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Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond: Beginners Guide and Tips

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond: Beginners Guide and Tips

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is an outstanding turn-based RPG game packed full of action and an interesting storyline to follow. The game has so many interesting and powerful characters with unique powers and features. As a new game, many players might be facing some difficulties at the beginning of their journey. So I have come up with this Pixel Heroes beginners guide for all my newcomer friends to help you all to know all about the gameplay, and features, and provide with necessary tips to make you experience the best it can be.

Gameplay Overview

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is a turn-based RPG, and thus the category defines much about the gameplay mechanics itself. At first, players need to make a team with 5 characters to fight against the evil monsters and their troops that have covered the holy land with darkness.

After this, players can easily witness some of the amazing game modes, such as the Storyline, Arena, and many more that I will be discussing further in detail. By playing all these matches, players will get a chance to win all the essential in-game resources in the form of rewards. Players can use them later to enhance their characters, and can even some of the resources to summon powerful heroes. 

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via HaoPLay Limited

Now, let us get into the gameplay mechanics. As a turn-based RPG game, Pixel Heroes is an automated 2D game, all the attacks are performed by the Heroes on their own. All these attacks are based upon turns given to all the characters including the enemies as well.

Players can even set the pace of the match. The only hard work players need to do is to create an amazing team, that includes powerful players along with a balanced set of classes. A balanced team that includes all the classes of heroes helps in maintaining good Team strength along with proper execution of attacks. 

Introducing the Basics of Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond


The Story is the section where the players get to access the main Storyline game mode. The Storyline game mode is divided into several chapters followed by stages under them. At the beginning of the journey, players need to complete a certain stage of a particular chapter. This will help them unlock all the other in-game features as well. Players will get amazing rewards such as Gold Coins, Stones, Potion, Summon Token, and Star Diamond. You can grab some freebies with the Pixel Heroes codes.


The Realm is the area where the players get to see some of the amazing sets of other game modes present in the game. The section comes up with several game modes such as:

  • Arena
  • Endless Sea
  • Divine Garden
  • Song of Time
  • Tower of Beings
  • Eternal Throne
  • River of Oblivion

All these game modes are not related to the main Storyline mode. Players also get to fight against other players in the Arena section. This will help the players know about their capability compared to other players. Other game modes such as Tower of Beings, Eternal Throne, and Endless Sea come up with the Wave format game mode. In this type of game mode, players need to fight against waves of enemies for every stage. If players lose at a particular stage, then players need to restart the journey again from scratch. 


The Hero section lets players get access to all the Heroes present in the game. By moving through this area, players can easily check out the Classes, Tiers, and Stats of all the Heroes. Players can also level up the unlocked characters in this section by following these easy steps: 

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond: Beginners Guide and TipsPixel Heroes: Tales of Emond: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via HaoPLay Limited
  • Open the Hero section, and select a desired Hero for Upgrade
  • After selecting the Hero, check for the amount of Gold Coins and Potions required. 
  • Tap on the “Upgrade” or “Level Up” option to Upgrade or Level up the selected Hero


Sanctum is the area where players can easily summon heroes for their team. Summoning heroes is one of the most important aspects of an RPG game like this. Thus players need to save all types of Summon Tokens they receive in the form of rewards, and then utilize them to summon more powerful Heroes. Apart from summoning characters, players can also get access to several other segments such as:

  • Elst Temple
  • Trade Airship
  • Astrology
  • Mystic Land
  • Guild
  • Sanctum Forge
  • Faction Summon
  • Hero Alter
  • Star Up Platform
  • Hero Summon

These are all some of the important sections where players can go to trade their resources with other players or the Guild members. The game also has a Guild section, where players can go for joining a clan or create one and make their empire to rule over the world rankings. Most of the sections such as Hero Summon, Faction Summon, Hero Alter, and Sanctum Forge where players can summon up heroes and factions for their team. These will eventually help the players to build a powerful team for themselves and continue their journey. 

Pixel Heroes: Tale of Emond Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After spending hours with this game, here are some of the best tips and tricks for all the beginners from my end:

1. Go for the Storyline Mode

Storyline mode is the primary mode in the game, thus at the early stages of the journey, players need to go through the storyline game mode. This will not only help the players to progress further in the game and story mode but also will help the players unlock all the other features present in the game for future utilization. 

2. Enhance your Heroes

Heroes are yet another important aspect of the game. Thus as a beginner, players need to save resources such as Potions and Gold Coins. These resources will help the players to upgrade and level up all the unlocked heroes and add value to the overall team strength of the player. 

3. Summon more Heroes to become Stronger

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond: Beginners Guide and TipsPixel Heroes: Tales of Emond: Beginners Guide and Tips
Image via HaoPLay Limited

The game brings up some of the finest Heroes in the game that are not only just unique but carry immense power. Thus players need to utilize the Summon Tokens they have received in the form of reward. Summoning more Heroes unlocks the probability of summoning the best Heroes of the game and thus this will help the players to make their team stronger than before. 

4. Complete Missions and Quests

Pixel Heroes has some of the best set of game modes along with the storyline mode. These game modes offer some interesting missions and quests for the players as well. Completion of these missions leads to winning all the important in-game resources in the form of rewards for all the players. Thus players need to focus on completing all types of missions assigned in the game, collect all the valuable resources, and utilize them to progress faster. 

5. Check your capability in the Realm

Realm comes up with sets of amazing game modes apart from the main Storyline mode. Thus players can check out their skills and capability against other players or in other interesting matches. This will help the players analyze their mistakes while building or maintaining the team and thus will provide better ideas over the sites of improvement. 

Final Thought

Pixel Heroes: Tale of Emond is a great game that delivers a decent gameplay experience along with some fascinating features that might hold the interest of the players towards the game. I have gone through the game for several days and thus, my piece will help the newcomers learn about all the basic ideas of what Pixel Heroes is all about. 

Then what are you waiting for? Jump into the Glorious world of Pixels with the help of our Pixel Heroes Beginners Guide and show the hidden mighty power. Also, do not skip the Tips and tricks, as it might help you flourish even faster at the initial stage of your journey.

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