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Popular Anime You’ve Heard Blackbeard’s Voice In

sanji vs kizaru luffy vs saturn one piece 1107

As the beloved One Piece anime series enters its final arc, Blackbeard takes the spotlight as he confronts Trafalgar Law, a fellow member of the Worst Generation. With his two devil fruits, larger-than-life attitude, and booming voice, Blackbeard puts on full display what kind of menace he is.



Blackbeard is voiced by Japanese voice actor Akio Otsuka. As a prominent voice actor, many anime fans must have heard his voice in various other prominent characters. As Akio Otsuka is well-versed in portraying major antagonists, many fans will find that Blackbeard’s deep and authoritative voice is found in various other sinister anime characters with evil plots of their own.


One Piece 1107: The Blackbeard Pirates’ End Goal, Revealed

The Blackbeard pirates complete their goal while fights intensify on Egghead in One Piece 1107.

10 Ghost In The Shell


Ghost In The Shell Batou

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Production I.G

Japanese Title
Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex

Number of Episodes

This lead investigator and expert combatant made a name for himself in Ghost in the Shell. In the Stand Alone Complex of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, Batou’s Japanese voice was voiced by Akio Otsuka. When compared to Blackbeard’s voice, both characters sound quite alike.

While Blackbeard and Batou share similarities in terms of authoritativeness and voice actor, at their core, they are different from one another. Everything Batou does is for the good of the people he cares about, but Blackbeard only seeks to achieve his greedy desires, whatever the cost.

9 Mob Psycho 100


Dimple Waves Goodbye – Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 6

Mob Psycho 100



Number of Episodes

The self-proclaimed upper-class evil spirit appeared early in the Mob Psycho 100 anime. Initially, Dimple was determined to become a god; however, after meeting Mob and experiencing his god-like powers, Dimple surrendered to Mob and decided to follow him and make him a god instead.


Mob Psycho 100: Who is Dimple?

Dimple is the all powerful evil spirit of the Mob Psycho 100 universe or so he says. Is Dimple really that powerful and what exactly is his deal?

As they share the same voice actor, Dimple and Blackbeard sound alike; however, Dimple lacks the deep tonality present in Blackbeard’s voice. Apart from moments when the evil spirit is forced to participate in combat and unleash his true power, his voice lacks the deep power and authority found in Blackbeard’s.

8 Fate/Zero





Gen Urobuchi

Number of Episodes

The Fate franchise is known for portraying a wide range of characters through its masters and servants. Of the many characters portrayed, fans are sure to have heard one or two of their most beloved characters’ voices. Iskandar is one such character.

Iskandar was the rider class servant of the fourth Holy Grail War portrayed in the Fate/Zero series. His voice was loud and booming, perfectly portraying his larger-than-life character. In comparison to Blackbeard, Iskandar’s voice booms more; however, both characters are individuals who actively give in to their desires.

7 Durarara!!

Shingen Kishitani

Shingen Kishitani


Brain’s Base

Ryōgo Narita

Number of Episodes

Streaming Service(s)

This mad scientist is one of the few characters voiced by Akio Otsuka who doesn’t play a prominent antagonistic role in their respective series. As the father of Shinra Kashitani, one of the protagonists in Durarara!!, Shingen can even be said to be on the side of good — or at least, on the side of his son.

Perhaps because Shingen is always seen with a mask, if fans are not on the lookout, they may miss the similarities between Shingen’s and Blackbeard’s voices. While Shingen lacks many of Blackbeard’s personality traits, his eccentric nature makes him stand out.

6 Baki

Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma, the strongest creature

Baki Hanma

TMS Entertainment

Keisuke Itagaki

Number of Episodes

Being the primary antagonist of the entire Baki franchise, Yujiro Hanma is nothing short of a menace in human clothing. Yujiro is often regarded as the strongest and most dangerous man in the world, and his dominant, deep voice emphasizes that.

