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One Piece Characters With The Most Kills



  • Imu, the supreme ruler of the world, is a merciless individual with a high kill count, obliterating entire kingdoms without remorse.
  • Mihawk, the strongest swordsman alive, hunts for kills out of boredom and has a history of hunting down and killing Marines.
  • Akainu, the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, has an obsession with killing pirates and executes anyone he considers a threat, including deserting Marines.



The protagonist of the One Piece series is Monkey D. Luffy, a mysterious man with a fondness for action. Luffy has met a lot of people with a long list of fatalities to their names in his quest to become the Pirate King, the freest man on the broad and boundless seas.


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While the characters in One Piece are rarely killed off, many do perish over the course of the series. Who has the most kills among the many cruel characters known for their mercilessness and unquenchable hunger for blood? Which pirate or marine has the most blood on their hands while sailing the Grand Line?

Updated March 3, 2024, by Oluwatokiloba Folami:The core lore in the One Piece series includes pirates venturing into deep and dark seas to find the One Piece, a legendary treasure. While pirates go to sea to find this legendary treasure, there are all sorts of characters, good, bad, and neutral who have differing opinions on the treasure and its direct and indirect effects on the world. Whether it be Blackbeard, Kaido, and other notorious pirates, or the shady World Government, various powers are interested in the One Piece and kill many along the way to achieve their goals. Whether it be to silence a potential threat or kill off competition, many deaths have occurred in the One Piece series, but which characters have the most blood on their hands?

An exact kill count is difficult to pinpoint, so these are just approximations. The ranking is also not set in stone.

14 Shiryu

Shiryu Lives For The Thrill Of Killing

Shiryu Of The Rain One Piece

The captain of the second ship of the Ten Titanic Captains is not to be underestimated, given his position in Blackbeard’s crew alone. However, apart from the strength and ruthlessness his position suggests, Shiryu is undeniably a menace. Before joining Blackbeard’s crew, Shiryu was imprisoned on level six of Impel Down. Before that, the master swordsman was the head jailer of Impel Down, whose tendency to mass murder the prisoners placed him in chains himself.

With his actions, Shiryu has proven himself to be a truly sadistic person who loves taking lives, and like his captain, he does so without remorse. As a head jailer who was imprisoned in level six for killing prisoners, the number of prisoners Shiryu must have killed is substantial. Moreover, as a member of Blackbeard’s crew, his kill count only increases.

13 Blackbeard

Blackbeard Can Kill Many To Obtain Devil Fruits

Blackbeard from one piece

The notorious Marshall D. Teach, known better by his moniker Blackbeard, is one of One Piece’s most devious pirate captains so far. In terms of battle prowess, after obtaining the Dark Dark fruit and the Tremor Tremor fruit, Blackbeard became one of the most powerful captains in the series, even becoming an Emperor of the Sea, succeeding Whitebeard.

As a character, Blackbeard is ready to kill whoever stands in his way for the sake of his goals, as seen in how he obtained the Dark Dark Fruit. Moreover, after obtaining two devil fruits, Blackbeard went on to hunt for more devil fruits, effectively killing their users to obtain them. With the pursuit of devil fruits and his ambition, Blackbeard serves as a truly notorious pirate captain who almost killed even Boa Hancock for her fruit.

12 Enel

The User Of The Rumble Rumble Fruit Is Accustomed To Eradicating Entire Islands

Enel Blasting Luffy With Lightning In One Piece

God Enel is one of the very few One Piece characters who, despite being portrayed so early on in the series as an antagonist, is still wanted to make a re-appearance by fans. Enel is widely loved by many due to his god complex, antagonistic actions, and sheer power.

Before moving to Skypiea and taking over as God, Enel conquered his homeland, Birka, effectively destroying it and killing thousands. Like many of One Piece’s core antagonists, Enel has no qualms with killing thousands and sees killing those who speak against him as part of his godly duties. On Skypiea, with his lightning powers, and observation haki, Enel would smite anyone who spoke against him. Moreover, after achieving his goal on Skypiea, Enel was prepared to eradicate the entire sky island, killing thousands.

