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Murders At Karlov Manor Draft Tier List – Perfect Picks For Your Limited League

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With every new Magic: The Gathering set comes a new Limited format. Our Murders at Karlov Manor Draft tier list will help you master the latest one.

Magic: The Gathering is one of the world’s longest-running trading card games. It continues to add to its vast card pool over time, most recently with Murders at Karlov Manor. This murder mystery themed set has intrigue to spare, as well as a solid suite of new cards. If you’re planning to check out its Limited formats, this tier list will put you on the path to victory.

You can play Magic: The Gathering Arena for free on Android, iOS, and Steam. Looking for more tier lists? Our Anime Last Stand Techniques tier list has you covered.

Complete Murders At Karlov Manor Draft Tier List

Before we begin, we should clarify that this tier list is specifically for the Draft format, and not Standard constructed. It also applies to Sealed as well, to a lesser extent. These formats differ from Standard in that you have less control over the contents of your deck. Because of this, cards tend to live or die by their individual power levels, rather than their potential synergies.

S Tier

This tier holds the best of the best. These are the staple bombs and removal pieces you should take immediately as soon as you see them.

Aurelia’s VindicatorCold Case CrackerCase of the Stashed SkeletonCase of the Burning MasksArchdruid’s CharmAlquist Proft, Master SleuthScene of the Crime
Makeshift BindingCryptic CoatLeering OnlookerCase of the Crimson PulseAxebane FeroxBlood Spatter Analysis
Make Your MoveDramatic AccusationLong GoodbyeCornered CrookFlourishing Bloom-KinDeadly Complication
Not On My WatchIntrude on the MindMassacre Girl, Known KillerFugitive CodebreakerHide In Plain SightRakdos, Patron of Chaos
Novice InspectorSteamcore ScholarMurderIncinerator of the GuiltyTopiary PantherAnzrag, the Quake-Mole
Tenth District HeroSlice From the ShadowsLamplight PhoenixWorldsoul’s Rage
Wojek InvestigatorSoul EnervationPyrotechnic PerformerYarus, Roar of the Old Gods
Undercity EliminatorTorch the WitnessBuried in the Garden
Vein RipperTolsimir, Midnight’s Light
Trostani, Three Whispers
Assassin’s Trophy
Aurelia, the Law Above
Lightning Helix
Warleader’s Call
Kellan, Inquisitive Prodigy//Tail the Suspect
Vannifar, Evolved Enigma

A Tier

The cards in this tier, while not as good as those in S, are still very powerful, and good enough to pick first in the absence of other options.

Case of the Gateway ExpressBurden of ProofBarbed ServitorBolrac-Clan BasherA Killer Among UsEzrim, Agency ChiefMeticulous Archive
Delney, Streetwise LookoutCase of the Filched FalconExtract a ConfessionFrantic ScapegoatCase Of The Trampled GardenDrag the CanalUndercity Sewers
Griffnaut TrackerCrimestopper SpriteFesterleechGalvanizeCulvert AmbusherEtrata, Deadly FugitiveRaucous Theater
Inside SourceDeduceHunted BonebruteGoblin MaskmakerGlint WeaverLazav, Wearer of FacesCommercial District
Marketwatch PhantomHotshot InvestigatorsMacabre ReconstructionHarried DronesmithPick Your PoisonRune-Brand JugglerLush Portico
No WitnessesMistway SpyNightdrinker MoroiiKrenko, Baron of Tin StreetRubblebelt MaverickRiftburst HellionShadowy Backstreet
Seasoned ConsultantReenact the CrimePersuasive InterrogatorsKrenko’s BuzzcrusherSharp-Eyed RookieTin Street GossipThundering Falls
Unyielding GatekeeperRepeat OffenderPerson of InterestThe Pride of Hull CladeKaya, Spirit’s JusticeUnderground Mortuary
Unscrupulous AgentRed HerringTunnel TipsterSanguine SaviourElegant Parlor
Rubblebelt BraggartVengeful CreeperIll-Timed ExplosionHedge Maze
Suspicious DetonationIzoni, Center of the Web
Rakish Scoundrel
Agrus Kos, Spirit of Justice
Meddling Youths
Undercover Crocodelf

B Tier

This is the middle of the road. The cards here are solid, and will certainly put in some work in your Limited games, but they’re not going to be blowing you away any time soon.

