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Royal Revolt: A Trader’s Tale Beginners Guide and Tips 

Royal Revolt Gameplay II

Royal Revolt: A Trader’s Tale is an RPG strategy game where you embark on a journey as an ambitious Shopkeeper. The game is from Upright Games and holds a tribute to 10 successful years with Royal Revolt’s IP. Follow up with me as I run you through a detailed Royal Revolt Beginners Guide to learn the significant aspects of this game. Also, check out the Royal Revolt codes piece to obtain free valuable rewards.

In Royal Revolt, you must defeat goblins, obtain raw materials, and craft items to sell and earn gold. Side by side, you need to work for the Royal License from the king to establish your business smoothly. A territory where you keep your customers engaged and content is the main goal of Royal Revolt.

Gameplay Overview

Royal Revolt: A Trader’s Tale is an interesting RPG game that strategizes on your trading skills. Here, your character and Aaron team up to establish a business that sells items like swords, armor, gloves, etc. You need to craft items, fulfill the needs of your customers, and earn gold to become successful as a Shopkeeper. Your character serves as the best trader on the royal ground of the King. On the other hand, Aaron kills monsters as orders from the King to keep flourishing in the business. 

Royal Revolt Gameplay II
Image via Upright Games

For adventures, click on Start for the first level to initiate the battle using a certain number of foods. As the fight begins, the monsters keep appearing out of nowhere. You need to use various Aaron skills to attack them in great numbers. Every skill has a cooldown period. So, be sure to kill them all and achieve your victory tier. The first world, Royal Meadows, has ten adventure levels. For each level, you get clearance rewards like leather, cloth, shop energy, etc. 

Your business is the most significant factor in the Royal Revolt. Your Shop has the means and space for trading items for coins. When you have the available goods, you need to fill the shelves with the items. Then, select one of the Haggle skills and click on Open Shop to open the area for purchase. It takes a certain Base Shop Energy to open the shop. Also, make sure that you have items crafted for constant trade. 

Royal Revolt Gameplay IRoyal Revolt Gameplay I
Image via Upright Games

Customers from the territory walk in one by one and present their preferred prices for the item. You can increase the price of the item. However, be mindful as it will also dim your success chances. Highly expensive rates will harm the business and your sale piece will remain unpurchased. You can always use the haggling skills to enforce generosity in your customers and they will treat you with good prices. I’d suggest you prioritize the happiness of your customers as the only best way to a successful business.

Introducing the Basics of Royal Revolt


Royal Revolt has two main characters–the first one being yours and the second character is Aaron. You can name your character as you please. Your character works as the Shopkeeper on the royal grounds while Aaron is your mate and partner for trade. He fights monsters threatening the kingdom, collects raw materials, and works towards getting the Royal License for your business. 

Royal Revolt CharactersRoyal Revolt Characters
Image via Upright Games

Your character has Base Shop Energy and Max Shop Measures as her stats. She can also use the available haggling skills to engage her customers and get more currency. Aaron has an individual level, equipment power, special skills, and stats like damage, health, armor strength, and more


The Adventure section enables you to rid the kingdom of monsters and earn the royal license you need for trade. For each adventure, there is a world where it starts from the royal meadows. This world has a total of ten levels. The game will rate you in tiers based on how you perform at each level.

Royal Revolt AdventureRoyal Revolt Adventure
Image via Upright Games

You must face monsters at par with your strength at every stage. Your partner, Aaron helps in defeating the opponents for good, collecting materials, and assisting in trade. You get rewards like cloth, leather, wood, Aaron chips, and more for every win you secure.


The Shop is the most significant element of the Royal Revolt. This sets the foundation for the game where you strive to become the best shopkeeper in the eyes of royalty. Your character manages the shop and carries out the trade for various items. For now, the shop has a Weapon Rack and a Mannequin.

