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Snapchat My AI vs. ChatGPT

Snapchat My AI vs. ChatGPT

Not too long ago, Snapchat released its chatbot My AI to the public, and it’s been in the headlines ever since. While this chatbot is based on ChatGPT, it manages to be its own entity. So, how does My AI compare to ChatGPT? Here’s a comparison between these chatbots to see which one deserves your attention.

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Snapchat My AI vs. ChatGPT: Speed

When it comes to speed, My AI is the winner here. ChatGPT has been lapped by several other chatbots including Google Bard. When you type in a query, you’ll see ChatGPT type out each of the words one by one, and the process is a slow one. In the case of My AI, the answer just appears all at once.

For longer answers, you’ll see My AI hesitate for a moment before the answer pops up. Even when it needs to generate longer responses, it takes no more than about 10 seconds. Snapchat’s chatbot is meant to represent a human chatting with you, so it’d be odd seeing all of the words being typed one by one out on My AI.

Snapchat My AI vs. ChatGPT: Conversation Skills

My AI and ChatGPT might be similar, but the former has better people skills. ChatGPT is designed to deliver results in a familiar and humanistic tone. It strives in doing this but, as you can imagine, chatting is My AI’s thing.

ChatGPT is a bit quicker to cut off a conversation than My AI. I started a conversation on both chatbots with “I had a great day today”. Both bots asked how it was great and, after responding that “I had ice cream with my friend”, ChatGPT mentioned that it was great but asked to move on to the next subject. In the case of My AI, it asked what flavor we got. It was more eager to progress the conversation.

There’s another difference in these chatbots’ conversational skills. ChatGPT is really bent on providing tips and advice with all of its answers. This leads to responses that feel rather bloated. I typed “I’m taking up sewing” in both chatbots. My AI responded with “That sounds like a fun and creative hobby! You can make all sorts of cool things with sewing, like clothes, bags, and home decor.”

In ChatGPT’s case, it gave a long list of tips and advice as though I asked for it. That’s not a bad thing, but it just shows that you’re more likely to have a spirited conversation with My AI.

Snapchat My AI vs. ChatGPT: Information

[Updated February 21st, 2024] So, ChatGPT isn’t quite the social butterfly, but it excels at being a bookworm. If you’re looking for encyclopedia knowledge, then ChatGPT is the winner. Both chatbots can give you information to questions that you ask, but ChatGPT goes the extra mile.

It’s a lot better at giving you more fleshed-out answers that are more information-rich. When I asked both chatbots why the sky is blue, My AI summed it up in 12 words. ChatGPT gave me several full paragraphs. When I asked why mint makes your mouth cold, much the same happened.

ChatGPT provides more context and it will sometimes include people relevant to the subject in its explanations. My AI’s answers are more concise. It’s like the difference between looking up the definition of a word in the dictionary and just asking your older sibling.

Another thing that ChatGPT has going for it is the fact that, depending on the version you have, the knowledge could have a significantly more recent cutoff point. My AI is based on GPT-3.5 which has a cutoff point to September 2021. However, if you use GPT-4, you’ll have a cutoff point of April 2023.

Snapchat My AI vs. ChatGPT: Advice

The story is the same when it comes to giving advice. Again, if you ask My AI for advice on any subject, it will give you an answer that’s short, sweet, and to the point. You’ll get a brief paragraph that reads in a very conversational manner.

As for ChatGPT’s response, it’s a lot more fleshed-out and academic. You’ll get an intro paragraph, a list of tips/steps, and a closing paragraph. ChatGPT wants to cover all of the bases when providing advice.

Snapchat My AI vs. ChatGPT: Written content

One of the most notable features of modern chatbots is the ability to craft written content. Both chatbots can do this. There’s a huge gap in the capabilities between ChatGPT and Google Bard/Bing AI, but not so much with My AI. In fact, ChatGPT and My AI are about neck and neck.

You can use both chatbots to generate all types of content such as stories, eulogies, scripts, code, articles, reviews, poems, song lyrics, and other types of written content. Not only can they both produce this content, but they can do so with a high level of proficiency. If you’re looking to generate written content, then you won’t be let down by any of these chatbots.

Snapchat My AI vs. ChatGPT: Features

[Updated February 21st, 2024] This is where ChatGPT takes the cake, and that’s not a surprise. ChatGPT is meant to be more of a tool. Thousands of people head to ChatGPT for research and professional purposes. For example, teachers use it for lesson plans. It’s marketed as an extremely powerful and useful tool. Thus, it gets several quality-of-life additions that make it more of a useful tool.

ChatGPT features

With ChatGPT, you’re able to personalize the chatbot using the Custom Instructions. These allow you to provide context for future conversations so you don’t have to provide the context every time you make a conversation. There’s also a memory feature that will allow the chatbot to remember key things about you to use in future conversations. Say if you tell it that you’re allergic to peanuts, it will remember that for the next time you talk about food.

With ChatGPT, you’re able to export your chat data. When you do that, you’ll get a log of your chats that you can preserve.

Another great feature that ChatGPT has is the ability to install and use GPTs. A GPT is like a custom version of ChatGPT that’s specialized for specific purposes. Say, for instance, you need a chatbot that specializes in accounting. Well, you’ll be able to install one.

Snapchat My AI is for fun

My AI, on the other hand, is just fine being what it is. It’s a simple and interesting tool that makes the experience more fun. You’re able to chat with it and use it to generate simple things

So, who won?

The story with chatbots like these is that they’re both so good at what they specialize in that it’s hard to declare an overall winner. My AI is the chatbot you’re more likely to chat with, and that’s its intended purpose. It’s meant to be a friend to chat with when you don’t have anyone to talk to.

This is why its responses are so succinct and colloquial. It’s meant to be your friend, not your personal encyclopedia.

ChatGPT is on the other side of the spectrum. It really goes the extra mile when it comes to delivering you information, extra context, and tips. You’re more likely to use it as a tutor when studying for a test. It’s more prone to get new features and quality-of-life changes as time goes on.

Think of Snapchat My AI as your best friend and ChatGPT as your school teacher.

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