in Clockie’s Extras: Fast & Furynuts5
Slow Road to HellDefeat all enemies that appeared in Clockie’s Extras: Way of the Wolf5
A Dreamy Town, Oak Paradise!Enter the miniature sandpit in Dewlight Pavilion for the first time5
Dreamweaving IndustrializationComplete the Dreamwalker Challenge at the Dewlight Pavilion for some extra income5
To Get Blood Out of a StoneTransform into Hanu and use the Hanu Missile to defeat Boss Stone’s minions for the first time5
Living With a WolfCollect the complete Hanu’s Adventure (Part 2) collection5
Maximum FirepowerObtain the maximum ammo limit of Hanu Missile in Hanu’s Adventure5
Secret PartyDiscover Clock Studios Theme Park’s hidden area via Bubble Pinball5
Big Shot!Leave your special mix at the Dreamjolt Hostelry10
Make Your Dream a BlastHelp all the monsters in the Dreamjolt Hostelry deal with their emotional troubles5
To Each Their Own DrinkServe the correct drinks to the customers #1 times5
OmakaseServe the wrong drinks to the customers #1 times5
Dreampunk Drinksmith ActionComplete all Dreamjolt Hostelry recipe deductions5
Dreaming Back to the XianzhouMix Mung Bean Soda at the Dreamjolt Hostelry once5
BoxcarsIn the battle against Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems, cause at least #1 All or Nothing to roll a #2 simultaneously in a single attack5
All My People, All My People…In the battle against Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems, have #1 characters in the team win in the same round of Gamble5
All My People, All My People…Lady SnowbloodIn a single battle, using Acheron’s Ultimate Slashed Dream Cries in Red to defeat all enemies and achieve victory in the battle5
Blind StealingIn a single battle, when Blind Bet is at #1 points, use Aventurine’s Ultimate Roulette Shark to obtain #2 Blind Bet point(s)5
Purging HeatinessClear the full stack of Obscure Blaze on the Memory Zone Meme “Shell of Faded Rage” during a Weakness Break5
Fight Fire With FireIn a single battle, defeat Memory Zone Meme “Shell of Faded Rage” without causing Weakness Break5
Performance EvaluationUse ally Aventurine to fight Senior Staff: Team Leader and deal the finishing blow5
Divine Judgment Does Not DiscriminateDuring exploration, use Acheron’s Technique Quadrivalent Ascendance to defeat #1 enemies consecutively5
Why Is the Origami Bird So Huge?Yank the Origami Big Bird out at Dewlight Pavilion5
Family PortraitTake a family photo of the Express Crew at the photo board in Clock Studios Theme Park5
“Clock” InTake a group photo at the photo board in Clock Studios Theme Park5
Pac-ManSmash all destructible objects in Clock Studios Theme Park’s maze garden5

Version 2.1 of Honkai Star Rail introduces some achievements with undisclosed descriptions, seemingly connected to the new events, as well as the introduction of fresh enemies and characters.

Honkai Star Rail version 2.1 banner
Image via HoYoverse

Furthermore, in version 2.1, players can anticipate the arrival of limited-time events offering unique challenges and activities for their enjoyment. These events are expected to tie into segments of the main quests, incentivizing active engagement to earn rewards upon successful completion.

Final Thoughts

The inclusion of 33 new achievements in version 2.1 of Honkai Star Rail injects an additional layer of challenge and excitement into the game. These achievements act as a driving force for players to actively immerse themselves in the fresh content and features introduced in the update, motivating them to delve deeper into the expansive universe of Honkai Star Rail.

Aligned with the main quest and the latest content additions, these achievements offer rewards as players expand their understanding and exploration of the game’s world. Pursuing and completing these achievements not only facilitates progression but also enables players to acquire valuable rewards, demonstrating their commitment and proficiency in the forthcoming Honkai Star Rail update.

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What are your thoughts on the Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 achievements? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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