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Palworld Patch Addresses Pal AI, Cheating, and More

A screenshot from Pocket Pair's Palworld, showing Pal Mau sleeping next to a player's base.


  • Patch for Palworld introduces backup save data, refined key configurations, and improved Pal AI combat tactics.
  • The update addresses base-related issues, optimized Pal behavior, and implements measures against cheating for a fair gaming experience.
  • Palworld, a hit among players for its unique gameplay, blends survival mechanics with monster-taming elements for a challenging adventure.



Palworld has released Patch, addressing Pal AI, incrementing measures against cheating, and accidentally fixing a bug with the tower boss. Alongside, the Palworld update also introduced a plethora of significant improvements and fixes to enhance the gaming experience.

Palworld, developed by Pocket Pair, is an action-adventure game where players capture and use animal-like creatures called “Pals” for tasks like combat and base building. Launched in January 2024 for Windows and Xbox platforms, Palworld quickly became a hit, selling over 7 million copies in five days. Combining survival mechanics with monster-taming elements, Palworld offers solo and multiplayer modes. Players manage hunger, craft tools, and build bases while engaging in combat and capturing Pals, each with unique abilities useful for various tasks and challenges on the Palpagos Islands.


Palworld Player Discovers Secret Room While Exploring, Builds Base Inside

A Palworld player discovers a secret room hidden beneath the game’s playable map while exploring, choosing to build a new base inside.

One of the most notable additions in update is the implementation of a backup feature for save data on the world selection screen, ensuring that players’ progress is safeguarded against unexpected mishaps or data loss while playing Palworld. Additionally, the patch addresses the accumulation of unnecessary data in save files, optimizing performance and stability. Key configurations have been refined with the inclusion of fully supported keyboard key customization. Furthermore, modifications to guild mechanics now permit the removal of guild members even when they are offline, offering greater flexibility in managing player interactions.

One of Palworld‘s key elements is its different kind of Pals and how players interact with them; hence, numerous adjustments have been made to player and Pal behaviors, including refining long-press operations during tasks and improving Pal AI to enable more aggressive combat tactics. Notably, a bug that caused bosses to become stuck in walls after being targeted by certain partner skills has also been rectified. Additionally, Palworld’s developer said on Twitter that as a result of various fixes, a bug that allowed players to capture the tower boss was unintentionally fixed too.

Palworld‘s base-related issues have also been addressed, with fixes implemented to prevent Pal entities from getting stuck in various environments and optimizing Pal behavior during transportation tasks. Building restrictions have been relaxed for stairs and roofs, providing players with greater freedom in constructing their bases and structures. Furthermore, balance adjustments, network renovations, and measures against cheating in Palworld have been implemented to ensure a fair and engaging gameplay experience for all players.

The update also tackled balance adjustments, network-related enhancements, and various minor issues. As Palworld continues to evolve and refine through player feedback and community engagement, patch is out now, and fans can already enjoy the improvements it brought.

Palworld update patch notes

Major Fixes

・Implemented backup of save data on the world selection screen

・Resolved issue of unnecessary data accumulating in save data

Key Configuration

・Added fully supported keyboard key configuration


・Modified specification to allow guild members to be removed when not logged in

Player Issues

・Changed long-press operation during player tasks to allow continuous work by pressing the work button once (This is switchable in the options settings)

・Fixed issue where riding in prohibited hunting areas would not result in a crime

・Improved interaction accuracy with adjacent objects


・Changed specifications so that when a Pal is instructed to “attack aggressively,” the Pal will attack enemies indiscriminately even if they are not in combat

・Corrected an issue to allow Pals of rank 1 or higher to be selected as concentrated material (higher-ranked Pals yield more points when concentrated)

・Fixed bug where if a large amount of experience points were gained and the level increased to 50 at once, Pals would not learn any active skills

・Mitigated an issue where using Mossanda’s partner skill “Grenadier Panda” on a dungeon boss would cause the boss to get stuck in walls

Base Issues

・Fixed an issue where base Pals would get stuck on top of a logging site, etc.

・Added measures to prevent the issue where base Pals would wander around and get stuck at the border of the base area

・Fixed an issue where Pals at the base would get stuck repeatedly starting transportation tasks and the light bulbs icon would appear over and over again.

・Added measures to prevent the issue of base Pals getting stuck in the farm on a roof

・Fixed an issue where work Pals would get stuck in the summon space of Palbox when restarting the server on a dedicated server.

・Adjusted the default work priority of base Pals (Anubis will prioritize manual labour)

・Significantly relaxed building restrictions for stairs and triangular roofs

・Fixed an issue where sound would play in an infinite loop when Pals at the base used certain active skills.

・Specifications changed so that all changes in environmental temperature are added up (if you put 4 campfires next to each other, the surrounding area will have the temperature of a volcano)

・Implemented “relax” working style on the monitoring stand

Balance Adjustment

・Significantly strengthened mining power for Digtoise partner skills

・Fixed the abnormally high selling price of nails

・Significantly increased the number of police officers who appear when a crime is committed

・Added electric shock effect to Free Pal Alliance’s crossbow

・Adjusted the flight distance of Sphere Launcher and Scatter Sphere Launcher.

・Increased the SAN value recovery amount of high-quality hot springs

Network Related

・Renovated the server lobby

・[Search by server name] will now work

・Added the ability to view online players on a dedicated server

*On community servers, this will only be displayed if the setting is enabled


・Fixed the issue where Day 5 Memo was not placed

・You can now adjust the in-game brightness in the settings

・Fixed many minor bugs

・Corrected various incorrect text

・Improved measures against cheating



January 19, 2024

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.

T For Teen Due To Violence

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