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Monster Go! Beginners Guide and Tips

Monster Go Create Species

Monster Go!, is an exciting RPG created by ONEMT SGP that breaks the mold of traditional gaming. In this unique world, you’re not just a player but a creator shaping your evolution amidst strange creatures and unexpected twists. This Monster Go Beginners Guide is here to help you embark on an exhilarating journey filled with DIY evolution and cosmic chaos.

Monster Go Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Craft Your Unique Creature

Start your Monster Go! adventure by creating your very own species. Play around with DNA, adjusting each part to mold a creature that fits your playstyle. Your choices don’t just affect the look of your creature; they also shape the unfolding narrative in the game.

Monster Go Create Species
Image via ONEMT SGP

Picking different parts for your creature gives it special skills and qualities, turning it into a versatile hero for upcoming challenges. When building your species, think about how it looks and what it can do. Your creature isn’t just a character; it reflects your gaming strategy.

Battle Basics

In the game, battles are about strategic movement more than direct control. Your hero automatically attacks and uses skills while you control their movements with joysticks, dodging enemy attacks. The challenge is to endure for a demanding 6 minutes against relentless enemies.

Monster Go BattleMonster Go Battle
Image via ONEMT SGP

Get ready to face not one but two tough bosses in the battle. Each boss has unique challenges, so you’ll need to adjust your strategy on the go. The battlefield is dynamic, and success depends on your ability to navigate, choose buffs wisely, and withstand the attacks of monstrous foes.

Enhance your Weapon

Discover the might of Void Weapons, mysterious tools that defy reality in Monster Go! Learn to wield them effectively, unleashing cosmic chaos upon your adversaries. Mastering these weapons is crucial for dominating the Monster Go! universe. To elevate their power, upgrade these weapons to enhance their stats.

Monster Go Weapon Rank UpMonster Go Weapon Rank Up
Image via ONEMT SGP

Additionally, rank up to unlock quality skills, further empowering your arsenal. Dive into the depths of these enigmatic tools, enhance their capabilities, and become an unstoppable force in epic battles.

Choose your Buffs

Leveling up during battle is a pivotal moment where you can tip the scales in your favor. By collecting gems dropped by defeated enemies, you gain the opportunity to choose buffs that significantly impact your battle tactics. Wisely select from the available buffs to secure advantages such as increased damage, improved defense, or enhanced skills. These buffs are essential for navigating battles successfully, so thoughtfully consider your choices.

Monster Go Choose BuffMonster Go Choose Buff
Image via ONEMT SGP

Interestingly, defeating a boss grants you a unique buff, distinguishing it from the regular buffs acquired during level-ups. Ensure your hero’s triumph by collecting gems, making strategic choices, and leveraging boss buffs in the relentless encounters.

Open Eggs

Crack open eggs for a chance to discover valuable DIY parts. Among the six available eggs; Dragon, Pied, Golden, Lava, and Ancient Eggs, each holds unique possibilities. The chance of obtaining distinct DIY parts varies with each egg type.

Monster Go Open EggMonster Go Open Egg
Image via ONEMT SGP

Opening each egg not only reveals new DIY parts but also earns you points, essential for unlocking rarer eggs. This adds more excitement and strategy to your egg-cracking adventures. As you gather points, not only does your collection improve, but your chances of finding extraordinary surprises to enhance your adventure.

Monster Go Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Keep experimenting with Species

Tip the scales in your favor by experimenting with different DNA combinations to customize your creature. Each DNA tweak unveils a unique set of attributes for your species. Strive to find a balance that aligns with your play style.

2. Claim Auto-Play Rewards for Effortless Gains

Enhance your Monster Go! journey by consistently claiming Auto-Play rewards. Activate auto-play to effortlessly accumulate resources, experience points, and valuable items, all without the need for active engagement in gameplay. It’s a convenient way to maximize your progress, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable rewards even when you’re not actively playing.

3. Combine DIY parts

Maximize the potential of your creature by combining parts. Merge different components to enhance their attributes, creating a stronger and more versatile ally. Experiment with combinations to discover synergies that suit your playstyle.

4. Choose the Buffs wisely

Your success often hinges on strategic buff selection when leveling up. Consider your playstyle and the specific challenges you’re confronting. Whether you prefer dealing with increased damage, bolstering defense, or refining your skills, the choice is yours. Additionally, keep an eye out for recommended buffs tailored to certain situations, providing valuable guidance during the chaos.

5. Focus on Leveling up faster

Utilize the joysticks to control movement while your hero seamlessly auto-attacks and auto-skills, ensuring a steady flow of EXP for faster leveling up. Endure the battlefield for a crucial 6 minutes, confronting relentless enemies to further bolster your experience and rewards.

Final Thoughts

As you venture into the dynamic world of Monster Go!, remember that this game is not just about battles and challenges; it’s about crafting your unique experience. The blend of DIY evolution and strategic choices makes each moment exciting and unpredictable.

From experimenting with species to mastering battle tactics, every tip is a tool to make your journey more thrilling and rewarding. As you dive into the game, consider it as your canvas to create, evolve, and conquer.

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