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Manager Game Beginners Guide and Tips

Cricket Champs Manager Game Batting

The brand-new cricket management game Cricket Champs: Manager Game has just dropped on the Android platform. From the house of Playsport Games, the game provides a unique and engaging experience in which players manage their cricket club. Players must assemble the best team, plan match tactics, and lead their club to global glory. In this Cricket Champs: Manager Game Beginners guide, we are going to discuss the various in-game resources on offer and share some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

Decoding the in-game Resources

Talking about the in-game resources, we have Cash and COins as the basic in-game currencies. All in-game spending, be it on upgrading your Player Cards or unlocking new Player Packs, must be done with these two. Let us look at their respective utilities below.

In-game CurrencyUtility
Cash1. Upgrading your Player Cards
2. Purchasing Player Cards and Basic Packs from the game’s Store section
Coins1. Purchasing Player Cards and Packs from the game’s Store section.
2. Exchanging with Cash from the Store.

Cricket Champs: Manager Game Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

As the title suggests, in Cricket Champs: Manager Game players need to assume the role of a manager. You need to regularly sign new players via player packs, add them to strengthen your line-up, select your playing XI before a match, and take all sorts of strategic directions during a match like batting line-up, field-setup-batting style, bowling, etc. Below are some suggestions from our end, to ace every challenge in this game.

1. Adjust the batting style of your Batsmen based on the game phase

In Cricket Champs: Manager Game you can impact the performance of your batsmen by adjusting their batting style. Since it only asks you to take up the tactical responsibilities, your role is limited to only choosing your batters who would come in next and determine their playstyle as you spectate the game. Well, there are three different batting styles in the game:

  • Aggressive: Indicated in red. When you switch to this style of play, you score more runs but the probability of your batsman getting any shots-up.
  • Balanced: Indicated in yellow. When you switch to this mode, your players play a bit cautiously but will pounce on any scoring opportunity.
  • Defensive: Indicated in blue. As the name suggests, your batsman will play with a defensive mindset when you switch over to this mode and thereby his chances of getting out will reduce.

At the start of the innings (Overs 1-4)

Now talking about which batting style to opt for, you must keep one batter in aggressive mode and the other one in Balanced mode at the start of the innings. This would be a safer move since each game is only limited to 10 overs per inning. Hence, you need to attack from ball 1 to keep the scoreboard moving.

Cricket Champs Manager Game Batting
Image via Playsport Games

Keeping the other batter in balanced mode ensures that he anchors the innings and you do not lose too many wickets being over-aggressive. While choosing the next batter or the batters to open with, you can take a look at their OVR. Always try to keep the batter with the higher OVR in aggressive mode as his chances of getting out upon playing a rash shot would be comparatively lower.

In the mid-phase (Overs 5-8)

At this juncture, you must decide on the batting style of your batters based on the number of wickets in hand. If you have 8 or more wickets in hand, turn both of your batters to aggressive mode. Run scoring at a higher pace should be your only priority in this scenario.

However, if you have already lost 3 or more wickets at the start of 5 overs and are batting first, go with the Aggressive and Custom combo only during this phase. However, if you are chasing and know the target then decide accordingly. This middle phase is the most tricky and would certainly test your managerial abilities.

Death Overs (Overs 8-10)

The death-over phase is where you must up the run rate. Set both your batters to aggressive mode and unleash some fierce hitting. At the bottom of your play screen, you can see the probability of your striker and non-striker getting out and the expected run rate that they would be maintaining.

The sole argument in favor of starting with a Balanced and Aggressive combination is that, even if you switch the playstyle of your hitter to Aggressive mode, they will still be anticipated to score runs at a higher rate and have a reduced probability of being out, if they are already set. Thus, make sure you are making the most of the death overs and contributing meaningful runs to your team’s total.

2. Make the right field adjustments and bowling changes

When you are bowling, you again need to choose which bowler to go for after each over. Being a 10-over-a-side game, it would permit each of your bowlers to bowl a maximum of 2 overs. Also, bowl the first 4 with your highest-rated bowlers. This would ensure that you are denying as much momentum as possible to your opposition by going with an attacking mindset. Here are some other things that you should keep in mind during bowling.

  • Just as it is for your batsmen, there are three playing modes for your bowlers: Aggressive, Balanced, and Defensive. If you go with the Aggressive mode, your bowler will concede more runs but have a higher chance of taking wickets. In the Defensive mode, he won’t leak as many runs but will have a low chance of picking wickets. The Balanced mode is somewhere in between these two.
Cricket Champs Manager Game BowlingCricket Champs Manager Game Bowling
Image via Playsport Games
  • At the start of the innings, you should always go with the Attacking mode and try to scalp out early breakthroughs. However, if you are getting hit for more than one boundary and over, switch to Balanced mode.
  • Never look to switch your bowlers to Defensive mode unless at the death. If you are defending a score and cannot afford to concede more boundaries, you can resort to Defensive bowling with a Defensive field plan for the final two overs.

