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NFL 2K Playmakers Beginners Guide and Tips


NFL 2K Playmakers is a card-based sports game for the American Football League that is NFL. The National Football League (NFL) hosts 32 teams annually from two associations across the United States. Here, in this NFL 2K Playmakers beginners guide, I will discuss the basic gameplay of this card game, and provide suggestions, tips, and tricks to be a master of this game in no time. Make sure to read till the end.

NFL might last for only 18 weeks of the year, but with the NFL 2K Playmakers, you can have an essence of American football all around the year. This game brought to you by 2K, Inc., is a card-based game, that compares the overall of your and your opponent’s cards to simulate the results of the game that follows. If you are just starting with the game, make sure to check our redeem codes article to grab any freebies along the way, and should you face any issues, check our customer support article to contact the devs with ease.

NFL 2K Playmakers Gameplay Basics

The game involves a one-on-one card collection clash, where one of the players chooses either to attack or defend a move. The main goal, just like the real sport would be to gain yards and finally a touchdown for a victory. However, several other modes have different mechanisms and aims.

The game would go on as you choose your tactics and wait for your opponents to choose theirs. Whether you would win a round or not depends upon several attributes inscribed on the cards like the overall of the player, the gears attached to him, etc.

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The game draws cards from both the players and calculates based on the stats and head-to-head of the cards on your hand to give a percentage probability if the attacking team can gain or lose yards. In case the percentage favors the attacking or offense team, a touchdown can happen, or the team may gain yards. On the contrary, a favor of percentage for the defense can stop the touchdown, or stop the gaining of yards.

NFL 2K Playmakers Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

Here are some valuable tips and tricks about American Football and the card game, that I wish someone told me before:

1. Choose your team carefully

Players need to choose their favorite team (just like any other real-life-based sports game), and they must choose it wisely. The team that you choose is very crucial, especially for the initial stages of the game. Your first few cards would be from that very team. Also, the very important gold cards would be from that very team.

NFL 2K - Card Battler early accessNFL 2K - Card Battler early access
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Keep in mind that since it is a turn-based card game, you have to either attack or defend in each turn. Therefore, you must have good cards from both sets. In this instance, it should be noted that certain Gold player cards are a rarity for their respective positions. Hence it is advisable to choose teams that have those rare positional Gold cards. Do proper research on that, since you can always change your team later. However, choosing your favorite team to get your favorite players is totally cool.

2. Go through all the game modes

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The game has several game modes like the season, quick read, and red zone drive. Go through and play all of these modes. Especially, if you have a good set of cards, try out the quick Read mode, which is a 9-turn card game solely based on the overall of the cards.

3. Go for the offense the majority of the time

This is a tip on the match tactics. In the majority of the game modes, you would given the option to choose between attack or defend first. In such cases, always go for the offense, instead of the defense. The mechanism of the game is slightly biased towards the attacking teams, however, you may act based on the situation and mindset of the opponent.

NFL 2K - Card BattlerNFL 2K - Card Battler
Image via 2K Games

As said earlier, the game draws cards from both the players and calculates based on the stats and head-to-head of the cards on your hand to give a percentage probability if the attacking team can gain or lose yards. However, it is not always necessary that the increasing percentage might favor you. Remember that if you have a 75% chance of completing a touchdown, the remaining 25% is still against you. However, being the offensive team has favored the gamers most of the time.

4. Don’t rush for the Sapphire league

Just like many other games, the tier system here is based on the level you reach in the game. The ultimate tier as of now is the Sapphire. However, reaching the Sapphire very quickly has its disadvantages. After you reach the Sapphire tier, you will not receive Silver cards as rewards anymore. The following tip will speak about the Silver cards, but keep in mind that you don’t need to rush to the Sapphire League from a card game’s perspective.

5. Don’t give up on Silver cards

As said earlier, the Silver cards have got their advantages in the game. First of all, they are the primary cards that get accumulated in your collection. There are lots of silver cards available in the game and they can be upgraded with the help of clone cards.

Each clone card can increase the card level by 1. The card level can reach up to a maximum of 14. Hence, at least 14 cards of the same name and level can help improve the condition of the Silver cards massively. Sometimes, the overall of the leveled-up silver cards is much more than the initial overall of Gold cards, which are much tougher to level up.

6. Collect Gold cards from draft boards and login rewards

Image via 2k, Inc.

Gold cards are available initially as per the favorite team you choose. However, they are also available later in the game as victory rewards. If you play enough matches, you might end up with decent amounts of Golden cards. Since all the games end up rewarding you with new cards, it isn’t impossible to collect Gold cards from draft boards. Also, try to log in every day, especially for the first week of playing the game, for a free Golden card.

7. Check your opponent’s tier in Red Zone Drive mode

The Red Zone Drive mode is an interesting tactical battle against teams from any specific portion of the roster. These individual games have the same rules as the seasons’ mode but reward you instantly. The best part of this mode is, you can check the level and tier of your opponent beforehand. At the first look, you will get only the idea of the level your opponent is at. However, for the tier, you need to click the small info button there, which will show you the opponent’s tier. Make sure to check it out before the game.

8. Look out for Player boosts before a move

When playing seasons or red zone drive, always look out for team synergy and player boosts on your card deck. The player boost glows at the bottom of your cards, and the synergy is shown as a percentage on top.

NFL 2K - Card BattlerNFL 2K - Card Battler
Image via 2K Games

Every move you make by playing your cards is determined by the tactics, synergy, and boosts of your player cards. You will receive 4 turns to implement your moves, and then go for a final attempt to score a field goal. The field goal also depends on the team synergy, player boost, and where you stop the accuracy and power bar during the goal.

9. Equip your player cards with suitable gears

Gears include mouth guards, shin guards, elbow guards, helmets, etc., and anything else required for this sport. These gears are obtainable via rewards. Players suited for a particular gear, are automatically equipped with them initially.

NFL 2K - Card Battler Guide CoverNFL 2K - Card Battler Guide Cover
Image via 2K Games

For further addition of gears, you need to level up your player cards to level 5 and then level 10. Gearing up your cards increases the stats of your players while simulating on the field. The percentage is a mere possibility of your attack to happen, but the stats of your involved players tell whether the strategy would succeed or not.

10. Gain the basic idea about the sport beforehand

It is very important to be familiar with the game, the teams, and the players before playing such a card game. Remember that this is not rugby association or rugby sevens. This is American football and has a set of different rules. In case you are new to this sport altogether, we wouldn’t say it is a bad idea to play the game, because you may learn from the game too. The thing is, you need to be familiar with the teams and the player names and their qualities for best results.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the NFL 2k Playmakers Guide from our side. All you need to know about is the rules of American football, and be aware of the teams and players of that league. As for the mobile version, the game is a pretty good time-killer if you like American Football and card-based games. Just keep the said tips in mind, and you will find yourself having no trouble while playing this game. Happy gaming!

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