Fans who have listened to both Yujiro and Blackbeard can tell the similarities in how they sound. Both individuals are ruthless beings who kill however they like to reach their goals. The voice and voice actors of both Yujiro and Blackbeard are simply one of the lesser things that join them together.

5 Bleach

Shunsui Kyoraku

Captain Commander Shunsui Kyoraku Addressing Central 46 In Bleach The Thousand-Year Blood War



Tite Kubo

Number of Episodes

Streaming Service(s)

The current captain commander of the Gotei 13, Shunsui Kyoraku, is a powerful but laid-back man. Shunsui hardly ever takes things too seriously and adopts a carefree approach to many things, even trying to talk his way out of battles.


Bleach: 11 Strongest Characters In The Quincy Blood War

These are some of the strongest characters in Bleach’s Quincy Blood War arc.

Shunsui’s carefree attitude is also seen in his way of speaking, as he drags his words, leading to him generally adopting a casual tone. Blackbeard, on the other hand, has a form of intensity to his speech that is not found in Shunsui Kyoraku’s. Akio Otsuka did well to adopt a manner of speech that reflects the captain’s personality.

4 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Wamuu using his ultimate technique against Joseph

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

David Production

Hirohiko Araki

Number of Episodes

As the primary antagonist of the second part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency, Wamuu is a strong, ruthless man with a flair for battle. As Akio Otsuka voiced Wamuu, he and the antagonistic Blackbeard have the same voice.

While their voices are immensely similar due to having the same voice actor, their personalities are a bit different. Although they are both major antagonists in their respective series, unlike Blackbeard, Wamuu does not rely on trickery. He likes to fight with honor, even if ruthlessly. To this extent, Wamuu doesn’t attack the already wounded, but Blackbeard looks out for the weak to prey on.

3 Bungo Stray Dogs

Genichiro Fukuchi

Bungo Stray Dogs Genichiro Fukuchi

Bungo Stray Dogs

Kafka Asagiri


Number of Episodes

Seasons one to three of Bungo Stray Dogs have managed to leave its name in the minds of many. However, season four comes with an overarching plot that leaves many stunned with its many plot twists. Humanity’s strongest and most loyal soldier suddenly turns into a devious mastermind who seeks to unify the world and have it under his control.


A Happy End Seems Unlikely For Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5

Victories become defeats and certainties mutate into conundrums as the minutes creep closer to the end of the world for our heroes.

With his charismatic, sinister voice and actions, Genichiro Fukuchi bears many similarities to One Piece’s Blackbeard. Despite having the same voice actor, Genichiro has a unique sound to his voice that is not found in Blackbeard.

2 Vinland Saga



Vinland Saga

Makoto Yukimura

Wit Studio, MAPPA

Number of Episodes

Streaming Service(s)
Amazon Prime Video , Crunchyroll , HIDIVE

The mighty Thorkell the Tall made many appearances in the first season of Vinland Saga. His tall, menacing frame and thirst for battle match his booming, thunderous voice. Unlike Blackbeard’s more sinister and cunning undertone, Thorkell’s voice portrays his confident nature, which has no need for trickery or games.

Akio Otsuka portrays Thorkell’s and Blackbeard’s personalities in their respective voices, which makes the characters sound somewhat different. However, beneath it all, it’s the same voice tweaked to match their differing personalities and perspectives on life, whether it be overwhelming confidence or mischievousness.

1 My Hero Academia

All For One

all for one my hero academia

The mighty All For One has plagued the My Hero Academia world for centuries, killing various heroes who have inherited One For All. With his confident and commanding voice, All for One carries himself with a sense of authority and power.

As two menacing villains in their respective series, many see both All For One and Blackbeard as dastardly creatures who could end the world if given the chance. While there are differences in how they sound, upon closer inspection, fans would be able to pick out the similarities in their dark, villainous voices.

One Piece-9

One Piece

Eiichiro Oda

Toei Animation

Number of Episodes

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