11 Imu

The Leader Of The World Government Eradicated An Entire Kingdom On A Whim

Imu With Straw Hat

Despite the masses believing there is no one supreme ruler of the world, the few who know the secrets of the World Government know that Imu is an individual who sits upon the supposed empty throne in the Holy Land, Mary Geoise. As someone whom the five elders of the World Government bow to, one can only wonder what kind of power Imu wields. Despite Imu only making a few appearances in the One Piece anime and manga series so far, they are believed to have an enmity with people bearing the will of D.


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Although scarcely portrayed, Imu is shown to be a merciless individual and possibly has one of the highest, if not the highest, kill counts in the One Piece universe. Imu is seen obliterating the entire Kingdom of Lulusia simply to test the ‘mother flame,’ a weapon Dr. Vegapunk developed, without remorse or pity.

10 Mihawk

The Strongest Swordsman In The World Used To Be Known As The Marine Hunter

Dracule Mihawk

Like his rival, Red-haired Shanks, a man with a bounty of over four billion berries, Mihawk is a highly dangerous and powerful individual in the One Piece universe. Hailed as the strongest swordsman alive, few can match Mihawk’s skill with a blade. While Mihawk can be seen as a highly stoic individual who does not fight meaningless battles, he has been shown to be a person who ‘hunts’ to kill boredom.

At the beginning of the One Piece anime series, Mihawk is seen pursuing Don Kreig’s fleet to kill his boredom. Moreover, the strongest swordsman in the world used to be known as the Marine Hunter. For various reasons, he hunted Marines down in the past, killing them in the process.

9 Akainu

The Fleet Admiral Believes All Forms Of Evil Must Be Eradicated

One Piece Magu Magu no Mi Akainu Logia Devil Fruit Magma

The Fleet Admiral of the Marines is an individual who possesses the devil fruit, said to have the highest offensive potential in the series. With the Magma Magma fruit, few can match Akainu’s offensive prowess, and he has a sense of justice to match. Akainu firmly believes that all forms of evil must be eradicated. Not contained or imprisoned, but eradicated. This often fuels his obsession to kill pirates rather than give them a chance at reformation.

Akainu himself has been shown to be an extremely decisive individual who executes people he considers threats. Moreover, as seen in the Marineford arc, Akainu will even execute Marines who desert the battlefield rather than punish them.

8 Shanks

The Citizens Of The One Piece World Believe Shanks Is Responsible For Wiping Out Elegia

Shanks Looking Intimidating In One Piece

Emperor Shanks may be a surprising character on the list of One Piece characters with the most kills. However, that is from the perspective of the viewers of the manga and anime series, not from the characters of the series. As Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is well known for his use of dramatic irony, the importance of a character’s words or actions is clear to the viewers, although unknown to the various characters.

This was seen in the One Piece series, where the characters think Shanks and the Red-Haired Pirates are responsible for wiping out the musical country Elegia, whereas viewers know it was done by Tot Musica. As such, contrary to fans’ knowledge, when One Piece characters are asked which character has the highest number of kills, the name Red-haired Shanks is echoed in their answer.

7 Zoro

Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is not infamous for his bloodthirstiness despite being Monkey D. Luffy’s right-hand man. Yet he has a long trail of dead victims behind him. Zoro is such a skilled swordsman that even slashing with the back of his blade will result in instant death. Zoro does not kill unless it is absolutely necessary, yet he will kill if you get in his way.


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Zoro was well-known as a pirate hunter before he ever joined the Straw Hat crew. To make a living, he went in search of pirates and their bounty. That’s why he killed so many pirates. Zoro has killed several marines and bounty hunters on his travels with the Straw Hat crew, in addition to pirates.

6 Rob Lucci

This Ex-Member Of Cp9 Carried Out The World Government’s Dark Justice Right From Childhood

Rob Lucci Staring Menacingly Atop Ennies Lobby

Rob Lucci was once a renowned assassin who carried out the government’s “dark justice” as a member of the elite CP-9 assassination unit. He, along with other CP-9 agents, eliminated those the government judged expendable. Rob Lucci has caused the deaths of multiple characters in the One Piece series with his “weakness is a sin” philosophy.

