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OnePlus 12 vs OPPO Find X7 Ultra

OnePlus 12 Review AM AH 15

OnePlus and OPPO are two sister companies, and both of them released very compelling flagships in the last couple of months. In this article, we’ll compare those two phones, the OnePlus 12 vs OPPO Find X7 Ultra. Do note that the OPPO Find X7 Ultra launched only in China, at least at the time of writing this article. OPPO did say they don’t have plans to launch the device globally, well, at least back when they announced it. Things could change.

With that in mind, this is not a case of a simple rebrand of the same device, not at all. The two phones do look considerably different, and even though they do share some specs, and some other aspects, these two devices are different. We’ll first list their specifications, and will then move to compare them across a number of other categories. Let’s get to it!


OnePlus 12 vs OPPO Find X7 Ultra, respectively

Screen size:
6.82-inch LTPO AMOLED display (curved, 120Hz LTPO, HDR10+, 4,500 nits)
Display resolution:
3168 x 1440
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
256GB/512GB (UFS 4.0)
Rear cameras:
50MP (f/1.6 aperture, 23mm lens, 1.12um pixel size, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS), 48MP (ultrawide, 14mm lens, 114-degree FoV, f/2.2 aperture, 0.8um pixel size, PDAF), 64MP (periscope telephoto, 0.7um pixel size, OIS, PDAF, 3x optical zoom, 6x “in-sensor” zoom)
50MP (f/1.8 aperture, 1-inch sensor, 1.6um pixel size, OIS), 50MP (ultrawide, f/2.0 aperture, 123-degree FoV), 50MP (periscope telephoto, 3x optical zoom, f/2.6 aperture, OIS), 50MP (periscope telephoto, 6x optical zoom, f/4.3, OIS)
Front cameras:
32MP (f/2.4 aperture, 0.8um pixel size)
100W wired, 50W wireless, reverse wireless (charger included)
164.3 x 75.8 x 9.2mm
164.3 x 76.2 x 9.5mm
220 grams
221 grams
5G, LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5.4
In-display fingerprint scanner (optical) & facial scanning
In-display fingerprint scanner (ultrasonic) & facial scanning
Android 14 with OxygenOS 14
Android 14 with ColorOS 14
CNY5,999 ($843, China only)
OnePlus 12 (Best Buy)
OPPO Find X7 Ultra (China only)

OnePlus 12 vs OPPO Find X7 Ultra: Design

Both phones come with an aluminum frame, and even their general shapes are very similar. Both have curved front and back sides, which are proportional and which curve into the frame on the side. This is known as a glass sandwich design, more or less. Yes, the displays are curved on both smartphones, and the corners are rounded. The bezels are very thin on both phones, and both devices do include a centered display camera hole on the front.

If we looked at them from the front alone, they would be quite similar. However, if we flip them around, you’ll see a bevy of differences. They also feel entirely different in the hand, but more on that soon. The OnePlus 12 has a camera island in the top-left corner. It includes three cameras, and it’s considerably smaller than the OPPO Find X7 Ultra’s. The OPPO Find X7 Ultra’s camera island is centered in the upper portion of the phone’s back. It’s quite large, and it’s also circular. That camera island does protrude more than the OnePlus 12’s, and there are four cameras included here.

Both phones do come with Hasselblad’s branding and expertise. The backplate on the OnePlus 12 is made out of glass, while the OPPO Find X7 Ultra has a combination of glass and vegan leather. The vast majority is covered by vegan leather (from the bottom portion), which does help with the grip. The OPPO Find X7 Ultra is definitely the less slippery of the two phones, though neither of them is particularly grippy.

The two phones are equally tall, while the OPPO Find X7 Ultra is only barely wider (0.4mm difference). It is also barely thicker (0.3mm), and 1 gram heavier. So you are basically getting identical proportions and weight across these two phones. Gorilla Glass Victus sits on the back of both devices, and both offer water and dust resistance. The OPPO Find X7 Ultra is better in that regard, however, as it offers an IP68 certification vs IP65 certification on the OnePlus 12. Both phones feel very premium in the hand, so no worries there. And yes, both have an alert slider on the left-hand side.

OnePlus 12 vs OPPO Find X7 Ultra: Display

You will find the same exact display on these two smartphones. Both of them use BOE’s X1 panel, and that display is gorgeous. Every single display-related spec is the same across the two phones, so keep that in mind. Both have a 6.82-inch QHD+ (3168 x 1440) LTPO AMOLED display. This is a curved display with a centered display camera hole. It has an adaptive refresh rate which can jump between 1 and 120Hz as needed.

OnePlus 12 Review AM AH 15
OnePlus 12

This panel can project up to 1 billion colors, and it supports Dolby Vision. HDR10+ content is also supported here, while the display goes up to 4,500 nits of theoretical max brightness. The display is protected by the Gorilla Glass Victus 2. Even the screen-to-body ratio is almost identical on the two smartphones, it goes over 90% on both accounts. This panel also supports a 240Hz touch sampling rate.

