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One Piece Chapter 1109 Will Break The Internet

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  • Brace yourselves, One Piece fans! Chapter 1109 is going to reveal shocking truths about the Void Century.
  • Dr. Vegapunk will finally disclose long-hidden secrets, potentially changing the course of the entire series.
  • The final phase of the Egghead Island arc is here, leading to chaos and the start of the Elbaf arc. Get ready for major developments.



One Piece has enjoyed quite a lot of success over the years, and it is safe to say that fans of the series have been enjoying some of the most incredible chapters lately. The Egghead Island arc has proven to be a massive success, and kickstarted the final saga in an incredible fashion. It is clear for the fans to see that the Egghead Island arc of One Piece has been nothing short of spectacular, and right now, the series appears to be in the climax of the arc.


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Clearly, this arc will not last for too long now, and one of the most important chapters, which fans will get to read later this week, will end up being decisive not just in regards to this arc, but also the entire future of One Piece as a whole. One Piece chapter 1109 is just around the corner, and this chapter is set to redefine the series as fans know it.

Why One Piece Chapter 1109 Is Special

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One Piece chapter 110 is going to be incredibly special in more ways than one. For starters, this is a chapter that will give fans an incredible fight between Luffy and the duo of Kizaru and Saturn. However, while that is incredibly exciting, it is not the main reason as to why fans are excited about this chapter. The main reason why this One Piece chapter is going to be absolutely groundbreaking is simply because fans will get to see major revelations pertaining to the Void Century here. This is something that fans of the series have been waiting for, for many years now, and finally, it will most likely be revealed in the upcoming chapter of the story.

One of the cornerstones of the entire story of One Piece is the hidden secret of the Void Century. These secrets have been hidden by Oda for many years now, and even after over 2 decades of incredible storytelling, fans do not know much about it. The closest fans came to finding out about the secrets of the Void Century was during the Enies Lobby Arc, where the flashback of Ohara was shown to the fans. However, before the scholars of Ohara could reveal the truth about the world, they were killed. Professor Clover was shot right through the head, and, as a result, no major information pertaining to the Void Century was made public. Ohara itself was erased from the map entirely, and with that, the entire secret was once again safe for the World Government.

One Piece chapter 1109 is looking to change that in many ways. For starters, in this chapter, fans will finally find out about the truth through Dr. Vegapunk. Towards the end of the last chapter, Dr Vegapunk looked at death’s door, however, before he could actually die, he decided to make his announcement to the entire world. Dr. Vegapunk revealed technology that could transmit his message all over the world, and in this message, he made it quite clear that he would reveal the truth of the entire world, even if it would be unbelievable to those who hear it.

Major Void Century Revelation

The void century One Piece 1066

Of course, it has already been established that Vegapunk will reveal some of the major truths of the One Piece world in One Piece chapter 1109, however, what exactly he will reveal is still up to debate. Given that this particular arc of One Piece has paralleled Ohara so closely, it is highly likely that Vegapunk will reveal bits of information that were touched upon back then. This also makes sense based on the fact that Vegapunk knows what Ohara knew, given that he went to meet Saul on the island of Elbaf. It was made clear in the early parts of the arc that everything that Ohara had studied is safe inside his brain. This clearly implies that he knows what they knew and that he also knows the name of the ancient kingdom from long ago.


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Furthermore, Vegapunk himself was studying Poneglyphs on Egghead Island, and that became one of the reasons why the place is currently under attack. As such, Dr Vegapunk will most likely reveal bits of information from Ohara to the world. This includes the name of the Ancient Kingdom, and of course, some other major revelations pertaining to the scholars from long ago.

20 years ago, this information never made it to even a single soul. Now, however, this information will be spread all over the world of One Piece, and every single person will know of it. There are other secrets pertaining to the World Government that can be made public in One Piece chapter 1109. These can be secrets related to the king of the world, Imu. Fans do not know much about this particular individual at this point in time, however, their identity has already been made clear to the Revolutionary Army, and now, their secret is out in the open as well. Imu’s identity will most likely be revealed very soon in One Piece, be it in One Piece chapter 1109, or later. There is a decent chance for their name to be made public in the upcoming chapter of the story.

The Final Segment Of One Piece Begins

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With One Piece chapter 1109, the final segment of the Egghead Island Arc has now begun. Fans are incredibly excited to see this incredible story arc wrap up, and with that, the Elbaf arc will finally begin. At the same time, the world of One Piece will most certainly be thrown into a state of chaos, and there, fans will most definitely see some of the most incredible developments, especially after the truth of the world is made public. It will be interesting to see how the people of the world react to this information, and what steps the major rulers of the world will take after this.

Clearly, One Piece chapter 1109 is going to be groundbreaking as the series will never be the same after. This chapter might just be on the same level as the biggest ones in the entire story. In fact, if One Piece chapter 1109 actually does go on to reveal the name of the Ancient Kingdom and some bits of information pertaining to this group of people that lived long ago, then it will clearly be a chapter like no other in the entire series. This chapter has the potential to be the very best in the entire story, and for that reason, along with many others, it can actually go on to break the internet. For now, fans simply have to sit back and wait for this incredible chapter to drop, however, the wait is certainly going to be worth it, given the importance of this chapter, and the amazing reveal that it can make.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1109, is set to be March 3, 2024.

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