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Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.62 Update: Hero Adjustments, New events and more

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.54 Update, chip mlbb, chip mobile legends

In this patch, devs continue to optimize several heroes that have been adjusted significantly, as well as the new hero Chip on the Advanced Server. At the same time, devs have made some additional adjustments to some of the Marksman heroes that were adjusted in the previous patch on Mobile Legends (MLBB). Let us break down the Patch 1.8.62 Update of Mobile Legends in detail.

At the same time, devs have removed the 10% Base Attack Speed reduction for all heroes that was used in conjunction with the control optimization in the previous patch. Instead, devs are balancing the adjustments with equipment.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.62 Update: Hero Adjustments

Chip (~)

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.54 Update, chip mlbb, chip mobile legends
Image via MOONTON Games

Ultimate (~)

  • The mini-map will now show the Main Portal’s location. After teleporting to the Main Portal, the mini-map will show the corresponding Connecting Portal’s location.
  • New Effect: Casting skills or launching Basic Attacks while standing on the Main Portal, will reset the wait time for teleportation.

Revamped Helcurt (↓)

Devs have slightly reduced the extra Movement Speed from their Passive.

Passive (↓)

  • Movement Speed Boost in Stealth: 20% >> 15%
  • Movement Speed (decreasing over time) and Attack Speed Boost upon Being Spotted: 60% >> 50%

Edith (↓)

Devs have reverted some of the previous adjustments.

Passive (↓)

Damage on Minions: 200% >> 150% (a buff during laning)

Masha (↓)

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.56 UpdateMobile Legends Patch 1.6.56 Update
Image via MOONTON Games

With so many new mechanics, Masha’s Resilience and Control Immunity seemed overwhelmingly powerful, and her Mana-free skills cast on her last HP with Control Immunity all the time made it impossible for Masha’s opponents to fight her. Devs have decided to remove this passive.

Passive (↓)

Removed Effect: Masha no longer gains extra Resilience and Control Immunity by lowering HP.

Nana (↓)

Nana’s passive currently has a nearly 100% escape rate when activated, making it impossible for many Assassins and Fighters to catch up to her. Developers have decided to reduce Nana’s Movement Speed bonus when her Passive is active, allowing her to be caught by Assassins and Fighters in some situations.

Passive (↓)

Movement Speed Boost: 70% >> 30%

Hayabusa (↑)

Devs have further enhanced Hayabusa’s game performance without Ultimate.

Skill 1 (↑)

Base Damage: 180-250 >> 190-260

Aurora (↓)

Skill 2 (↓)

Devs have removed the effects of surrounding freezing.

Fredrinn (↑)

Devs want Fredrinn to clear lanes a little faster in the early game.

Skill 1 and 2 (↑)

Cooldown: 8.5-7.5s >> 7.5-6.5s

Miya (↓)

Miya’s Christmas Carnival skin 2016Miya’s Christmas Carnival skin 2016
Image via MOONTON Games

Attributes (↓)

  • Base Physical Attack: 120 >> 115
  • Physical Attack Growth: 12 >> 10

Skill 2 (↑)

Base Damage: 180-330 >> 270-420 (Applied in the last Patch)

Layla (↑)

Attributes (↑)

Physical Attack Growth: 10 >> 12

Irithel (↓)

Attributes (↓)

  • Base Physical Attack: 130 >> 125
  • Physical Attack Growth: 10 >> 8.5

Clint (↓)

Attributes (↓)

  • Base Physical Attack: 127 >> 120
  • Physical Attack Growth: 13.5 >> 14

Granger (↓)

Attributes (↓)

Base Physical Attack: 120 >> 112

Bruno (↑)

Attributes (↑)

Base Physical Attack: 140 >> 145

Argus (↑)

Attributes (↑)

Physical Attack Growth: 3.5 >> 6

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.62 Update: Balance and System Adjustments

Attack Speed

In this patch, devs have optimized the growth of Attack Speed by removing the Attack Speed Threshold limitation, and now every 1% of Attack Speed will result in an actual Attack Speed gain. With this optimization, the growth of Attack Speed will be smoother instead of abruptly changing after reaching a certain Attack Speed. This also solves the problem of some heroes gaining 5.0 Attack Speed at 4.0 Attack Speed in the panel.

Equipment Adjustments

Since “Move and Attack’ is more beneficial at high Attack Speed, devs have removed the base Attack Speed reduction adjustment for all heroes from the previous patch, but have nerfed some Attack Speed equipment.

Corrosion Scythe (↓)

Attributes (↓)

Attack Speed: 35% >> 30%

Demon Hunter Sword (↓)

Attributes (↓)

Attack Speed: 25% >> 20%

Unique Passive – Endless Strike (↓)

Increase Attack Speed of Basic Attack: 100% >> 80%

Sea Halberd (↓)

Attributes (↓)

Attack Speed: 25% >> 20%

Windtalker (↓)

Attributes (↓)

Attack Speed: 40% >> 35%

Haas’ Claws (↓)

Attributes (↓)

Attack Speed: 20% >> 15%

Twilight Armor (↑)

Devs want to improve the versatility of Twilight Armor against burst damage.

Unique Passive – Twilight (Reworked)

Upon taking more than 800 damage in a single instance, the excess damage beyond that amount is reduced by 50% without cooldown.

Oracle (↑)

Price (↑): 2060 >> 1860

Radiant Armor (↓)

Price (↓): 1880 >> 2020

Battle Spells

Inspire (↓)

Attack Speed Boost: 1.55 times >> 1.5 times

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.62 Update: Battlefield Adjustments


The following Control settings have been added:

  • Close Pursue: When enabled, the pursuit distance is the shortest distance outside the attack range.
    • Pause Movement at Joystick Center: When enabled, the hero stops moving when the Joystick stays in the centre.
    • Filter Active Creeps: When enabled, active Creeps are attacked before inactive Creeps.
    • Attack Activation Distance: Provides options such as Distant, Close, and Fixed Position Based on Range.
  • Changed Attack Assist to Move and Pursue.
  • Changed Skill Smart Targeting to Accurate Indicator.


  • Removed the display of the skill icons being disabled when under control for 66ms or less, allowing for more timely skill release when control is stopped.
  • Improved the detection of Creeps as inactive.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.62 Update? Tell us in the comments below!

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