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Most Dangerous Cursed Techniques In Jujutsu Kaisen

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  • Copy allows Yuta Okkotsu to replicate and use other cursed techniques, making him a formidable opponent with limitless potential.
  • Idle Transfiguration grants Mahito the ability to manipulate souls and bodies, making him extremely dangerous, especially when combined with his Domain Expansion.
  • Limitless, the inherited technique of the Gojo Family, is the most overpowered and dangerous technique in Jujutsu Kaisen, with abilities such as Infinity, Blue, Red, and the ultimate Purple that can erase everything in its path.



Jujutsu Kaisen features quite a lot of cursed techniques, thanks to the many strong characters present in this world. Over the course of the last few years, fans have been treated with incredible powers, some of which are impressive and others which are extremely overpowered.


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There are some that are extremely dangerous and even being exposed to them slightly would bring about doom for a person. These cursed techniques are unique, but the level of threat that they pose to the enemies is certainly something else entirely.

Updated on February 25, 2024, by Rei Penber: Over the years, fans have seen some of the most incredible cursed techniques in JJK, however, only a handful can be considered to be truly dangerous. These are techniques that can kill anyone or cause mass destruction. While this list already goes over the vast majority of dangerous cursed techniques in JJK, there are others that have been introduced over time that deserve a mention of their own. With that said, this list has now been updated.

12 Brain Hopping

User: Kenjaku

kenjaku Takaba death jujutsu kaisen 245

Kenjaku is yet another powerful cursed technique user in JJK and fans have seen him utilize some of the most incredible abilities over the years. While Kenjaku usually utilizes the ability of whatever body that he is in, his own cursed technique is quite dangerous as well. This technique does not have a name, however, it allows him to switch bodies by taking over them.

Kenjaku himself exists as a brain, thanks to his cursed technique. Whenever he finds a suitable host, he can crawl inside their heads and take the place of their brain instead. As a result, he can live inside their bodies for however long he desires and utilize every bit of information and technique that the original body possessed as well. Kenjaku has continued to use this technique for over a thousand years and he has existed for quite a long time. Currently, he has been detached from Suguru Geto’s body and his fate remains unknown. Regardless, this technique is quite dangerous and clearly one of the strongest in JJK.

11 Genju Kohaku

User: Hajime Kashimo

sukuna vs kashimo jujutsu kaisen 238

Genju Kohaku is yet another powerful cursed technique that fans have seen in JJK during the Culling Game arc. Kashimo used this technique only once, and that was when he fought against Sukuna. This technique allows him to turn his flesh to any phenomena that he converts from his cursed energy, which has electrical properties.

Essentially, he can utilize many applications of his electrifying cursed energy. Things such as lightning blasts and sound waves can be utilized by him to the maximum. When he uses this cursed technique, his body surpasses the human realm and he gains superhuman abilities. The power of this technique was such that even Sukuna could not withstand the blows that he threw his way when he was in Megumi’s body. Although, it must be noted that at this point, Sukuna was already exhausted following his fight against Gojo. The strength of this form was such that Sukuna was pushed to his true form.

10 Private Pure Love Train

User: Kinji Hakari

jujutsu kaisen hakari

Private Pure Love Train is the cursed technique of none other than Kinji Hakari. He utilizes this technique primarily through his Domain Expansion, Idle Death Gamble. Simply put, this domain expansion allows them to create a pachinko-themed game at a train station, where he tests his luck. If he manages to luck out, then he gains infinite cursed energy for 4 minutes and 11 seconds.


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At the same time, during this time duration, any and all injuries that he receives are automatically regenerated instantly. Essentially, he becomes immortal during this time frame and games infinite cursed energy on top of that. What’s more, he can utilize this technique again and again. He even gains some bonuses, and hitting the jackpot becomes easier for him the more he utilizes it. If his luck keeps up, then he can continuously maintain infinite cursed energy and infinite healing. Quite clearly, this is one of the most dangerous cursed techniques in JJK and it makes him strong enough to compete with even the strongest of sorcerers. Only a handful can manage to stand their ground against him in combat, and even fewer can defeat him, which is what makes this as special as it is.

9 Copy

User: Yuta Okkotsu

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Copy is the cursed technique of Yuta Okkotsu. As the name suggests, this technique allows him to copy other cursed techniques and utilize them, largely due to the connection he has with Rika and the fact that he has boundless reserves of cursed energy.

Even if the cursed technique is limited to a select clan, he can still copy them. For instance, he has already copied Toge’s Cursed Speech and has used it to devastating effect in the story. He has also copied Sky Manipulation, which, yet again, goes to show how dangerous this power is.

8 Idle Transfiguration

User: Mahito

mahito jujutsu kaisen

Idle Transfiguration is the cursed technique of Mahito. This power allows him to touch the soul of any user and manipulate it as he welds. With soul manipulation, the body of the user changes as well and he can then reconstruct them however he wants.