Coming to the fielding part, you again have three different field plans to choose from, indicated in red, blue, and yellow.

  • Aggressive: Indicated in red. When you switch to this fielding style, the players would close in and hence you go with an Attacking approach- take more wickets and concede more runs.
  • Balanced: Indicated in yellow. When you switch to this mode, the fielders spread out in custom positions and the runs and wicket probability would be in a balance.
  • Defensive: Indicated in blue. As the name suggests, when you switch to the Defensive Field Style, the field with spread out in a quest to stop the flow of runs. You can set a Defensive field pan for a maximum of 12 deliveries.

The reason behind discussing the fielding styles and bowling styles together is that both complement each other. From our experience of playing the game, the aggressive bowling style and Balanced fielding style combination goes the best.

  • So, when you are opting for an aggressive bowling style, try going for a Balanced field positioning. If you are going for an Aggressive field plan and Aggressive bowling together, runs will be leaked in plenty given it is a limited-overs game.
  • If you opt for a Defensive Bowling style in the last two overs, go for a Defensive Fielding Style as well. The Defensive fielding style can be only activated for 2 overs and the ones at the death should be targeted if you want to switch to this style of play.

3. Boost the performance of your player when the energy bar crosses the boost threshold.

Right below the playing style indicators, you can view your batter’s/bowler’s current energy level and contribution. Your player must go over a specific energy threshold for the Boost button, which is situated directly above the energy indicator, to become active. Keep a close watch on the energy indicator and tap on the Boost button as soon as that becomes active.

Cricket Champs Manager Game Player BoostCricket Champs Manager Game Player Boost
Image via Playsport Games
  • Once the performance booster is active for a batter, he will have a very high percentage of hitting a boundary or even an over-boundary within the next two deliveries.
  • In the case of a bowler, if the energy level breaches the threshold, he can earn you a scalp or two in the next two deliveries.

This is a very overpowered tool and in every inning, you will approximately get two such performance-boosting opportunities on average. So, make sure you are encashing them by smashing the Boost button in time.

4. Make sure that you are leveling up your players as and when required

There are two ways by which your players can level up in Cricket Champs: Manager Game. They can level up by playing in the matches and earning the much-needed experience. Your bench players also earn Experience Points (XPs) per match.

Even your ranking in the Daily and Monthly Leaderboard would be based on the Experience points stacked up during that window. Another way of leveling your players up is by purchasing upgraded versions of your player card from the game’s Store section.

Cricket Champs Manager Game Player Level UpCricket Champs Manager Game Player Level Up
Image via Playsport Games

Once your player has stacked up enough experience required to go up to the next level, you need to spend some in-game cash to help him get there. To do so:

  • Users must navigate to the Team tab and tap on their players to check the present status. If your player is eligible for an upgrade, the Upgrade button will be active.
  • You simply need to tap on that and the said amount of Cash would be deducted from your tally. Make sure you are upgrading your players whenever possible, till they reach their max level.

5. Sign new Player Cards from the Player Packs

New Player Cards can be signed by unlocking Packs from the game’s Store section.

  • These Packs can be unlocked by spending a hefty amount of in-game Tokens or Cash.
  • They can earn you new Player Cards or an upgraded version of your existing Player Cards amidst other in-game resources.
Cricket Champs Manager Game StoreCricket Champs Manager Game Store
Image via Playsport Games
  • Additionally, be sure to check out the Daily Deals section under the game’s Store section every day. They can get you new Player Packs or an upgrade to your existing Player Cards at a fairly discounted price.

6. Do not miss out on the Daily Log-In Rewards

Like any other simulation title, Cricket Champs: Manager Game provides you with Cash or Tokens each day when you log in.

Cricket Champs Manager Game Daily Log In RewardsCricket Champs Manager Game Daily Log In Rewards
Image via Playsport Games

You will be requiring these resources to level up your player cards or sign new Player Packs. So, make sure you do not miss out on the freebies and stack up these two invaluable resources as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts

Even though you don’t get to play with your player cards, managing them across different phases, viz., before, during, and after matches does challenge your cricketing acumen. The Store section and player level-up mechanisms are somewhat similar to Miniclip’s Cricket League. The best part is unlike most titles in this genre, this ain’t a pay-to-win game. Overall a decent Cricket Management title to begin with if you are a new venturer in this world.

That’s all for today’s Cricket Champs: Manager Game guide. Did you find our Cricket Champs: Manager Game beginners guide helpful? 

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