At the age of 13, Lucci went on one of his most infamous murdering sprees. At that young age, he was sent by the World Government to free a country’s soldiers who had been taken prisoner by pirates. He was able to slay all the pirates, but he also decided the 500 prisoners were too weak to live and slaughtered them. According to him, it is also a sin to be weak.

5 Big Mom

The User Of The Soul Soul Fruit Possessed Various Methods To End A Person’s Life

Big Mom From One Piece

Big Mom, the former sea emperor, is a terrifying figure due to her enormous combat prowess and thick hide. Big Mom, captain of the Big Mom Pirates, is responsible for the deaths of numerous characters in the One Piece series. Big Mom has ruined countless countries and killed untold numbers of civilians with her unchecked Hunger Pang attacks and the use of her Soul Soul Devil Fruit.

The Soul Soul devil fruit also grants her the ability to steal the lives of those who are afraid of her and use their essence to breathe life into a broad variety of inanimate objects. Several people’s spirits have been drained because they’re afraid of Big Mom.

4 Caesar Clown

As A Mad Scientist, Caesar Is Always Developing Ways To End Lives

Caesar Clown From One Piece

Caesar is a brilliant scientist who specializes in the development of nuclear weapons and was a member of the prestigious MADS team led by Vegapunk. After leaving MADS, the scientist’s many inventions and sociopathic methods made him a wanted figure by crime lords and pirate captains, including Doflamingo and Big Mom.


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Caesar is responsible for the deaths of numerous people, either directly or indirectly. To kill as many people as possible, he cheerfully develops new biological and experimental weapons. Caesar takes great pride in the fact that many of his inventions have been put to use in conflicts and murder attempts. The exploitation of entire islands (Punk Hazard), subordinates, and even children in scientific experiments is just one example of Caesar’s active participation in murder.

3 Crocodile

Crocodile Is A Master At Having Others Carry Out His Dirty Works

Former Warlord of the sea Crocodile

The user of the Sand Sand devil fruit, Sir Crocodile, is strikingly similar to Donquixote Doflamingo, the Heavenly Demon. Both of them attempted to take a country by force and were ultimately defeated by Straw Hat Luffy. To gain control of the country of Arabasta, Crocodile provoked a civil war within it. Many people perished because of the drought and famine he brought to the country with his Sand Sand devil fruit.

Crocodile created the shadowy criminal organization Baroque Works to carry out his numerous infamous schemes and murder plots. Crocodile, the mysterious organization’s boss, had his bounty hunters and mercenaries perform a number of murders and acts of espionage on his behalf.

2 Kaido

The Leader Of The Beast Pirates Enslaved The Entire Country Of Wano

Kaido From One Piece

Kaido, the King of Beasts, one of the most potent characters in the One Piece series, is well known for numerous things. One of them is his wild and violent personality. Kaido, a former sea emperor and current captain of the pirate crew known as the Beast Pirates, is directly or indirectly responsible for a large number of deaths.

Kaido was more ruthless when he was younger, killing people alongside the other pirates of the Rocks. Not much changed even after he established his own pirate group and established a base in Wano. Kaido established numerous weapon factories in Wano, employing locals as slave labor to produce weapons for him. Along with eliminating the Kozuki family and their devoted followers, he also executed or imprisoned ordinary citizens who did not support his cause.

1 Donquixote Doflamingo

This Heavenly Demon Could Torch An Entire Town Because Of Poor Pavement

doflamingo's evil smile

Donquixote Doflamingo is one of the best-portrayed villains in One Piece‘s pirate setting. Doflamingo is naturally pompous and arrogant because he was a previous Celestial Dragon. He thinks the rest of humanity is beneath him because they are mere mortals. Doflamingo, a pirate in the One Piece series, believes that force is always justified.

Doflamingo committed patricide and fratricide while enslaving the inhabitants of Dressrosa, running a slave shop in Sabaody, and torching an entire town over the poor pavement. Few characters in the series can compare to him in terms of his extensive list of murderous deeds. His incredibly bloodthirsty personality is topped off by his sadistic nature.

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