Royal Revolt ShopRoyal Revolt Shop
Image via Upright Games

The game allows you to add more once you unlock them. You should have items like armor, swords, gloves, etc. to fill these shelves. Then, you get to select your Haggle Skills from the options and open your shop using certain Base Shop Energy. The energy regenerates as one per minute. 

Crafting Items

For crafting items in Royal Revolt, we have the Blacksmith of the kingdom to help you in your achievements. Some of the adventure-level wins grant you important blueprints for the design of items you sell in your shop. You can view materials like cloth, leather, iron, wood, etc. in one section.

Royal Revolt Crafting ItemsRoyal Revolt Crafting Items
Image via Upright Games

The other one has blueprints for swords, armor, gloves, shoes, helmets, and more. If you have sufficient materials, then click on Craft for the blacksmith to work on crafting the item for you. After he finishes with it, you can either Display for Sale in the Shop or Equip it to Aaron for battles


In Royal Revolt, we have three main quests: Daily quests, Story quests, and Customer quests. These quests help you in gaining more materials, currency like coins and gems, and more. The game refreshes the daily quests as the name suggests. The story quests follow the storyline where every story begins with a chapter.

Royal Revolt QuestsRoyal Revolt Quests
Image via Upright Games

The fulfillment of missions in one chapter takes you to the next one. Lastly, the customer quests depend on your customers and how well you can keep them happy. The more content they feel to purchase from you, the more generous they will be with their spending. These quests are also a source to get raw materials and other goodies useful in the game. 

Royal Revolt Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few additional tips in my Royal Revolt Beginners Guide, that I felt useful during my exploration of the game

1. Cross the Adventure Levels

As I’ve mentioned above, Adventure is a section where you carry out the battle orders by your King. There are ten adventure levels for each world. The character, Aaron, needs to fight and wipe out goblins at each level. For a win, you get rewards like cloth, leather, shop energy, Aaron coins, and more. These materials help you craft items you can sell in your shop. More material gain will help you gain more coins and serve your purpose as a great shopkeeper.

2. Craft Items for Use

The adventure levels help to gain raw materials usable in developing items. These items include Leather Gloves, Leather Caps, Sparring Swords, Leather Armor, and more. You can find more items once their blueprints unlock. You can craft useful pieces using all the raw objects you earned with your victory against the goblins. Then, you should put these pieces on display in your shop to attract customers and gain coins and status.

3. Complete Quests

Quests in any game are a measure of your progress and also assist in gaining some extra benefits. In the section, there are three varieties of quests: Daily quests, Story quests, and Customer quests. All these tasks are of value and you can obtain some vital goodies after crossing the set benchmark.

The daily quests are for small but significant boosts, while the story quests help you earn the King’s Royal License. Therefore, I’d suggest completing the tasks to achieve a milestone as an excellent Shopkeeper of the kingdom.

4. Employ Haggle Skills

Now, your character will go on to serve as the Shopkeeper in the King’s royal territory. So, it is important to have a trick or two up your sleeves. The game allows you to use some haggling skills to entice the customers into spending more gold.

When you’re good at marketing with your special tricks, the customers are bound to feel content. This assists you in adhering to their needs and gaining more coins from their pockets. So, make sure to employ a few haggle skills when available. 

5. Equip Aaron with Gear

Aaron is your partner in this royal journey. So, it is important to keep upgrading and protecting him from damage. His role is equally important as he’s the one who poses a threat to goblins and defeats them. With adventure levels increasing, the goblins increase in strength and number. The items you craft can not only be put for sale but Aaron can equip them as well. The powerful armor, helmets, gloves, swords, and more make him stronger and kill opponents easily.

Final Thoughts

Royal Revolt is an amazing RPG strategy game where you serve as the most influential Shopkeeper of the kingdom. The game is a captivating blend of strategy and adventure where you face challenges to amass wealth as a trader.

Dynamic characters like yours and Aaron keep the gamers engaged with other vital features adding depth to it. There are various strategic elements in the game that you can apply concerning the trading and the battling part. Hence, remember to fall back to our guide to delve into the world of royal intrigue and daring quests.

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