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List of all the Killstreaks in the game

UAV Warzone Mobile

Call Of Duty as a franchise, made its mark in the gaming industry by being a standout shooter game with many distinctive features, one such feature being the concept of killstreaks. COD Warzone Mobile, the second addition to the franchise by Activision in mobile, after COD Mobile also features Killstreaks that can be used in the game to get an upper hand on your enemies. A Killstreak appears in the form of an aid that rewards a player for getting kills by increasing their potential to eliminate more players by incorporating weapons such as missiles and air strikes.

Killstreaks mechanism in COD Warzone Mobile

Killstreaks in Warzone Mobile work in two different ways in two different settings, the battle royale and the multiplayer. In multiplayer modes, the killstreaks are activated once you eliminate a specific number of players in a row. On the other hand, in the battle royale modes, a player cannot claim as many kills as in multiplayer for obvious reasons. Therefore, battle royale killstreaks are available as ground loot and can also be claimed from your dead enemies.

COD Warzone Mobile: List of 18 Killstreaks

In this section of the article, we will discuss about the various killstreaks in COD Warzone Mobile.

1. UAV (4 kills)

UAV Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Upon activating the UAV killstreak, a UAV drone will convey the locations of all enemy locations in the surrounding areas for a brief period, therefore being great for gathering information for the cheap price of 4 kills.

2. Bomb Drone (4 kills)

Bomb Drone Warzone MobileBomb Drone Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Bomb Drone is deployed and once it takes flight you can control where it will drop its explosive charge, thereby dealing splash damage to a small area. Although it is useful to clear solo campers, the killstreak doesn’t offer much value overall.

3. Care Package (5 kills)

Care Package Warzone MobileCare Package Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Care Package killstreak is a passive one that does not actively deal damage to the enemy. Instead, it delivers battle equipment, such as a gun to your location, offering you the chance to upgrade your gear. This killstreak is rarely used due to its passive nature and lack of information gathering.

4. Counter UAV (5 kills)

Counter UAV Warzone MobileCounter UAV Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Counter UAV, as its name suggests can be used to counter an enemy UAV, and can also be used on its own. When deployed, it disables the minimap of all enemies within range, thereby preventing them from gathering any information apart from what they are getting in their field of view. It is useful when you are stuck in a bad situation and want to escape without alerting the enemies.

5. Cruise Missile (6 kills)

Cruise Missile Warzone MobileCruise Missile Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Once you unlock the Cruise Missile killstreak, you can call in a missile to strike at any point you like within your proximity. The missile has high area damage and can easily clear clusters of enemies. It can also be boosted to strike your enemies faster but it cannot strike covered areas or indoors.

6. Precision Airstrike (6 kills)

Precision Airstrike Warzone MobilePrecision Airstrike Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Precision Airstrike killstreak allows you to call in a pair of fighter jets that deal damage to a specific area that you can mark on the map. This is useful when you are in a pincer situation with no room to retreat, and the jets can clear up one side for you to fall back or initiate a breakthrough.

7. Cluster Mine (6 kills)

Cluster Mine Warzone MobileCluster Mine Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Cluster Mine is a set of explosives that explode when they come into contact with a player and deals area damage. They are useful to stop a push from a solo player or a squad, as you can set them on the ground and wait for your enemies to come into contact with them. Upon doing so, they will blow up, giving you some kills and a clutch to brag about.

8. SAE (7 kills)

SAE Warzone MobileSAE Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

SAE, the military abbreviation of Saturated Aerial Effect or Synchronised Aerial Explosive, is a killstreak that calls in a squadron of three fighter jets to bomb enemy locations with a destructive payload. The player predetermines the targets that are to be bombed and within a few seconds, you can watch as that specific area is blown up by the ally jets.

9. Mortar Strike (7 kills)

Mortar Strike Warzone MobileMortar Strike Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Mortar Strike killstreak is similar to the explosives airstrike killstreaks but is initiated by ground troops instead. The Mortar Strike when activated allows you to select a location that has been giving you issues and within some time it will be bombed. Unlike the airstrikes, the Mortar Strike occurs in waves of explosions, therefore being more likely to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard and eliminate them.