Absolving LammasuBenthic CriminologistAgency CoronerConcealed WeaponCase Of The Locked HothouseGranite WitnessLumbering Laundry
Call a Surprise WitnessBubble SmugglerCase of the Gorgon’s KissConvenient TargetGreenbelt RadicalOfficious InterrogationSanitation Automaton
Case of the Uneaten FeastCandlestickCerebral ConfiscationDemand AnswersHard-Hitting QuestionPrivate EyeThinking Cap
Forum FamiliarConspiracy UnravelerDeadly Cover-UpFelonious RageLoxodon EavesdropperCurious CadaverBranch of Vitu-Ghazi
Haazda VigilanteExit SpecialistHomicide InvestigatorGearbane OrangutanNervous GardenerJudith, Carnage ConnoisseurEscape Tunnel
Karlov WatchdogFae FlightLead PipeKnifePompous GadaboutShady Informant
Krovod HaunchForensic GadgeteerOutrageous RobberyOffender at LargeSample CollectorBreak Out
Museum NightwatchFurtive CourierSlimy DualleechReckless DetectiveVitu-Ghazi InspectorCrowd-Control Warden
Sanctuary WallLost in the MazeSnarling GorehoundShockTeysa, Opulent Oligarch
WrenchOut ColdVengeful TrackerGadget Technician
Projektor InspectorGleaming Geardrake
Sudden SetbackKylox’s Voltstrider
Unauthorized ExitKraul Whipcracker
Urgent Necropsy
Dog Walker
Repulsive Mutation

C Tier

This is where we start getting into cards you should really avoid taking if possible. Either too low-power, or too situational, the cards in this tier are unlikely to perform well for you.

Assemble the PlayersAgency OutfitterAlley AssailantAnzrag’s RampageAirtight AlibiNo More LiesGravestone Strider
Auspicious ArrivalCase of the Ransacked LabBasilica StalkerConnecting the DotsAudience With TrostaniFaerie SnoopMagnetic Snuffler
Defenestrated PhantomCurious InquiryClandestine MeddlerInnocent BystanderFanatical StrengthSumala SentryMagnifying Glass
Due DiligenceForensic ResearcherIt Doesn’t Add UpThe Chase Is OnGet a Leg-UpSoul SearchPublic Thoroughfare
Essence of AntiquityLiving ConundrumPolygraph OrbHedge WhispererTreacherous Greed
Neighborhood GuardianProft’s Eidetic MemoryPresumed DeadRopeWispdrinker Vampire
Perimeter EnforcerReasonable DoubtRot Farm MortipedeSlime Against HumanityKylox, Visionary Inventor
Surveillance MonitorToxin AnalysisThey Went This WayEvidence Examiner

D Tier

The lowest tier on our list is devoted to the most situational cards in the set. It’s unlikely you’ll have the other cards you need, or encounter the gameplay scenarios necessary, to make these functional at all. Unless it’s between one of these and a Basic Land, avoid at all costs.

Case File AuditorBehind the MaskIllicit MasqueradeCaught Red-HandedAftermath AnalystCoerced to KillCase of the Shattered Pact
Case of the Pilfered ProofCoveted FalconCrime NovelistAnalyze the PollenRelive the PastCryptex
Doorkeeper ThrullEliminate the ImpossibleExpedited InheritanceBite Down On CrimeDetective’s Satchel
On the JobJaded AnalystExpose the CulpritChalk OutlineInsidious Roots
Undergrowth ReconDoppelgang
Leyline of the Guildpact
Niv-Mizzet, Guildpact


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