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Order & Chaos: Guardians Beginners Guide and Tips

Order & Chaos Guardians Pre-Battle

Step into the enchanting world of Order & Chaos: Guardians, an MMORPG crafted by Exptional Global. In this fantastical world, gods slumber, faith teeters on the brink, and mysteries unfold across the continent of Arkland. If you’re stepping into this epic world for the first time, fear not! This Order & Chaos: Guardians Beginners Guide is your key to mastering the basics and navigating the enchanting realms of Arkland.

Order & Chaos: Guardians Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

Ensure victory by understanding hero skills, arranging them strategically, and deploying ultimate skills at the right moment. Surpass recommended team levels to surely win the battle for valuable rewards. The battle unfolds automatically, but your intervention with strategic skill usage is key.

Order & Chaos Guardians Pre-Battle
Image via Exptional Global

Before the battle starts, you get to organize your lineup, and you also can check out the enemies’ lineup. Success in battles boils down to picking the right heroes, planning carefully, and using skills strategically. Make sure you have a solid lineup and skill strategy before the battle kicks off.

Follow Expedition

Expedition marks your first adventure, guiding you through various chapters with different maps and challenges against enemies. Each chapter unveils stages, and your task is clear: follow, complete, and conquer. Progress through stages within a chapter to unlock the next, advancing in the game. Engage in battles during these expedition stages, defeating enemies to claim your rewards.

Order & Chaos Guardians ExpeditionOrder & Chaos Guardians Expedition
Image via Exptional Global

Keep your team level above the recommended average for assured victories in each battle. Completing stages within each chapter doesn’t just unlock the next features; it stockpiles resources, gear, and experience vital for strengthening your team. Expedition is your gateway to discovery, presenting challenges, battles, and victories that shape your journey.

Train your Heroes

Making your heroes stronger is crucial for winning battles. Start by leveling up your heroes with resources to boost their combat power and improve key attributes. As they reach maximum levels, breakthroughs unlock extra skills, adding versatility to their abilities. Upgrading your heroes’ skills is vital for better performance in battles.

Order & Chaos Guardians TrainingOrder & Chaos Guardians Training
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Equipping your heroes with equipment is crucial to boost their power, providing an advantage in strategic battles. Additionally, the game offers features like resetting your character’s level, with 100% of the resources consumed for leveling up refunded. You can also make use of unwanted heroes by sacrificing them for blessings, for your hero management. Consistent training ensures your heroes evolve, becoming powerful entities on the battlefield, and gaining strength with each encounter.


Factions hold a crucial role in the strategic dynamics of battles. Every hero is associated with a specific faction, and grasping the strengths and weaknesses of these factions is essential for building an effective team. The game features five factions: Defiant, Nature Keepers, Sentinel, Light, and Dark.

Order & Chaos Guardians FactionOrder & Chaos Guardians Faction
Image via Exptional Global

Understanding faction counters is vital, as Sentinel counters Defiant, Defiant counters Nature Keepers, and Nature Keepers counter Sentinel, while Light and Dark counter each other. Additionally, faction influence in battle provides bonus attributes to all allies in the same faction. This intricate faction system adds depth and complexity to team composition and battle strategy in Order & Chaos: Guardians.


The castle in Order & Chaos: Guardians is pivotal to your overall progress, gradually unlocking diverse features as you clear stages. Tapping on structures grants access to various functionalities, evolving alongside your journey to offer new bonuses and opportunities.

Order & Chaos Guardians CastleOrder & Chaos Guardians Castle
Image via Exptional Global

A noteworthy aspect is the ability to receive offline material yields, enabling resource accumulation even during periods of inactivity. Strategic castle management, coupled with timely upgrades, is essential for ensuring a prosperous and rewarding adventure in the game.

Summon Heroes

Order & Chaos: Guardians features a recruitment system that enables players to acquire heroes for their gameplay journey. Initially, players unlock some heroes through progress in the expedition mode, but these might not suffice for the challenging stages ahead. To bolster your lineup and confront formidable enemies, the summoning system becomes a valuable tool.

Order & Chaos Guardians SummonOrder & Chaos Guardians Summon
Image via Exptional Global

Using different summoning currencies, players can summon one or ten heroes at a time. The system includes a pity feature, guaranteeing a Splendid or Epic tier hero after ten pulls. Acquiring higher-tier heroes is challenging due to their lower appearance rates. Typically, rarer heroes have lower chances, while common ones have higher probabilities. Rerolling is a strategic tactic to overcome challenges and obtain stronger heroes, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Order & Chaos: Guardians Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Advance in Expedition for unlocking Features

Progress through expedition chapters to unlock new maps, challenges, and features. Advancing in the game’s main story not only reveals the narrative but also grants access to valuable resources, providing a dual benefit of storyline progression and resource accumulation for a well-rounded gaming experience.

2. Reset your Hero Levels for Efficient Resource Management

Reset the levels of heroes not actively used to recover materials and resources. Use the reclaimed resources to upgrade and strengthen higher-grade heroes, optimizing your team composition for greater effectiveness in battles. This strategic approach ensures that resources are utilized efficiently, contributing to the overall strength and versatility of your hero lineup.

3. Complete Quests for Rich Rewards

Regularly pursue the main story, daily, and weekly quests for diverse rewards, including Diamonds and premium scrolls. Quest completion not only advances the storyline but also provides essential resources for your journey, offering a consistent source of valuable items to enhance your heroes and fortify your team.

4. Claim AFK Rewards in the Castle

Take advantage of the AFK reward system in your castle to accumulate resources even when offline. Claiming these rewards regularly boosts your resource reserves, contributing to overall progression. This ensures your heroes are well-equipped and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

5. Participate in Events

Keep an eye out for in-game events! Actively participate to score extra rewards, including premium currency and exclusive items. Stay informed through in-game announcements and community channels to ensure you don’t miss any exciting opportunities.

Final Thoughts

As you dive into the captivating world of Order & Chaos: Guardians, remember that your journey is full of possibilities. With the right strategies and a strong team, the challenges you encounter are opportunities for greatness.

This guide equips you with essential tips to ensure your path to becoming a true Guardian is successful. Whether navigating expeditions, refining battle strategies, or managing your castle, every choice propels you toward prosperity. So, explore the mysteries of Arkland, and let your hero’s saga unfold in the realms of Order & Chaos: Guardians.

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