10. Overwatch Helo (8 kills)

Overwatch Helo Warzone MobileOverwatch Helo Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Need a supporter or cover fire when stranded behind enemy lines? Need a distraction while you and your team mop up enemies? The Overwatch Helo is the tailor-made killstreak for you. It summons a chopper that hovers above your location and pings all hostiles within its range and field of view and then proceeds to engage them with its guns from the sky, therefore serving the purpose of an effective cover and allowing you to make plays.

11. Wheelson-HS (8 kills)

Wheelson-HS Warzone MobileWheelson-HS Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Wheelson-HS is the perfect companion that can aid you in clearing out corners and scouting areas that you think might pose a danger. It is an amphibious vehicle and can therefore work on all terrain, and being remote-controlled, it also allows you to scout the area from afar. It also has a mounted sentry gun that can make your job easier by eliminating enemies hiding or camping and is therefore very handy, to say the least.

12. VTOL Jet (10 kills)

VTOL Jet Warzone MobileVTOL Jet Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The VTOL or a ‘Vertical Take Off and Landing’ Jet is one of the most popular killstreaks in the entire Call Of Duty franchise due to its versatility and the value it offers. It carries an explosive payload that is delivered to a location of your choice, effectively bombing that place before it becomes a sentry and guards another location of your choice. It is the perfect killstreak to use when switching positions and when in sandwich situations.

13. Stealth Bomber (10 kills)

Stealth Bomber Warzone MobileStealth Bomber Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Stealth Bomber killstreak summons a bomber jet that travels over a point that you select before calling in the airstrike. When the bomber makes its way over the specified point, it bombs all areas under its path, unleashing huge amounts of damage over a huge area. This is perfect for clearing out swarms of enemies and breaking down their positions.

14. Emergency Airdrop (10 kills)

Emergency Airdrop Warzone MobileEmergency Airdrop Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Emergency Airdrop is identical to the Care Package killstreak, but instead of one supply drop, the Emergency Airdrop delivers three care packages to you. Therefore it not only gears you up but delivers enough items to gear up your whole squad if the need arises.

15. Advanced UAV (12 kills)

Advanced UAV Warzone MobileAdvanced UAV Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Advanced UAV follows the same fundamentals as the regular UAV but comes with some added benefits that put it higher up in the killstreaks value list. Unlike the regular UAV that sweeps across a limited area to reveal the positions of enemies periodically, the Advanced UAV shows the positions and movements of the enemies on your map in real time. Also, the advanced UAV cannot be traced and is therefore indestructible, unlike the regular UAV.

16. Chopper Gunner (12 kills)

Chopper Gunner Warzone MobileChopper Gunner Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Unlike the other airstrike killstreaks that require you to pinpoint a location and let the game bombard that place, the Chopper Gunner killstreak puts you in control of a chopper or a fighter helicopter with which you can patrol your proximities and use the chopper’s turret and missiles to spray down enemies and blow up their positions.

17. Gunship (12 kills)

Gunship Warzone MobileGunship Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

If you thought having control of an attack helicopter in a match was overpowered, you are bound to realize that the Gunship kill streak is even deadlier. The Gunship streak puts you in the cockpit of a heavily armoured gunship with equivalent firepower. Besides having missiles and turrets like the Chopper Gunner, its missiles are also laser-guided, meaning that they can detect and home into enemies once fired without any further interference. Also, there are two calibres of turrets that you can switch between depending on your attack area.

18. Juggernaut (15 kills)

Juggernaut Warzone MobileJuggernaut Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Once the Juggernaut killstreak is activated, a big armoured suit equipped with a minigun is spawned so the player can get inside and wreak havoc on the enemies. The suit soaks up all damage from the enemies and can withstand explosions while retaining the ability to mow down players with the minigun. The suit can be broken after dealing enough damage or when the killstreak expires. The minigun will be dropped once the suit is gone.

Final Thoughts

Killstreaks when used effectively can very well turn the tide of the fight in your favour but can also put you in awkward positions if you fail to utilize them properly. With the wide range of killstreaks, it is also necessary to choose the ones that complement your play style the best to add to your arsenal. It is often necessary to have a good combination of information-gathering killstreaks coupled with aggressive killstreaks.

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