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List of top 10 best Ships in the game

World of Warships Legends Kamikaze

Prepare to take command of historically accurate warships in an immersive action naval warfare experience with World of Warships: Legends. Initially revealed in 2021 for mobile platforms with cross-platform compatibility, this article will highlight the 10 best ships in World of Warships: Legends, showcasing the most effective and formidable vessels that dominate the seas.

Exciting news awaits as the mobile edition of World of Warships: Legends has begun its soft launch on Android and iOS platforms in selected regions. Be sure to explore my beginner’s guide and battle types for World of Warships: Legends, and learn how to link your console and mobile accounts. Additionally, discover exclusive free redeem codes that offer in-game perks and bonuses.

Top 10 best Ships ranked in World of Warships: Legends

10. Kamikaze (Japan)

The Kamikaze feels like being the stealthy ninja of the seas, striking fast and disappearing into the mist. This Tier V Japanese destroyer has a knack for surprise attacks with its swift speed and powerful torpedo armament.

World of Warships Legends Kamikaze
Image via Wargaming

I’ve had thrilling moments surprising enemy ships with sudden torpedo attacks, but I’ve also had to be extra cautious with its weaker anti-aircraft defenses. It’s a ship for those who love quick, surprise attacks but need to watch out for planes.

9. Giulio Cesare (Italy)

The Giulio Cesare is a reliable workhorse on the seas, excelling in various situations. At Tier V, this Italian battleship boasts a balanced performance of speed, firepower, and durability. I’ve valued its capabilities in battles against other battleships, feeling confident in its ability to handle different challenges.

World of Warships Legends Guilio CesareWorld of Warships Legends Guilio Cesare
Image via Wargaming

Its balanced performance makes it a go-to choice when you need a dependable ship that can adapt to different combat scenarios.

8. Edinburgh (UK)

Edinburgh is like the tough survivor of the seas, always bouncing back in battles. At Tier VII, this British light cruiser boasts a super-healing ability that can turn tough situations around and keep the fight going.

World of Warships Legends EdinburghWorld of Warships Legends Edinburgh
Image via Wargaming

Its rapid-fire guns and torpedoes pack a punch, but dealing with enemy planes can be a challenge. It’s a good pick for players who enjoy fast-paced fights and smart healing tactics.

7. Tirpitz (Germany)

Sailing with the Tirpitz feels like commanding a fortress on water, taking hits while dishing out heavy damage. This Tier VII German battleship excels in close-range brawls, showcasing its toughness in intense engagements.

World of Warships Legends TirpitzWorld of Warships Legends Tirpitz
Image via Wargaming

I’ve enjoyed these moments where its resilience shines, but its main guns struggle against heavily armored foes, requiring careful target selection. It’s a ship for aggressive captains who like to get up close and personal but need to pick their targets wisely.

6. Atago (Japan)

The Atago is all about surprise attacks and quick strikes. At Tier VII, this Japanese heavy cruiser combines speed and firepower for devastating ambushes. I’ve loved ambushing enemies with its speed and firepower, leaving them burning from its main guns.

World of Warships Legends AtagoWorld of Warships Legends Atago
Image via Wargaming

However, its thinner armor means you have to be careful in fights. It’s a ship for daring players who enjoy stealthy tactics and big damage bursts.

5. Iowa (USA)

Commanding the Iowa is like being a skilled sniper, taking out enemies from afar with precision. This Tier VII American battleship boasts long-range firepower and solid defense against planes, making it a formidable force.

World of Warships Legends IowaWorld of Warships Legends Iowa
Image via Wargaming

I’ve appreciated its capabilities, but its weak side armor requires constant attention to positioning. It’s a great choice for players who prefer controlling battles from a distance but need to stay aware of threats.

4. Akizuki (Japan)

The Akizuki is like a storm of bullets on the water, tearing through enemy ships with relentless fire. At Tier VII, this Japanese destroyer shines with its high rate of fire and anti-aircraft capabilities.

World of Warships Legends AkizukiWorld of Warships Legends Akizuki
Image via Wargaming

I’ve relished its ability to provide constant firepower and take down planes, although its slower speed can be a drawback in fast-paced battles. It’s a ship for those who love continuous damage output and countering aerial threats.

3. Jean Bart (France)

Navigating the Jean Bart feels like wielding a powerful weapon in close combat, delivering devastating salvos when timed right. This Tier VII French battleship comes with a reload booster, turning battles in your favor with well-timed salvos.

World of Warships Legends Jean BartWorld of Warships Legends Jean Bart
Image via Wargaming

I’ve used its capabilities to excel in intense engagements, but its vulnerabilities under sustained fire require careful planning. It’s a ship for aggressive captains who thrive in close-quarter battles.

2. Wichita (USA)

Sailing the Wichita is like driving a versatile sports car on the water, adapting to different combat scenarios with ease. This Tier VII American cruiser excels with its fast-firing guns, torpedoes, and strong defenses.

World of Warships Legends WichitaWorld of Warships Legends Wichita
Image via Wargaming

I’ve appreciated its adaptability in changing situations, although its vulnerable broadside requires cautious maneuvering. It’s a ship for adaptable captains who can handle shifting battle dynamics and make quick decisions.

1. Yamato (Japan)

The Yamato is a colossal powerhouse, dominating battles with its massive guns and armor. At Tier X, this Japanese battleship stands as a titan on the seas, capable of unleashing devastating salvos with unparalleled force.

World of Warships Legends YamatoWorld of Warships Legends Yamato
Image via Wargaming

I’ve felt the raw power of its guns, but its size makes it a prime target for torpedoes. It’s a ship for experienced captains who can unleash massive damage while navigating the challenges of its massive frame.

How to get the best ships in World of Warships: Legends quickly

Unlocking ships in World of Warships: Legends is straightforward yet rewarding. You can find ships of interest easily by using filters that sort them by tier, nation, and type. For Premium ships, permanent camouflages, and unique Commanders with improved skills, you can use Doubloons, which are a universal in-game currency. Credits, the primary currency, unlock tech tree ships, modules, upgrades, and recruit new commanders.

You earn credits through battles, campaigns, containers, premium shop bundles, or special missions. Legendary ships are unlocked by researching them over time using the Bureau, or you can obtain the Russian Legendary-Tier Stalingrad for GXP. I’ve found that this progression system is important to the game, encouraging strategic planning and rewarding dedication to unlocking new ships and content.

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