He can also, essentially, just kill them with a single touch. This is an incredibly dangerous technique and the fact that he can also imbue it in his domain and use Domain Expansion just makes it even more dangerous.

7 Cursed Spirit Manipulation

User: Geto Suguru

Suguru Geto most evil characters jujutsu kaisen

Cursed Spirit Manipulation is the cursed technique that belongs to Suguru Geto. This technique is especially powerful as it allows him to consume cursed spirits after either exorcizing them, or directly if there is a significant difference in level.

He can consume as many spirits as he wants of different power levels. The fact that there is no limit to this ability makes it one of the most dangerous ones out there in the world of JJK.

6 Deadly Sentencing

User: Hiromi Higuruma

higuruma awakens his domain amplification jujutsu kaisen jjk 248

When it comes to proper combat in JJK, Hiromi Higuruma’s shikigami, Judgeman, makes him one of the worst enemies for anyone. Hiromi utilizes his shikigami primarily through his Domain Expansion, Deadly Sentencing. This is a very dangerous technique which sees Higuruma trap his enemies inside his domain. Inside of this Domain Expansion, the usage of force is prohibited. This means even the strongest, such as Sukuna, would be forced to comply with the rules of the domain.

The target is then made the defendant with Higuruma trying them in court. If they have committed crimes, then this Domain Expansion will work wonders against them and, if the guilt is proven, they will then be sentenced, depending on the severity of their crimes. If the crimes are big enough, they can even be killed through the Executioner’s Sword. Otherwise, they can have their cursed technique confiscated, among other things. This is truly a very dangerous domain expansion that can even defeat enemies that are much stronger than Higuruma himself.

5 Ten Shadows Technique

User: Megumi Fushiguro

Mahoraga Sukuna jujutsu kaisen 231

The 10 Shadows Technique is an Inherited Cursed Technique that is passed down to the members of the Zenin family. Of course, not every person in this family is able to wield this technique. Currently, it belongs to Megumi Fushiguro. This technique allows the user to make use of shadows as an intermediary and summon up to 10 different shikigami.


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4 Star Rage

User: Yuki Tsukumo

Yuki Tsukumo jujutsu kaisen

Wielded by Yuki Tsukumo, Star Rage s an incredible cursed technique that can prove to be extremely dangerous in combat. Essentially, this cursed technique adds virtual mass to Yuki’s attacks. Since this mass is virtual, it does not actually restrict her in any way and the fact is that there is no upper limit to this power.

Yuki could even turn herself into a miniature blackhole with the power to destroy the entire world with this cursed technique and it is quite clearly one of the scariest abilities anyone can possess in Jujutsu Kaisen.

User: Fumihiko Takaba


The cursed technique of Takaba, Comedian is rather funny, however, it is just as dangerous. Essentially, anything that Takaba thinks is funny can become a reality. The only prerequisite for this Cursed Technique to work is that Takaba has to find it funny enough.

If that is the case, then even the most ridiculous things in the world can’t become possible, thanks to this Cursed Technique. This cursed technique is believed to be strong enough to oppose even Gojo if Takaba realizes his own potential.

2 Sukuna’s Cursed Technique

Sukuna Reincarnated True Form 238

Sukuna possesses an incredible cursed technique the name of which is not yet known to the fans. However, some of its powers certainly have been revealed and they are Dismantle as well as Cleave.

Dismantle allows him to dice up the body of his enemies with multiple slashes while cleave allows him to launch one powerful slash that completely decimated his targets.

He can also somehow utilize the cursed techniques based on the powers of others. For instance, in the fight against Jogo, he could utilize pyrokinetic abilities greater than his. Furthermore, he can also copy and learn almost any technique just by seeing it once. Whether this is a part of his cursed technique or not remains to be seen.

1 Limitless

User: Gojo Satoru

gojo satoru using limitless

By all means, Limitless, which is an inherited technique in the Gojo Family, is quite easily the most overpowered and dangerous one in Jujutsu Kaisen. The power of this technique can be divided into three categories. The neutral, also known as Infinity, which stops any and all attacks by slowing them down until they come to a stop. The power to attract, which is Blue, and, using this, the user can manipulate the space by attracting it however they want. There’s also the power to repel, which is born out of the reverse cursed energy, called Red.

This power repels and causes devastating damage. The ultimate ability that is known to only a select few in the Gojo Family is Purple. By combining the two powers of Red and Blue, the user can create an imaginary mass that wipes out everything in its path by completely erasing it. Purple is the ultimate technique of the Limitless. The Domain Expansion, Unlimited Void is powerful enough to destroy every single person to ever have existed in the world of JJK even if they spend as little as a few seconds in it.

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