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Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips 

Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips 

Moonlight Blade is an amazing mythical MMORPG that revolves around a great storyline of several clans who come under one room to protect humanity over their land. The story tells you about a fictional old-time crisis faced by Central Asian ancestors who struggled together and claimed victory over the evils. The combats present in the game are quite interesting as they include raw martial arts skills and some amazing rage skills that can be further improved. Let us now dive into a detailed Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide piece and unleash the ultimate beast from all the newcomers out here!

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Gameplay Overview 

Moonlight Blade follows an interesting mythological fictional story and the journey starts with the selection of a character. Players are given a choice and thus they can select one character from 6 different characters present over there.

Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips 
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These characters have different classes and hence players can easily select a character as per their wish and how they want to play the game. After selecting a character, players can customize and looks of the character and then start with their journey.

From here the real storyline game begins and the players learn about all the basics.  As it is an RPG, martial arts-based game players go through a proper tutorial of combat at the beginning. The game provides sets of buttons that help the players to go through the combat system easily. On the left side of the screen, players can witness a Joystick that helps them to move the character. Also, players can see a Sprint button that lets the character start running directly without using the joystick.

Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips 
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On the right side of the screen, players will get all the real deal over here. There are 6 buttons which are the most important buttons for combat. There is a Melee Attack button that allows players to go for small attacks and thus players can make great attack combos with the help of that. Then there are 5 Rage Skill buttons, these buttons and skills vary from character to character.

Every rage skill has a different cooldown time, so wait till the button cools down and then tap again to use that skill. Players also get an Ultimate skill button that collects combat combo points and then replenishes itself. This skill button is the strongest skill of the character and hence players need to replenish its strength as soon as possible.

Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips 
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Besides the story mode, the game also has other game modes where the players go out to dungeons and explore the world, fighting against strong villains and making their journey much more memorable. But for now, let us dive into all the basics of Moonlight Blade. 

Introducing the basics of Moonlight Blade 


The Characters section is where the players can check out all the stats and data related to the character in play. Players can also add some health portions in the HP section present on this page.

Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips 
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This will help the players to increase the character’s HP and later on this will have a great impact on the performance of the character. 

Martial Arts

The Martial Arts section nurtures the character’s skills and yet makes them stronger. Rage skills are one of the most important aspects of the game.

Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips 
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Thus, players must keep an eye on their skills after regular intervals. This will help the character to pull off great power and trouble enemies. 


The main character wears some of the best gear and has some of the best sets of primary weapons. Players need to upgrade those weapons and gears as they are one of the most important entities that help the character win all the battles. For this, the Enhance section plays the perfect role! Here players can upgrade all the weapons and gears with the help of in-game resources and currencies and then make the character’s defense mechanism more accurate and reliable over time. 


In the Craft section, players get to craft amazing tools, and essential commodities such as weapons, medicine, and many more. This helps the players to let their character nurture their survival skills and hence the character will thus become more reliable and stronger with the help of these ultimate skills and learnings. For crafting, players can search raw materials over the forest areas and then collect them, later they can move inside this section and craft the required item at that particular time.


The Challenge section is an area where the players get some of the best options to nurture their skills and improve their character. Here the players can play all interesting side games and help their character become stronger. The opponents present over here are bots, mainly characters directly from the storyline and players cannot team up with other online players too. Following are the sections players can check out under the Challenge page:

  • Challenge of Heaven Estate
  • Battle Tutorial
  • The Phantom 
  • Skystar Token


The Arena section is quite interesting as here players can check the worth of their character over the big ocean. All the modes under this include other real players and it might also be possible that players will be playing against a real player. The following are the modes:

Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips 
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  • 1 V 1: This section lets the players fight against each other’s character in a direct one versus one battle format. Players need to fight and then, the one losing all its HP first loses the match. 
  • 5 V 5: Under this mode, 10 players come under one single match server and are then divided into 2 teams, each having 5 players. Players need to support their teammates and fight against the opposition for victory. There are two different modes for 5 V 5 based on locations; Hanhai Melee, and Match of the Pine Woods. 
  • 100 Participant PvP: In this game mode, 100 players come under a single game server and everyone fights against each other. This game mode is just like a battleground match, and hence the one surviving till the end wins the match. 


Guild is the clan section of the game where the players can join up a clan or create one of their own. This helps the players in several aspects like playing together, going for challenges, and many more. This helps the players to earn more resources with less hard work and time invested. 


The Quest section is visible on the main game screen only. This section brings up all the missions and tasks players need to complete while playing the game. This helps the players to earn EXPs and in-game resources on a huge scale. There are different types of quests available in the game, such as:

  • Main Quest
  • Jianghu
  • Adventure


Partner is the section where the players can select the in-game story characters for their lineup. This lineup is later used while fighting against big villains.

Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips 
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This is also utilized when all the characters move together for certain Main Story missions. Here the players can increase the bonding between the characters and make their gameplay more interesting. 

Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Go through the Storyline Missions 

The storyline missions are the main impactful quests present in the game. Players need to first focus on the Main Story missions as these missions help the players earn more resources along with faster leveling up. So follow up the main story missions and progress faster in the game. 

2. Upgrade your Gears and Weapons

Gears and Weapons are the most important entities in the game and hence players need to upgrade them regularly. Upgrading these tools will help the players improve the defensive stats of their character and thus this will lead to great success over combats while fighting against strong villains.

3. Keep improvising your Skills

Players need to go through the Martial Arts section where players can upgrade the rage skills of their character. This helps the character to defeat enemies faster and become more powerful than before. Upgrading these skills requires in-game currencies and resources and hence players need to save them up and keep upgrading the skills regularly. 

4. Explore other game modes 

Other game modes include lots of interesting aspects and thus improvising the character and leveling up faster is one of them. Thus players need to go through all the other sections of the game modes and nurture their skills to upgrade their character along with progress faster in the game. 

5. Create a Bond with side characters

Creating a great bond with other characters in the story helps the character to progress faster in the main story. A great built bond will come up with synergy and thus players can fight alongside their best friend and defeat enemies faster. 

Final Thoughts

Moonlight Blade is an outstanding RPG game and thus there are so many features to go through in the game. The storyline and interesting features make the players keep their interest in the game and let them stick to it till the end. Thus go through our detailed Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide piece and become the ultimate hero of this great empire to overrule the dark side.

That’s all from us for Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Moonlight Blade Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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