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Lovebrush Chronicles Beginners Guide and Tips

Lovebrush Chronicles Choices

Lovebrush Chronicles is a romantic simulation game brought by NetEase Games. In this game, you play as a freshman in fine arts with unique abilities, embarking on a journey through various worlds to find love and adventure. If you’re just starting in Lovebrush Chronicles, our Beginners Guide is here to help you navigate the game and make the most out of your experience.

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Lovebrush Chronicles Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Making Choices

In Lovebrush Chronicles, the game revolves around tapping the screen and reading through its narrative or visual novel aspects. The story is deeply engaging, and you have the option to skip text using the arrow at the top right, but I recommend reading through everything to fully immerse yourself in the world.

Throughout the game, you’ll be prompted to perform certain actions, such as answering phone calls from characters or sending texts. These interactions build relationships and help you connect with the characters on a deeper level.

Lovebrush Chronicles Choices
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The most crucial part of the gameplay is making decisions, which can have a significant impact on the storyline and the relationships you develop. For example, one of the first decisions involves choosing whether to stay in your room or explore outside. These decisions affect the story and your relationships. Take your time with the game, enjoy the story, and don’t rush through the text. Your choices will lead you on different paths and adventures in Lovebrush Chronicles.

Battle Basics

In my experience in Lovebrush Chronicles, the battle system is easy to understand. Keep in mind that stories or missions with battles use up some of your energy. Before a battle, you form your team by tapping an empty spot in the team formation screen. I’ve found that matching types can give you helpful buffs.

Lovebrush Chronicles BattleLovebrush Chronicles Battle
Image via NetEase

During the battle, you and the enemy take turns attacking. Starting from the left, select an enemy target for each Illustra. Once you’ve chosen all targets, tap the attack button to launch your assault. Additionally, Illustras have ultimate abilities with a yellow bar under their health. When it’s full, tap the ultimate ability icon, then an enemy, to use a powerful attack. Each ultimate is unique and may require you to make choices for a buff.

Collecting Illustras

In Lovebrush Chronicles, illustrations are essential character illustrations that play a big role in the game. They come in four types: Intensity, Color, Design, and Emotion, each with its strengths and strategies. Collecting different types allows you to build a versatile team for different challenges and battles.

Lovebrush Chronicles GalleryLovebrush Chronicles Gallery
Image via NetEase

I’ve found two reliable methods to unlock new Illustras in Lovebrush Chronicles. First, you can progress through the main story by sketching characters during story missions, which naturally unlocks new Illustras as you advance. The second method is drawing in different banners from the gallery in your menu, which gives you a chance to acquire new Illustras, including high-rarity ones.

Upgrading your Illustras

Once you’ve collected your Illustras in Lovebrush Chronicles, you can level them up using materials you gather from the story or quests. This boosts their HP, attack, and defense stats, making them stronger for battles. I focus on leveling up the most useful skills for my Illustra’s performance in fights.

Lovebrush Chronicles Leveling up IllustraLovebrush Chronicles Leveling up Illustra
Image via NetEase

If you come across an Illustra you like, consider ascending it for even more upgrades. Just check the ascension info when you’re interacting with the Illustra to find out how to do it. Collecting and upgrading Illustras can strengthen your team and improve your chances in battles.


In Lovebrush Chronicles, the affinity system is a big part of building relationships with other students and characters. As your affinity increases, you’ll unlock new events and features that make the game even more fun. To boost your affinity, I recommend gifting sketches and other items to the characters you want to get closer to. Giving them gifts helps strengthen your bond and raise your affinity levels.

Lovebrush Chronicles AffinityLovebrush Chronicles Affinity
Image via NetEase

When your affinity with a character levels up, you can unlock additional content such as video calls, Chibi events, and other exciting features. A higher affinity can also earn you commemorative badges and unlock new entries in your notebook.

Lovebrush Chronicles Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Follow the Story

Prioritize progressing through the main story in Lovebrush Chronicles as it unlocks new features, earns you Illustras, and provides various rewards. This will give you a strong foundation for your journey and help you understand the characters and their relationships.

2. Level up your Illustras

Strengthen your team by leveling up your Illustras using materials collected from quests and story missions. Focus on leveling up the skills that are most useful in combat to give your team an edge. As you progress, allocate resources wisely to keep your team balanced and powerful.

3. Participate in events

Joining events in Lovebrush Chronicles can get you exclusive rewards, extra experience, and unlock new content. Check for ongoing events often and take part when you can. Events usually have limited-time activities, and special storylines, giving you fresh experiences and chances to interact with characters.

4. Use ultimate abilities wisely

When your Illustra’s ultimate ability is ready, pick the best moment to unleash it for the biggest impact. Save your ultimate abilities for challenging battles or key moments in a fight. Using them strategically can help you defeat tough enemies.

5. Take your time with choices

Your decisions in Lovebrush Chronicles shape the story and affect your relationships with the characters. Consider each choice carefully to find the path you want and the outcomes you’re aiming for. Choices can influence your relationships with characters and the direction of your journey.

Final Thoughts

In Lovebrush Chronicles, there’s a lot to discover and enjoy, from exploring unique worlds to building meaningful relationships with characters. By following the tips and tricks in this guide, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the game and unlock its full potential. Take your time, make thoughtful choices, and engage with the story to get the most out of your journey.

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