This display is great, actually. It offers vivid colors with deep blacks and great viewing angles. It’s more than sharp enough, and the touch response is great too. It also gets more than bright enough regardless of how bright it is outside, it’s perfectly fine for use under direct sunlight. All in all, we really don’t have anything to complain about, OnePlus and OPPO opted for a really good display. You’re even getting 2,160Hz PWM dimming here and a ProXDR boost. This panel can easily compete with the very best out there, as it is one of the best ones.

OnePlus 12 vs OPPO Find X7 Ultra: Performance

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 fuels both of these smartphones. That is Qualcomm’s best processor at the moment. The OnePlus 12 comes with up to 16GB of RAM globally, and up to 24GB of RAM in China. LPDDR5X RAM is used, along with UFS 4.0 flash storage. The OPPO Find X7 Ultra offers up to 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM and it also uses UFS 4.0 flash storage. As already mentioned, that phone is limited to China, but you can place Google Play Services on it. It worked great for us in Europe.

When it comes to the performance itself, these two phones are some of the best-performing smartphones in the market at the moment. They ship with Android 14 out of the box. The OnePlus 12 includes OxygenOS 14, while ColorOS 14 is included on the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. The two software iterations are very similar, even though they would be even more similar if the OPPO Find X7 Ultra had a global build of ColorOS.

Both phones simply flew through everything we threw at them. They even have proper vapor chambers on the inside, which help with heavier tasks. Everything we did across the two phones ran smoothly, that goes for regular everyday tasks, such as browsing, multimedia consumption, and image processing, and more intensive tasks such as gaming. Both devices can easily run the most intensive games out there, and that includes Genshin Impact as well. They also have dedicated gaming modes which help things quite a bit. Outside of gaming phones, these two devices are some of the best smartphones for gaming at the moment.

OnePlus 12 vs OPPO Find X7 Ultra: Battery

The OnePlus 12 includes a 5,400mAh battery, while the OPPO Find X7 Ultra packs in a 5,000mAh unit. Both smartphones do offer great battery life, but the OnePlus 12 does edge the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. The OnePlus 12 is actually one of the best-performing smartphones in our battery rundown test as of now. Benchmarks are probably not what you’re interested in, so, what about real-life use?

Getting over the 8-hour screen-on-time mark has proven to be possible on the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. Most people probably won’t even use their phones all that much in a single day, but this is possible if gaming is not included. The OnePlus 12 took things even further than that. Crossing the 9-hour screen-on-time mark has proven to be doable, and the phone still had battery charge left.

Do note that this is only our experience and we were on Wi-Fi most of the day. If you’re using 5G, plus playing some games, and have a poor signal, things do change quite a bit. Still, we did not baby either phone during our use, or anything of the sort, so both of them do offer great battery life. The OnePlus 12 is worth singling out, though, as it really does offer more.

What about charging? Well, they’re the same in that regard. Both smartphones offer blazing-fast wired and wireless charging. 100W wired is supported on both of them, along with 50W wireless, and 10W reverse wireless. They both even include 100W chargers in the box. Do note that, if you live in the US, you will be limited to 80W wired charging, despite the fact that 100W charging is supported. Both phones can be fully charged in half an hour, and under an hour if you’re charging them wirelessly.

OnePlus 12 vs OPPO Find X7 Ultra: Cameras

The OnePlus 12 features a 50-megapixel main camera, a 48-megapixel ultrawide unit (114-degree FoV), and a 64-megapixel periscope telephoto camera (3x optical zoom). The OPPO Find X7 Ultra has a 50-megapixel main camera, a 50-megapixel ultrawide unit (123-degree FoV), a 50-megapixel periscope telephoto camera (2.8x optical zoom), and a second 50-megapixel periscope telephoto camera (6x optical zoom). Both phones are boosted by Hasselblad.

AH OPPO Find X7 Ultra image 53AH OPPO Find X7 Ultra image 53
OPPO Find X7 Ultra

The OPPO Find X7 Ultra does have a more powerful camera setup, hardware-wise, that’s hard to deny. It does perform better overall, to be quite honest, but the OnePlus 12 managed to surprise us with its camera performance. It keeps up really well with its powerful sibling. You’ll be getting really nice, contrasty images from both phones, with great colors. They both like to keep the shadows darker when needed to provide more realistic images, though that is more pronounced on the OPPO Find X7 Ultra.

That phone does have a better main camera too, and you do notice that when comparing the images side by side. The bokeh on the OPPO Find X7 Ultra is outstanding, and the images do end up looking great regardless of the scene. Both phones do perform really well in low light, though the OPPO Find X7 Ultra does have a slight edge in such conditions too. It also offers more options when it comes to telephoto shots, plus a wider ultrawide camera. Both smartphones do offer outstanding camera performance in general, though, that’s for sure.


You will find a set of stereo speakers on both of these smartphones. Those speakers perform well on both ends of the spectrum. They’re loud enough, and the output is good enough too, it’s well-balanced. They are not the loudest speakers we’ve encountered, though, not even close.

What neither phone has is an audio jack, though. You can always use their Type-C ports in order to connect your headphones via a wire, though. If you prefer wireless audio, you’ll be glad to know that both devices support Bluetooth 5.4.

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